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Kraft foods - The Vital Role Of Sales - SPJCM

A presentation on Kraft Foods and the role of sales from the management perspective. A Bschool presenatation. Educational.

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Kraft foods - The Vital Role Of Sales - SPJCM

  1. 1. - A Presentation by Students of SPJCM for educational purpose , Information collected from secondary sources.
  2. 2. Kraft Foods Inc. is the world's second largest food and beverage company in the world. Kraft had revenues of over $34 billion in 2005. Kraft is an American owned company with brands that include global market leaders. Kraft Foods is classified as a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. Kraft worldwide currently has over 100,000 employees, operating in 150 different countries
  3. 3. The staying power of these brands is undisputed - some already have over 100 years of sales behind them. The company's major brands include: • Maxwell House® coffee • Terry's All Gold® • Toblerone®
  4. 4. Stakeholders are individuals and groups with an interest in a company and its activities. They have a key influence on decisions that modern companies make. Employees They take pride in working for a well- respected company and look to have a secure job,. Customers Organizations such as supermarkets and other retail outlets that buy Kraft products. Consumers Purchasers and users of Kraft products.. Shareholders People and institutions who own shares in companies Suppliers Firms that supply Kraft with its production requirements
  5. 5. What types of products are consumers looking for ? What price are they willing to pay ? Where do they want to buy these products ? What tome of advertising and promotional activity will attract them.
  6. 6. The sales team is Category Planning Category Development further split into teams ensures that sales use the market , of which look after targets are met by research information specific customers This overseeing the provided by Marketing role is known as promotional plans for to create a 'sales 'Account Management‘. each customer. rationale'.
  7. 7. high product distribution agreement of successful correct launches of new In order to range for products. achieve Sales each customer objectives, the Sales team at Kraft needs to ensure: maximum organisation space on the of shelf promotions
  8. 8. Creating concepts for new products Communicating Evaluation the final concept to Sales Presenting the Product arrives opportunity to in store customers Working with Year plan for the Supply Chain product
  9. 9. Innovation – Satisfying real-life needs with unique ideas Quality – Fulfilling a promise to deliver the best Safety – Ensuring high standards in everything we make Respect – Caring for people, communities and the environment Integrity – Doing the right thing Openness – Listening to the ideas of others and encouraging an open dialogue
  10. 10. By: Apurva C | Saurabh D | Tanvi S | Divya T