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AS Media Studies                             Essential terms       TERM                         DEFINITION/EXAMPLE        ...
The average number of copies distributed. For outdoorCirculation            advertising this refers to the total number of...
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AS Media Key Terms

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AS Media Key Terms

  1. 1. AS Media Studies Essential terms TERM DEFINITION/EXAMPLE Audience you are specifically targeting. Age, gender,Primary Audience appearance, lifestyle, part time jobs Friends, partners, younger siblings of the primarySecondary Audience audience. Specific information about the part of your chosenDemographic audience e.g. you can have an audience of males ages 15- 25, but the demographic will be the group within this audience with shared tastes, habits and values. The company that makes and owns the publication e.g.Institution NME is produced and owned by IPC Media Filtering a star, audience, brand etc to tell your targetRepresentation audience what to think/how to feel about them. Different versions of your main genre e. g “Dance” is theSub- genre main genre, “House” or “Trance” would be sub- genres A mix of genres or categories e.g. Indie and Dance, orHybrid- genre Alternative music and skating, or pop music and fashion. How the brand reaches you without you having to doBrand reach anything e. g. TV channels, clothes, bus ads, billboards, FaceBook Brands, institutions etc working together to shareSynergy audiences. The audience benefits and may become loyal to both brands after finding new habits. More than one function available on the same deviceConvergencePlatform/ Multi-platformUser generated User-generated content describes content that iscontent created, contributed and distributed by regular web browsers. In marketing, distribution is the process of moving aDistribute product from its manufacturing source to its customers The readers of the magazine.Readership
  2. 2. The average number of copies distributed. For outdoorCirculation advertising this refers to the total number of people who have an opportunity to observe a billboard or poster. The amount of income left to an individual after taxesDisposable income have been paid, available for spending and saving. A social group is a collection of people who interact withSocial groups each other and share similar characteristics and a sense of unity.Inclusive/ exclusive Inclusive: Exclusive:Brand loyalty When consumers become committed to your brand and make repeat purchases over time. Brand loyalty is a result of consumer behaviour and is affected by a person’s preferences.Connote/ An idea or meaning suggested by or associated with aConnotation word or thing.Denote/ Denotation The direct or dictionary meaning of a word.“Uses and Uses: Information, company, entertainment, status. Howgratifications” does the reader consume the product? Gratifications: What does the audience enjoy about using this brand? Sense of belonging to an exclusive group, status among friends, stand out/blend in