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Sometimes Our Customers Bake Us A Cake [AppFolio Customer Love]

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Our customers appreciate how life changing AppFolio Property Manage has been for their business and they show it in all sorts of ways. Flip through these slides to see how much love our customers have for us.

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Sometimes Our Customers Bake Us A Cake [AppFolio Customer Love]

  1. 1. @ppfo| |o"“ Property Manager Sometimes Our Customers Bake Us a Cake! Our Customers appreciate how life changing AppFo| io Property Manager has been for their business and they show it in all sorts of ways!
  2. 2. They Bake Cakes to Celebrate our Partnership! They were so thrilled with AppFolio they had an office party to celebrate their 1 year with AppFolio:
  3. 3. T l‘ . . _ H f‘. r‘. ‘. [‘. ‘[. (j. . ! »~<IE<E! (l<3C Boynton & Associates, Inc. Temecula, California Sent us a box of homemade cookies as a huge thanks! a V ", - : 343V . t ’ ~? ’5.‘i ! ‘‘g‘‘‘‘. v7' r ~ >'<>‘ . . ‘. 5 H l r I‘; 'T"’. ' J a . ‘ ‘ 7 “.2-; —"' x . _ . a E? 4 _‘ ‘, V l ( ». .‘ l. .2 ' ‘ »<«u’. > «-L 3P!2fP! !9l! ,. I
  4. 4. f‘. l‘. l‘. {‘. j[[‘. r1.‘rl. [‘. r1.‘rl. [‘. r}. ‘rl. [‘. r1.‘rl.
  5. 5. They Write Us Handwritten Cards l Red Team Real Estate, Inc. it Fort Worth, Texas i ‘‘I appreciate all your hard work and continued improvements. ” Mainlander Property Management Lake Oswego, Oregon “Where would we be without AppFolio? The difference you have all made to our working lives is immeasurable! ”
  6. 6. Ari<: ! fse'f: f:ef‘: : '{’; §:7:f: I|; ;5ManlnellI Realty 3. Prop. Mgmt uc Vvtw-I. A1 urn Coll’ 510' l¢1.§g. . on-u: !! D~)o}~442§ Fan: 520-I31-I944 1'”! !! [cm-M91)-. =£~wI: .~ivi n'y1y~, l!mv', ¢u! (1HnI,1nwchum: Thomas L. Martinelli Realty & Property Management LLC Tucson, AZ ‘‘I wanted to reply to not only Say thank you but to state how pleased I am with APPF0"°- ” has changed many ways I operate my property management business, and I wanted to give testimony to I wanna In reply Zn "ill om, "V pm». laufoh It has cw-iqca "any was 1 l)pI'r, | and I wmic-«.1 to giwv trsiwiony A; vu'; >I>u iv . ’‘-: v- n‘. _.urr! I n iiimv nr ".1! ma . ~ '11.] I1 to suov . -n ir‘ni'1raI1vr way»-m and z " "MVW new / Lutvsts. I! «.4: . v m Ir‘-nuwerrt but I be in 4;- = ;-’ ‘ I have Nr1df'! I work, trunk you dl, '.'I ‘I I wish you mid mi; mt-re A. -»; iraii» Ya-am a I in» '. u(_[n‘<'. you rm‘ your DIN and again IP13-‘II you for Lhr ‘Gilt ‘ I€n: ::A': ~L_Maninai I rn1Iy; PM LLC _ . I 5:/ _V ' f_. ,T , _/ ‘ /1,. such an innovative system and - Thomas L Mamnm Bloke! Property Manager. Company: AppFO| iO. ” 0PF2f9!! .9
  7. 7. And More Letters. . . . Riviera Property Management, San Diego, California “AppFo| io has helped us meet and stay at the leading edge of technology in our profession. ” “Thank you for being a positive, reliable and respectable resource that has proven to be invaluable to our business. You have hit the mark and continue to deliver a software solution that improves our service offerings and internal efficiency. My “sun visor” off to you! ” ii/ (em rnpmyuuuumuu I um-g I Punlnul I sun I Lay. ” n-cur-u-nu-an-— o on-nouwuvu n-mum». -v nu-anus Nownim H, am 7- tum: ». —.: -o—— lo Suppull lulu - wan nu 0. txyuicmc um Awhnluu «mm on 1.. -. Wrukil -at mm. huptm uni. ..-as an of lunar) I. 20! I. mum nu: printed -um 2.. -yaiiim Am I) lluwlnd u a: «nu. » uu. miu- cl en: mini «mum hum Q: Int. _». .. lllllll upfdn manna (nu tInlu(‘) -I Ilnmnlulr mpuue In my use In BmnsIu| IIndIu' mi n. ..- . -m-. ¢.. i . -mm ll I| lIIlhIl| ru um «nu, chlnh in: yuan 4[Ifl‘¢-la Inn aka I! mm u in) II ta knlinu can of lflfinllhjy Ill nu ptuflsmn Ikdyvvriluumuunakiuflpwlhummunushnlrafllihmylg '1dican: -Jlyou cl-mu-flxhnnulamudnkwiswdlukz-culy-I“ linen: hp -cm -mac: «- -mu: in nu: tn‘ Ill bu-um um M: -i on [until -. Nerf It-kfg um. um Nlcruh I’: nu Ill inum-me gmiae» -1 n-; uiI>m m an unusually nlflflyubulll Aim: Jul -Awquumzimunuiiuu-umuminmme 5-«alumnus: .. «i. .«. I ht uudmm-ulnar]: .inv. .u. «on. .iu. -.u. -um m u . -.i cn: IiTdIn[I&I| lkl'nl¢fl’Kh$K} M, “-an-ic-“ in. .. ~ rum . « in nadxd mi mi) ‘kwukluv II: -. .,. .I_ r. .,ai. gi. n in mm and ucnuxu Ieulun; rm. .. .. pdvuslllyl min Aw! -Ann! re. .. mu . . .4; 4.. . . ..- . ... .i. .. . . . -a v-mlnliu Dniiynu ; I LT) ‘ Knnln lnvnm hwuuy Mi—g= vn: ni IliX2‘II~2!5 lnnamuwntnhcp mm wuu : --mum-roan "F’F? ..‘E. ?., '°. .;. ..
  8. 8. They Make Plaques For Us “With sincere and deep appreciation for all the times you stood on your head and bent over backwards to help us transition to a state of the art software solution for property management. “Thanks to you and the entire team at AppFolio for bringing us into this century. ” PRESIDENTS Awmo Pnlcmil In URSULA SHEIOJFENDEH Softwnn Enflmnr Extruov-dinnln _ . I ‘on for With sincere and deep apprec an u stood 0" Y°“' had .1 to hell’ ”‘ backwar 5 oftware
  9. 9. They Happily Sport Our AppFolio Gear
  10. 10. They Make Their own AppFolio T-Shirts FBM Property Management Ennis, Texas FBM Property Management was so excited to go live — they sent us a photo of them wearing a t—shirt that THEY had made! The t—shirt says ‘AppFolio Can Do That! ’
  11. 11. We Even Received A Handmade Scarf! A member of our sales team got the nicest gift from a new customer — a handmade scarf: "Eric, You were the point to start it all for us - many thanks, its been fantastic! "
  12. 12. We Even Have a ‘Wall of Happiness’. . . . . . where we post great feedback from our customers right on the wall.
  13. 13. We Read and Post Our Customer Feedback I These are the 25 most recent customer survey responses — completely unedited. 'lmdaIad on the hour 10 / The tech is very good, thorough. and patient explaining the answers 10 my QUBSTIODS. 10 / great service 10 I Fast and accurate. Pleasant. 10 / Answered my quesilon and recflfied the situation thank you 10 / Jared did 1: gm! job of explaining. As all you people do 10/ 10 / Very prompt 10 / Dillon gave me patienisupport and essential information 10 SOIVB my reconciliation problems. 10 I Very good response from Appfolic Supprol. Adam Wells was very helpfi. iL 10 Iluways great cusnorner service. Thanks Gina! !! 10 I Excellent service as always 10 / Applolio solved my accounting error! ! 10 IA| ways reply promptly and provide good customer service. 10 / Very nice and helpful! Always knowledgable on how to help with problemsll
  14. 14. They Send Flowers With Notes Ram’s Crossing Fort Collins, CO “Thank you for all your hard work on our websites. We are now more marketable than ever! Many thanks to you, and your team at AppFo| io. ”
  15. 15. And More Flowers Sandy Adams Properties Campbell, CA
  16. 16. :i Title ff! i‘ecia*f: e Eli ii If: Thank you to all of our Customers. We appreciate your support so much — AppFolio wouldn’t be where it is today without you!