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this presentation is very useful for architecture and interior student

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  1. 1. Kitchen Ar. Abhinav Srivastav Assistant Professor B.Arch., M.Tech (IIT-R) Presented By-
  2. 2. OUTLINE- • Introduction • Requirements • Designing o Working Sequence o Working Triangle o Anthropometric standards o Typical layout • Equipment standards • Commercial Kitchen • Sample Drawing • References Kitchen
  3. 3. Introduction Kitchen Kitchen plays a vital role in house planning. Gone are the days when the life style used to be simple and the conventional modes of cooking were used for the preparation of common items of food. With the rapidly changing technology and life style, the kitchen has now become the most complex requirement having multiuse of spaces and the most sophisticated part of built-form spaces in a house. The kitchen should have direct access to the dining area (a serving hatch may be sufficient). Facilities are required for: • meal preparation and serving • eating: occasional meals; perhaps breakfast • washing up • food storage • utensil and crockery storage.
  4. 4. Requirements Kitchen • Refrigerator and food storage center • Sink and cleanup center • Serving center
  5. 5. Requirements Kitchen • Range and cooking center • Food preparation and chopping center • Eating center and drinking area • Storage center
  6. 6. Designing Kitchen Working sequence Work triangle The distance the user has to walk between sink, cooker and refrigerator or store is critical in kitchen planning. Lines joining these three elements form what is known as ‘work triangle’ . For the normal family house, the combined length of the sides of the triangle should be between 5.50 and 6.00m. The distance between the sink and cooker should not exceed 1.80m, and should never be crossed by through circulation.
  7. 7. Designing Kitchen Anthropometric standards
  8. 8. Designing Kitchen
  9. 9. Designing Kitchen
  10. 10. Designing Kitchen
  11. 11. Designing Kitchen
  12. 12. Designing Kitchen Typical layout
  13. 13. Equipment standards Kitchen Cabinet dimensions
  14. 14. Equipment standards Kitchen
  15. 15. Equipment standards Kitchen Geysers Electrical chimneys
  16. 16. Commercial Kitchen Kitchen
  17. 17. Commercial Kitchen Kitchen
  18. 18. Sample drawing Kitchen
  19. 19. Sample drawing Kitchen
  20. 20. Sample drawing Kitchen
  21. 21. Sample drawing Kitchen
  22. 22. Sample drawing Kitchen
  23. 23. Sample drawing Kitchen
  24. 24. Sample drawing Kitchen
  25. 25. Sample drawing Kitchen
  26. 26. Software’s Kitchen • Autokitchen • Chief Architect • Prokitchen • 20-20 Technologies
  27. 27. References • NKBA, Kitchen and Bath Design Presentation • Charanjit S Shah, Handbook series Kitchen • Time Saver Standards Interior Design • Blackwell Publishers, The Architect Handbook Kitchen
  28. 28. Thanks Kitchen