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A must have-shipping_extension_for_your_magento_store

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This article will tell you how much easier your life will become with the right mobile app to manage your online store. It walks you through the features that will be helpful to you on a day-to-day basis.

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A must have-shipping_extension_for_your_magento_store

  1. 1. appjetty@gmail.com Become Your Own Boss With the Help of a Magento Store Manager App Being your own boss is great. You set up a business. The most lucrative one, an e- commerce store on the Magento platform. Everything goes great for a while and you love not having anyone to answer for your actions, but is it great when you are drowning in all your responsibilities? Not so much. What a successful business owner needs is an equally efficient helping hand. The answer is, of course, a mobile app of your store backend. Your store on the go. This will make it easier to do plenty of tasks on the go giving you the flexibility to function from anywhere and everywhere. All you need is a phone app and an
  2. 2. appjetty@gmail.com internet connection and you are good to go! You can carry your entire store backend in your pocket, in a device that is already always with you. Let us get into the details of why investing in a Magento store manager is a good idea:  Round the clock access: You will be able to access your store backend any time you want. Need to order stock from vendors while on the way to work? You can do just that with a few clicks and swipes! Want to send emails about a new product to certain customers when you know online traffic is high? You can do that too in just a few seconds, just in time to grab their attention using mobile Magento admin.  Push notifications: Push notifications are great when it comes to pro-active interactivity. Having the store in your pocket is not enough sometimes because no one is constantly checking their phone. When required, your Magento mobile admin app should be able to alert you so that you can take immediate action.  Customer relationship: With the Magento mobile extension for your phone, your customer interaction will also increase, thus making the customer feel taken care of. Therefore, with the app always available to you, you can address customer issues on the fly.
  3. 3. appjetty@gmail.com  Be in the know: Being in control gives you the ability to plan ahead. An idea can strike anywhere, and so when you want to plan, you need the reports of how each of your products is doing in various markets. If you have that data, you can plan how to take things forward when the right idea strikes.  Dashboard view: The primary use of a dashboard is to be able to look through things at a quick glance. In the Magento store manager app, you can have a customized dashboard for all the modules that you need to look at frequently. Just look at a module and perform small actions quickly from right on the dashboard without having to jump into different menus.  Sales overview If you have the right Magento mobile extension, you will be able to check on how your products are selling. This enables you to take sales based actions quickly, print out invoices directly from the mobile app and have a bird’s eye view of your sales cycle. A good Magento mobile admin app is one that works best catering to all your requirements. Having the ability to make decisions based on a current view of your business is very helpful on a day-to-day basis. It certainly takes the hassle out of having to lug around a laptop all the time or making sure there is internet connectivity wherever you are. You can simply log in to your mobile device, and
  4. 4. appjetty@gmail.com have the luxury of always be up-to-date on your entire business model! Go on and become your own boss. You will have no one to answer to, and this app will help you have mostly all the answers! Article Summary: This article will tell you how much easier your life will become with the right mobile app to manage your online store. It walks you through the features that will be helpful to you on a day-to-day basis.