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Marketing Planning for Startups

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Startups are drowning in tactical marketing advice but without the right inputs, most marketing programs will never be better than just meh.

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Marketing Planning for Startups

  1. April Dunford @aprildunford Marketing Planning for Startups
  2. Who am I and Why Should You Care? 5 Startups 4 exits Some Big Companies 9 Product Launches Currently: COO Tulip Retail @aprildunford
  3. Speed is a Key Startup Strength
  4. Because the Internet tell us to We like to focus on tactics and tactical execution
  5. We are Drowning in Tactical Advice So “ultimate” that there are 16M of them! My personal fav
  6. The Cycle of Marketing Meh Marketing Fashion Assessment Choose Tactics Execute Tactics Measure Results Drop Bad Tactics Where you look at what everyone else is doing.
  7. Fast, Stupid Marketing Can Kill You
  8. How Do We Pick Better Tactics in the First Place?
  9. The Exact Target Customer Marketing Planning Inputs The Offering (And the Value) The Customer Buying Process Tactical Plan Based on the Above
  10. Target Prospect Unique Qualities Pain Points How They Learn Where they Gather Prospect Knowledge
  11. Product Offering What do we Do? Alternatives Proof What is our Unique Value? Product Offering
  12. Understand The Buying Process No Need Need Eval Buy Enjoy Re-new Knowing the cost of not solving the problem Knowing the Value of solving the problem Knowing the value of your solution Why purchase now? Using and enjoy the offering Knowing I can’t do without the offering Current solution good enough Value not compelling Risks too high Not knowing how to evaluate Great but not for me I might change my mind Too much $ Bad service, Bad user experience Not using Decided there was no need Move to other solution Accelerators Friction points
  13. Mapping Tactics To The Buying Process Buying Stage No Need, Need Eval, Buy Enjoy, Refer, Renew What Problem-Focused Content and Programs Solution-Focused Content and Programs Activation & Engagement-focused Content, Programs Examples Problem-Focused Articles/blog posts, Industry data, trend reports, curated content Solution-focused Articles/ blog posts, webinars, events, case studies, ROI calculators, advertising Support content, How to guides, Best practices guides Forums, User Conferences Where Where prospects are Partly where they are, partly your turf Mainly your turf Purpose Entertain, Educate, Engage Educate, differentiate, move to eval or sell Experience value, create raving fans Action Permission to “market”: likes, follows, newsletter/blog signups Permission to “sell”: give contact info, trial sign-up, purchase Renewals, Referrals
  14. A Better Cycle Document Inputs, Assumptions Choose Tactics Execute Tactics Measure Results Analyze and Check Assumptions Assumptions on: •  Segmentation •  Buying Process •  Accelerators/