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Economic Issues

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In this presentation define few economics issues which are related to current Pakistani Economic.

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Economic Issues

  1. 1. Major Issues In Pakistan Economy Waqar Aslm Roll#36 MBA-14-I Economics Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University
  2. 2. Economical Issue in Pakistan  We Consume More and Save Less  Low export and High Import  Our Share in the World Trade is Shrinking  We Face Energy and Water Shortages  Law and order situation  Terrorism and Lack of tourism
  3. 3. We Consume More and Save Less Out of every hundred rupees of our national income, we consume 85 rupees and save only 15 rupees, which means that the amount of money which is available to invest for economic growth and advancement is too little.
  4. 4. Low export and High Import  Crucial problem is budget deficit, shows that import is more than export.  Create gap between import and export deficit.  Restrict import and rely own manufacturing goods.  Reduce gap between import and export.
  5. 5. Our Share in the World Trade is Shrinking In 1990, Pakistan’s share was 0.2% of the world trade. After 20 years it has come down to 0.12% in a very buoyant world economy
  6. 6. We Face Energy and Water Shortages  KESC from the point it has generated to the point they realize the billing is 45%, so 55% people are paying for those who are stealing the electricity.  Shortage of Dams  Increasing Unemployment.  Uses of alternative ( solar energy, coal energy, wind energy) which might reduce load.
  7. 7. Law and order situation  Positive relation between crime.  Increase in inflation, poverty, unemployment, and decline in investment.  Increase Unemployment  Modern training may be imparted to police force to combat terrorism.
  8. 8. Lack of tourism  Pakistan is a scenic beauty.  Past years this beauty play important role to increase economy growth.  Natural disaster, Terrorism and law and order problem decrease tourism.  Bring foreign currency.  Regain peace, attract the tourist.  Improved economy condition.
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