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Delivery Date Extension: Your USP

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This article gives insights about the Magento delivery date scheduler and how it can become an e-store’s USP. It shows the benefits of using it and why as a store owner you need it.

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Delivery Date Extension: Your USP

  1. 1. ​Delivery Date Extension: Your USP! Online shopping has increased drastically over the past few years. To stand out, there are many online stores that provide unique products and services to their customers. This makes sure that their customers are happy with the experience and come back to them. If you are an estore owner, you get the gist. It has become important to provide your customers with the best experience and support. But it can be a challenging task with the huge number of customers, product competition, and whatnot. It is also necessary for you to have a ​Unique Selling Point that creates value for your customers. A USP that will help you in delivering your customers with a
  2. 2. better experience, increase your customer base and provide better customer satisfaction. Talking about USPs, have you thought of providing your customers with the feature of scheduling the delivery date and time? Yes! You heard it right! You can now give your customers the freedom to choose the delivery date and time for their orders. And this can easily become your unique selling point. Let’s see how: Suppose you run an ecommerce business on a Magento 2 website. A customer bought something from your store and the delivery is after 7 days. Your delivery person goes to deliver their order but they are not home. And it’s not as rare as you think. In this situation, your delivery guy calls them to ask when will they return or where can he deliver their order. It is unlikely that your customer would like the idea of getting their order delivered at some other place. They might ask the delivery person to come back again to deliver the product. This in-turn might delay lined-up deliveries, wastage of time and increased travel expenses. You can overcome this by using a simple Magento delivery date extension in your online store which can give your customer the freedom to decide the delivery date and time. This will be beneficial to you as well as your customers. Let’s explore some must-have features of Magento Delivery Date Extension: ● Date Selection: This gives your customers the freedom to select a convenient date and time from the options available. It ensures on-time delivery and keeps
  3. 3. communication clear between all the parties. Moreover, as the customer has selected the date, they know the arrival of their order and will be present to receive it. ● Decide Time Intervals: This feature gives you the liberty to display the available delivery slots, time and dates. This ensures that the customer chooses a time that both parties are comfortable with. This kind of service helps you build a brand and provide exceptional customer service. ● Date Scheduler Settings: This gives you the right as an owner to decide the format of date i.e. calendar view or time slot view. You can format the date like dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy. Another neat feature lets you provide your customers with the same-day delivery option as well by adding customized charges accordingly. You can set a limit to the same-day delivery to manage the day’s delivery. Even if the delivery number reaches the limit, your customers will be able to place an order but their deliveries will shift to the next day during your working hours. You can also define your working hours and national holidays. This helps your customers in placing an order accordingly. Your customers will not have to suffer more with delivery or purchasing issues. You can also decide time slots to make delivery easy and can customize the charges according to those time slots.
  4. 4. ● Backend Order Management: You can make an order on behalf of your customers and can also set the delivery dates to it. You can easily keep a track of the deliveries displayed on your dashboard and can also export them in graphical format. ● Email Notification: Your customers can easily choose the delivery date of a single product. And once they place an order, you can also send them a confirmation email including delivery information. ● Exclusive Customer-Centric Features: Your customers can tick the box of ‘Call before delivery’ that allows them to receive a call before attempting delivery of their order. Here, your delivery person has to call them before attempting the delivery. This will help you and your customers to streamline your delivery process. You can make a group of your customers and enable the date scheduler feature. Wrapping Up: This is your time to shine, become a star and increase your company’s revenue by using a ​Magento 2 order delivery date extension for your Magento or Magento 2 web store. This will help you increase your company’s customer base and make your existing customers’ experience impeccable.