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Meaghan fitzgerald-23snaps

  1. 1. Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz App Analytics, KPIs and Data Understanding Your Users for Fun and Profit
  2. 2. Introduction 23snaps Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz TOP APPS OF 2012 TOP PHOTOGRAPHY APPS 2012 “23snaps… the Facebook for families.” “23snaps… the Instagram for parents.”
  3. 3. Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz What Do You Track? High level themes to help you decide what data to collect.
  4. 4. The Whole Funnel Four levels of understanding Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Downloads Sessions/Registrations Completes KPIs Profile of People Who Regularly Complete KPIs Vanity Metrics Store Reviews App Page Views Social Media Mentions
  5. 5. User Acquisition Who came from where and what demographic are they? Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Channel Demographic Cost
  6. 6. User Engagement and Retention Are your users doing what you want them to? Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Events Retention Virality
  7. 7. Revenue and Lifetime Value Are you actually making any money? From who? Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Total Revenue Demographics User LTV
  8. 8. Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz How Do You Track It? Tools for tracking data and tips for communicating your tracking needs to developers.
  9. 9. Start-Up Lower cost, limited usage or tracking, good for a high level view. Often driven by an ad network. Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Google Analytics Free, robust event tracking; anonymizes and samples data, integrates with the Play Store. Flurry Free , includes industry benchmarking, create custom demographic segments. Apsalar Basic package free. Option to scale to more detailed reporting. Pros Cons Inexpensive Limited tracking Industry Benchmarks No Marketing Follow Up High Usage, Lots of Support No Click Attribution Tied to Ad Neworks Upsight (formerly Kontagent) Free unlimited data storage and limited free marketing.
  10. 10. Enterprise Expensive, deep tracking, marketing follow up. Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Mixpanel Focus on events, not page views, needs significant customization. Incredibly powerful reporting, funnels, cohorts and good marketing automation Localytics Focus on providing real- time views of user analytics, Pros Cons Deeper Insight Expensive Supports Push Marketing Requires Dev Time to Set Up API for Data Export Price Scales Quickly Cross Platform Full Time Job AppsFlyer Only a solution for click attribution for downloads; limited analytics. Enterprise Editions
  11. 11. Custom Dashboards The DIY tracking solutions Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Ducksboard Integrated with dozens of existing data services, allows you to create custom dashboards. Geckoboard Integrated with dozens of existing data services, allows you to create custom dashboards. Fully Custom Use your own API or server logs to generate custom dashboards for your specific needs. Pros Cons Endlessly Customizable Potentially Significant Development Generally Cheaper Reporting Limited to What You Build Specific to Your Business No Push Marketing You Own the Data
  12. 12. Decide with Developers Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Integration Optimization Maintenance Exports
  13. 13. Communicate Your Tracking Rationale Why are you tracking? Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Who • Will implement it? • needs to access the data? What • Are you going to track? • Format does the data need to be in? When • Will people need to be able to access it (real time? Daily? Weekly reports?) Where • Will it be stored? On a third party’s system or will you own a copy in house? Why?
  14. 14. Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz What Do You Do With the Data? Three ways to make informed choices based on your business analytics
  15. 15. Marketing to Existing Users Get more out of the people you’ve already acquired Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz
  16. 16. Attract More of the Best Users Find and acquire users like your top performing audiences. Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz
  17. 17. Map Desired User Path Create Funnel in Analytics System Review Results Make Product Changes Observe Changes to Funnel Completion Rate Improve the Product Optimize and improve but beware of false positives. Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz !Warning: Be careful to keep reviewing these users against your real KPIs. Does completing your funnel actually result in higher LTV/Retention?
  18. 18. Meaghan Fitzgerald – meaghan@23snaps.com – @megfitz Thank You Q&A