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Careers in Home Staging

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Careers in Home Staging

  1. 1. Welcome“Careers in Home Staging”
  2. 2. “Careers in Home Staging and Design” Karen Schaefer Founder Simple Appeal Inc & APSD (Assoc. of Property Scene Designers)
  3. 3. 3 Big Ideas 1) No Guesswork 2) Support and Differentiation3) Building Your Home Staging Business in Today‟s Economy
  4. 4. #1 No Guess Work…
  5. 5. #1 No Guess Work
  6. 6. #1 No Guess Work
  7. 7. My Best Story… 1) Started off less than broke 2) Staged a house 3) Made Money 4) Staged a second house and Simple Appeal Inc. was born! 5) Made money 6) Staged a third house 7) Others asked me to stage for them 8) Made money for them and for me 9) Others asked me to teach them what I know and APSD™ was born.
  8. 8. #2 Support and Differentiation1) Support2) Marketing3) Business Strategies4) Systems5) Time Management6) Focus 7) Recognition 8) National Team 9) Karen is a Stager too! 10) “Done 4 you” forms 11) Multiple Services 12) Confidence
  9. 9. The “Secret” Formulas1. Define the Customer2. “CCTF”3. “Foundation”4. “Anchor”5. Create the “Scene”6. Layer in the “Pocket of Emotion™”
  10. 10. The Cornerstones ofAPSD Staging…ColorContinuityTheme APSD™ Definition*Flow “CCTF” - The single most defining system that must carry thru each and every staging in order to create the correct sense (feel) of the property*APSD™ Standards and Procedures
  11. 11. Rule # 1 - Know Your Customer & Market• Who are they?• What do they like?• What do they cherish?• Which type of car do they drive?• How big is their TV?• Kids? Pets? Parents? Etc…
  12. 12. Kitchen Before“CCTF” & After
  13. 13. “CCTF”
  14. 14. The Foundation:BathtubCounter Top APSD™ Definition*Defined Floor “Foundation” - the single item within a room that allows for aRug connection between the entire scene. Generally Speaking, all items*APSD™ Standards and Procedures touch the Foundation.
  15. 15. Foundation
  16. 16. Foundation
  17. 17. The Anchor:FireplaceWindow Seat APSD Definition*Furniture “Anchor” - One defining piece,*APSD™ Standards and Procedures fixed or otherwise that defines the room. It creates a “focal” point in the room.
  18. 18. “Anchor” – Fireplace & Window Seat
  19. 19. The Scene:WhereFeeling APSD™ Definition*Who belongs*APSD Standards and Procedures “Scene” – is what answers the following 3 questions: 1) Where am I? (What room) 2) How do I feel (about this room)? 3) Who are the characters? (who belongs in this room)
  20. 20. Create the “Scene”
  21. 21. The Pocket ofEmotion™: APSD™ Definition*SensesEmotion “Pocket of Emotion™” - can be used up to 1 time in each room (baby‟s room are the exception) or as few as 1 per house.Memory This is the defining moment that makes your customer, pause, remember, enjoy, laugh and share. A POE™, whenFunny Bone*APSD Standards and Procedures correctly used, is the single best selling tool in Home Staging
  22. 22. Creating Remembrance• Creating the unexpected• Drawing from past memories• Warm & Inviting
  23. 23. Appealing to the Senses • Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste • Trigger responses • Subliminal Persuasion • Multiple Sensory Appeal
  24. 24. #3 Building Your Home Staging Business in Today‟s Economy
  25. 25. Your Home Staging Money Tree Branches
  26. 26. Staging for the Investor1. Understand multiple exit strategies2. Create magic in an empty space3. Turn a Smelly cat into a cash cow4. Rehab advice5. Be a marketing expert
  27. 27. Maroon Bells – Before & After
  28. 28. Maroon Bells
  29. 29. Before
  30. 30. After
  31. 31. The “Agent”1. Find out what appeals to them and how2. Shock them into something new3. Statistics and Results
  32. 32. 5.8%
  33. 33. Sales Results SOLD !!!Without Simple Appeal Staging-1 call in 3 weeks 0 appointmentsWith Simple Appeal Staging-61 calls in 1 week SOLD First Day – First Showing – FULL PriceThis property was sold to the first viewer at full asking price andhas since created a waiting list and bidding war—all thanks to theIndependent Design Advisors using the Simple Appeal Stagingtechnique. Karen Schaefer
  34. 34. APSD – 4 for 1 TM• Live Stage• Cleaning• Lawn Care• Rental Items(we have 25Streams of incomeAt Simple Appeal)
  35. 35. Soaring with Eagles Ever hear..."If you want to fly with eagles dont run with turkeys" ? Well I think wehave all found the eagles nest! I have always thought of myself as a person ofintegrity and enthusiasm. I want to surround myself with others who viewthemselves the same way. I believe Karen and her staff are the genuine article!Karen brings excitement and enthusiasm to the table and guess what, itscontagious! Have you caught it yet? If not, just take one of her courses. I guaranteeyou more than you paid for, way more!Wishing you all great success! Dana Lee Bolenbaugh
  36. 36. Hi everyone! My mom, Tina, and I are so excited... we just completed our first fullstaging and it sold in just 4 days!! Yeah!! We are so thrilled and so is the realtor whotold us she "loves Home Staging SoCal" (our business name). Best of all, we alreadyhave our 2nd job lined up which is a digi-stage. I tell you, these staging methods sellthemselves. Thanks Karen for creating such wonderful techniques and such a greatbusiness opportunity. Were off and rolling...! Tina & Terri Garner APSD Home Stager APSD Stager Pro APSD Property Scene Designer
  37. 37. I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Karen Schaefer at APSD.Just 12 days ago I finished staging the properties using all the suggestions that Karen gave me during the APSD training in Colorado Springs...I came straight home, did exactly what she recommended and voila! We are set to close in July forway more than we anticipated, and went under contract so much faster than we ever imagined!My partner called to give me the good news and asked me to stage another investment property ofhis for him next week! He said, "Make a list of what I need to buy and Ill do it next week for you."He is SOLD that staging made the difference in a FAST SALE for way more than we anticipated getting for this property!Now Im SOLD on the fact that I can duplicate what I just did and, by the way....it was SO MUCH FUN!Thank you again Karen for all of your help! I just wanted to pass along this great successstory and publicly thank you for your wonderful ideas and support! I could not have donethis without you!Sincerely, (with a big grin on my face!)Sharlene Douthit Denver, COAPSD Home StagerAPSD Stager ProAPSD Property Scene Designer
  38. 38. “Karen, I just completed the first session andLOVED IT!! You know what youre doing andI already feel confident! Thanks!!”Arlene Price“Thank you Karen!I am listening to Home Stager Course- 3rd timealready! You give so much info- its great!”Monika Wrobel“…Your training is simply the best handsdown. I cant wait until August!!!!! Im soexcited. “Mannie Tantawy
  39. 39. How do I becomeAPSD™ Home Stager Certified?
  40. 40. Join the APSD™ OnlineHome Stager Program Today!!!Here is how it works in just 3 easy steps:Step 1:Once you register for the courseStep 2: Next, you learn and enjoy all 6 sessions of the APSD Certified HomeStager Training Course.Step 3: Once you have finished the 6 sessions , you send in your “Request forCertification.” It is so EASY!
  41. 41. What‟s Included… Step 1: Place Your Order:•6 Session Guide Workbooks•6 Knowledge Reviews•6 Hands-On Exercises
  42. 42. What‟s Included… Step 2: Listen to your 6 Sessions: Proprietary Staging System Session 1, 2, 3 Business Building Sessions Session 4, 5, 6 *APSD Pyramid of Staging
  43. 43. What‟s Included… Step 3: Send in Your “Request for Certification”1) Complete your 6 sessions and course work2) Send in Your “Request for Certification”3) Become a Certified APSD™ Home Stager
  44. 44. What‟s Included… APSD™ Home Stager Training System1) Home Study System Value: $4972) 6 Session Online Series Value: $19973) APSD™ Home Stager Certification Value: $297 Total Value: $2791.00
  45. 45. APSD™ Home Stager Benefits• Nationally Recognized APSD™ Certification and Card• Networked to the APSD™ Property Scene Designers and Stager Pro team to add to your staging opportunities• Send in questions and get answers directly from me• Business, Marketing and On Going Support!
  46. 46. Special Bonuses Plus 3 MORE Amazing BONUSES: Bonus #1: APSD™ Home Stager Professional Package Membership Professional Package: $197 (FREE Today!) Bonus #2: A "one on one" Business Building Session with me One on One Session: $250 (FREE Today!) PLUS, Bonus #3… My Very Own Pricing Formula System and Home Staging Services Contract Contracts and Pricing Sheets: $197 (FREE Today!)
  47. 47. Total Value: $3435.00
  48. 48. Total Value $3435.00
  49. 49. Special Opportunity Only $997 PLUS 1 MORE Amazing Bonus!“How to Market Your Home Staging Business” 4 Part Audio Training Program Regular Price: $297
  50. 50. Introducing… “Lucky”Session 7 “Building Your Home Staging Business for the New Economy”Positioning Yourself as the Expert in Today‟s Economy„Finding the Money‟ for every home staging clientShowcasing the TRUE value of your servicesHow to say NO and still get the job
  51. 51. Total Value: $3732.00 Now: $997Interest Free Payment: $498.50 (2 monthly Payments)
  52. 52. Personal GuaranteeI really want you to trust me (and APSD™), this course and theinformation I teach. That is why I put so much into this and made itsuch a great deal for you. But, if after the second session of thecourse, you decide that it is simply not going to be for you, just let usknow. We will refund 100% of your investment and I will wish youwell. As a matter of fact, I am so confident that this course will get youon your way toward success in the Home Staging industry that if youdecide after the second session that it is not for you, I still want you tojoin me at „STAGE‟ as my guest.
  53. 53. Click the link below to join the APSD HomeStager™ Online Certification Program