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Sentence structure and it's types

  1. SENTENCE and it's types topic:
  2. Context • Definition of Sentence • Parts of sentence Subject Predicate • Types of Sentence According to function. According to structure.
  3. Definition of sentence Sentence is define as a combination of related words that expresses a complete thought. Example: sky the blue is. It doesn't expresses complete thought, it is just group of words. Following is a sentence with complete thought. The sky is blue.  It starts with capital letter and ends with full stop. Example: The cat is hungry.
  4. Parts of a sentence There are two main parts of sentence:  Subject  Predicate
  5. Subject and predicate Subject : The part of a sentence about which something is being said. Example: Ali is clever. Ayesha is cute. Predicate : The part of a sentence which says something about subject. Example : Maria sobs. Ahmad is eating pizza.
  6. types of a sentence There are two types of a sentence  According to Function.  According to Structure.
  7. According to Function There are four types of a sentence according to function:  Declarative Sentence  Interrogative Sentence  Imperative Sentence  Exclamatory Sentence
  8. declarative sentence A sentence which declares or asserts statement is called declarative sentence.  It simply announced an idea. It ends with a full stop. Example: He is going to college. She is watching a movie. They are paying football.
  9. Imperative Sentence A sentence which expresses a request, a command or an object is called imperative sentence. It ends with full stop. Example: Give me some food.(request) Do not smoke.(advice) Get out the room.(command)
  10. Interrogative Sentence A sentence that has a question is called interrogative sentence.  An interrogative sentence end with a question mark (?) Example: How are you? Will you help me? When will he come?
  11. Types of interrogative sentences There are two types of interrogative sentence.  Direct Interrogative.  Indirect Interrogative.
  12. Direct Interrogative sentence These are also called Yes/No questions. These are questions whose expected answer is either "Yes" or "No". Example: Are they America?(No) Do you like apple? (Yes)
  13. indirect interrogative sentence These are also called wh- questions. These are sentences who begins with wh and how question words. These questions expect an explained answer rather than yes or No. Example: How was the play?(It was Awsome) Where are you ? (In the University.)
  14. Exclamatory Sentence A sentence which expresses strong emotion or feeling is called an exclamatory sentence.  It ends with a symbol(!) Example: Hurrah! We won the race.(emotion of joy) What a nice car!(emotion of surprise) Alas! I lost my purse.(emotion of sorrow) •
  15. Type of sentence according to structure There are four types of sentence according to structure :  Simple sentence  Compound sentence  Complex Sentence  Compound-Complex Sentence
  16. simple sentence A simple sentence consist of one main clause (Combination of Subject and Verb) that expresses a complete thought. Example : s v o I kicked the ball. s v He ran.
  17. S V I kicked the ball. Main Clause Example of Simple Sentence
  18. Compound sentence A compound sentence contains at least two or more main clause and Co-Ordinaters or Semicolon.
  19. co-ordinaters Co-Ordinaters are the joining words use to join main clauses. They are also called Co-Ordinating Conjunctions. They are Seven in Number: F or And Nor But Or Yet So It can be learn in easiest way as FAN BOYS.
  20. Example of Compound Sentences: I kicked the ball and it hits the Tom. main clause main clause Co-Ordinater
  21. Complex sentence The type of sentence that contains one main clause ; atleast one or more Sub-Ordinate Clause and Connector. while, Connectors are the words use to combine main clause and Sub-ordinate clause. They are also known as Sub-ordinaters as used to connect Sub-ordinate clauses. Such as; Because, then, although e.t.c
  22. Examples of Complex Sentence:  Tom cries because the ball hits. main clause Sub-Ordinate clause Connector
  23. compound - complex sentence These sentences are the combinition of Compound and Complex sentences.  They contain atleast two main clauses,one Sub-Ordinate clause, Co-ordinator and Connector . Examples:  Tom cried because the ball hit as i kicked the ball.  She barged in the room and fell over toys because it was dark in the room.
  24. Example of Compound-Complex Sentence Tom cried because the ball hit and i kicked the ball. main clause main clause Connector Co-ordinater Sub-ordinate clause
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