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Archana resume 2019

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Experience in designing and developing high end UI components for web based application using Angular 4.
Experience working in Agile development life cycle
Experience in understanding full stack that includes the backend framework, mobile compliance and database management

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Archana resume 2019

  1. 1. Archana Anand email: rarchana@gmail.com Phone: 9791177409 Chennai India Page 1 of 2 SUMMARY: 1 8 years of programming experience 2 Experience in Angular JS and 2+, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JBoss Richfaces, Google Web Toolkit, Java, JSF, AJAX, Java Swing to develop User Interfaces (UI) for web-based applications. 3 Experience in design, program, and testing multi-tier enterprise workflow applications 4 Knowledge of software designing using Unified Modelling Language (UML) and various Design Pattern along with database management to develop user interfaces for applications, 5 Excellent analytical and research skills 6 9 years of working knowledge on all phases of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as design, analysis, development, testing, deployment, documentation, and customer support 7 M.S. in Electrical Engineering (Major: Software), West Virginia University (WVU) and B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering, SVCE (India) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Lead UI Develper – Consultant (Remote from India), AtWork Systems. VA, USA Apr 17 – Apr 19 AtworkSys is a startup that develops OneLynk web based application to manage all business operations of an organization  Designed, developed a high quality Angular front-end web-based enterprise software that includes Timesheet, File upload common utility, Employee Profile, Performance Assessment, Expense Report etc. using Angular JS and Angular 4.  Prepared requirement documents by participating in requirements review and validating the business requirements to design and deliver core software components  Developed automated testcases using Jasmine and Karma to validate requirements of the different components in the application  Active team participant in Agile development life cycle System Development and Technical Consultant (Remote from India), NetOrg Inc., USA Aug 10 – Mar 15  Developed user interface for a fully functional prototype of an enterprise workflow application using JBoss Ricfaces v3 and v4.  Developed and analyzed system requirements, provided technical documentation that includes use cases, javadocs, test cases and translated the requirements into user interface. Delivered the developed prototype using version control software, Github.  Performed unit and functional testing by understanding the back end tiers, MySql database design and data modelling of the application. Delivered a complete unit testing of user interface using Selenium Webdriver. Applications System Analyst, Serco NA Inc, Reston, VA, USA May 08 – July 10 Serco Inc., is a leading professional services company supporting the U.S Military and Défense Department, state and local governments, and commercial customers. It provides varied services including engineering, information technology, human strategies, enterprise outsourcing etc.  Developed applications such as Organization Structure Viewer and Builder using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) which is a feature of the web portal used by the organization. As a sole developer, analyzed, wrote technical documentation to describe application requirement, logic and coding, developed, tested, debugged, and installed to support organizations application systems.  Played a team player in developing enhanced features, testing, debugging, and supporting customers for other applications such as Expense Report, Travel Request, and Purchase Request etc. that is a part of major services provided by the organization. Java Developer, Robert Half Technology, Assigned to Synergy Systems Inc, Richmond, US Feb 08 – Apr 08  Developed an Item database component using Java servlets and Java beans and deployed it as a WAR file into JBoss Application. The component performs product/item tracking by connecting to a PostgreSQL database and responds as a web application using JSP and XML JDOM.  Delivered the component from a use case specification document that describes tracking of product/item’s UPC
  2. 2. Archana Anand email: rarchana@gmail.com Phone: 9791177409 Chennai India Page 2 of 2 and relates them to a store/vendor relationship.  Analyzed and implemented a testing environment for the web application using Cactus framework. Developed Cactus test case classes and tested the server side Java code by integrating Cactus framework to the web application. Research Assistant – FacilitiesManagement, WVU Aug 05 – Dec 07 Database Management System  Developed a financial database for ‘Parking Performa’ using MS Access and SQL programming, to calculate total construction cost and to generate reports for capital projects of FM  Analyzed and generated reports from TMA database using MS Access on work order details  Developed a customer survey using ASP.NET for online customer feedback  Revamped the FM’s webpage (Internet and Intranet) to comply with the WVU Facilities and Services specifications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by collecting information from various department Software Engineer – AdventNet Development Center (Currently known as Zoho Corp), India Jan 03 – Jun 05 AdventNet develops network based software products for enterprise IT, networking, and telecom customers. Java Programming and Testing Engineer  Developed features in Java for SNMP and JMX Agents and released it as service pack.  Designed and executed test cases used for testing and validation as part of product development cycle  Deployed and tested products in web application servers such as Tomcat and JBoss and in J2EE applications using EJB components  Assisted in performance, GUI, and integration testing of the products  Performed technology analysis and defined Document Requirement Specification (DRS) for product features.  Enhanced and documented network management features for better market targets. Customer Support Co-ordinator  Increased 15% product revenue over the previous year through effective communication with customers by resolving their queries, winning the “Highest Selling Product” in AdventNet for the year 2004-2005  Initiated global online support as a knowledge database by updating the product technical details to reduce the customer queries as a sole player.  Participated in technical discussion forums like JDMK-forum, JMX-forum, SNMP-forum, AdventNet Forums, and Google.  Participated in customer conference during web demo and sales talk PROJECT EXPERIENCE: Software Performance Risk Assessment, WVU Dec 06 - Dec 07 Published online as Open Source Project, Ref: http://www.csee.wvu.edu/swarch/SARATool/  Developed a software performance risk assessment tool in Java (Eclipse IDE) using that provides quantitative measure of performance risk in any software design. The tool automatically calculates probability of performance failure, its severity and identifies the bottleneck component and represents the system level and scenario level outputs using Java Swing components.  The tool supports Unified Modelling Language (UML) for software design which is developed using StarUML tool. SKILL SET: Platforms - Windows, Linux, UNIX Languages – Java, J2EE, AJAX, Angular Js, Angular 4, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), JBoss Richfaces, PL/SQL Server Side Programming – Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, Apache Axis Web Service, SOAP Database –, MySql, JDBC, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MS Access Internet Tools and Script – XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, SQL, ASP .NET, PHP Application Server – JBoss 7, Tomcat Tools and Utilities – Jasmine, Karma, Selenium, JUnit, TestNG, Maven, Github, UML, Eclipse, CVS, Ant build, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Photoshop.