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Beyond Career Day

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Job Searching for Educators
Job Searching for Educators
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Beyond Career Day

  1. 1. Beyond Career DayBeyond Career Day NCSCA Webinar March 17, 2014 © 2014- Angela Poovey, School Counselor, Johnston County Schools
  2. 2. Developmental Sequence Elementary SchoolK 5 9 12 PRIMARY GRADES, K-2 Competencies/Guidance Essential Standards: 1.Learn about a variety of traditional and nontraditional jobs, C:A1.2 2.Learn to make decisions, C:A1.5 3.Link teamwork to future career choices, Teamwork- RED.CR.4.1) 4.Explore awareness of abilities, interests, and skills, RED.CR.1.3 5.Explore activities/skills of occupations, RED,CR.2.1 6.Recognize a positive attitude toward work/life affects future success, RED.CR.3.1
  3. 3. Developmental Sequence Elementary School • UPPER ELEMENTARY GRADES, 3-5 1. Use the Internet to access career-planning information, RED.CR.1.2 2. Explain the importance of career success, EEE.CR.1.1 3. Identify preferences/interests that influence career choice, EEE.CR.2.1 4. Exemplify how preferences/interests influence career choice, EEE.CR.2.2 5. Understand relationship between educational achievement and career success, EEE.CR.3.1
  4. 4. Developmental Sequence Middle School 1. Develop skills to locate, evaluate, and interpret career info, P.CR.1.3 2. Develop a career competency plan, P.CR.2.8 3. Understand a changing workplace requires ongoing learning/acquisition of skills, EI.CR.3.1 4. Utilize time/task management in career planning/goal setting, EI.CR.4.2 5. Demonstrate knowledge of career planning process and relationship to self-awareness/goals, EI.CR.1.1 6. Demonstrate respect for individual uniqueness and differences in workplace, I.CR.1.1
  5. 5. Developmental Sequence Middle School 6. Demonstrate the importance of responsibility, dependability, punctuality, integrity, and effort in the workplace, I.CR.4.2 7. Use the Internet to access career-planning information, RED.CR.1.2 8. Exemplify how preferences/interests influence career choice, EEE.CR.2.2 9. Demonstrate how to write and use an effective resume, I.CR.3.1
  6. 6. Developmental Sequence High School 1. Explain how attendance/GPA/school grades are possible indicators of future academic/career success, EEE.CR.4.2 2. Maintain a career planning portfolio, P.CR.2.1 3. Demonstrate relationship b/w course selection, grades earned, attendance and work expectations, P.CR.4.2 4. Select course work related to career plan, EI.CR.3.2 5. Re-evaluate educational plan to support career goals/interests/abilities, EI.CR.4.1 6. Understand influence of societal/economic changes on employment trends/future training, EI.CR.2.1 7. Analyze career plan/goals in terms of self- awareness/personal goals, EI.CR.1.1
  7. 7. Developmental Sequence High School 8. Apply academic and employment readiness skills in work-based learning situations, I.CR.2.1 9. Apply job readiness skills to seek employment opportunities and related academic opportunities, I.CR.2.2 10.Demonstrate how to write and use an effective resume, I.CR.3.1 11.Demonstrate the knowledge of rights and responsibilities of employers/employees, I.CR.3.2 12.Apply decision-making skills when implementing career planning, course selection, and career transition, I.CR.4.1
  8. 8. How do I Address All These Competencies? 1.School-wide Activities/Visuals • Themed Weeks • Interactive Bulletin Boards • Contests 2.Classroom Guidance Lessons 3.Small Group Activities
  9. 9. Schoolwide (ES, MS, HS) • College Door Decorating Contest • Career/College Info Bulletin Boards • Legislators in Schools Week – Career speakers • Red Ribbon Week – Career Dress Up Day – Team Sports Day Small Group/ Classroom Activities • Career Café(5th , MS, HS) • Classroom Guidance Lessons (K-5, MS, HS) • Media/Technology Extension Activities (ES, MS, HS))
  10. 10. Themed Weeks Door Decorating Contest Legislators in Schools Week Red Ribbon Week
  11. 11. DoorDoor DecorationDecoration ContestContest • Career – College Kick-off event • Any staff member could participate; Not mandatory • PTA/School counselor judged • Prizes for winners: Giftcard/School supplies • Participation prize for ALL
  12. 12. Participation Prize
  13. 13. Legislators in Schools Week SS classes, homeroom, or assembly in MS/HS
  14. 14. NC Senator Buck Newton speaking to fifth grade students for the “Enterprising” Career Café event.
  15. 15. NC Representative Langdon speaking about his job to third grade students.
  16. 16. Red Ribbon Week (Spirit Week-ES/MS/HS) College Team DayCollege Team Day
  17. 17. Career DressCareer Dress Up DayUp Day
  18. 18. College/Career Bulletin Boards• Staff interviews about colleges attended and previous career interests • United States map with college logos • “Match the Mascot to the School” or other trivia questions • Pennants with students attending each college as graduation nears
  19. 19. “College of the Week” and “Major of the Week” •Could use this visual to match Career Café speakers
  20. 20. Other MS/HS Ideas • Legislator Assembly instead of individual classes. • Homecoming Week/Spirit Week instead of Red Ribbon Week– Include a career or college related day. • QR codes on bulletin boards to show college admission videos or link to college websites.
  21. 21. Small Group Activities Career Café
  22. 22. Danielle Schultz: School Counselor Blog http://www.schcounselor.com/2012/07/career-cafe-inviting-students.html CES Career Café TipsCES Career Café Tips 1. September through April; At least 1x/month and usually 2x/month 2. During lunch, any day 3. Same teacher’s room each time 4. Teachers receive list of students invited prior to the event 5. Student invitations passed out the day before Career Café 6. Invite students with personality category as their second highest if there is room available 7. Students get lunch and report to the teacher’s room
  23. 23. Other Speaker InfoOther Speaker Info Speakers: Ask staff, parents, community members, SKYPE 12:05-12:35: Speaker Presentation Please plan to speak 20 minutes to the class telling students about your job. Include the following information: -Daily responsibilities (Typical Day) -Character traits required -School subjects necessary in your job AND examples of how you use the subjects on a daily basis -Education required for your job Students will then spend 5-10 minutes asking you questions. NOTE: Please bring a visual for your presentation- anything you use, wear, or see in your job. Websites are great, too!
  24. 24. Career Café SpeakersCareer Café Speakers Computer Engineer- Investigative
  25. 25. Physician’s Assistant- Investigative/Social
  26. 26. Veterinarian
  27. 27. Trainer- Social/Realistic
  28. 28. Firefighter- Realistic
  29. 29. Other SpeakersOther Speakers • Enterprising: Legislators, Lawyer • Artistic: Video Game Designer/Textile Designer, Cosmetologist • Realistic: Police Officer, Pilot, Wellness Instructor • Investigative: Scientist, Science Museum Director • Social: Nurse, Professional Clown • Conventional: Financial Planner
  30. 30. Elementary Classroom Guidance K-5 Topics cover GES
  31. 31. • K: Worker Tools *** - Introduction to jobs, Worker tools - Smartboard lesson - Bobblehead Kid 1: A Hat for Ivan -Knowledge of varied jobs, Introduction of interests related to jobs
  32. 32. 2: Family Career Tree -Knowledge of jobs, interests, family connection *Worksheet from FLCC
  33. 33. 3:School Subjects to Careers -Connecting school subjects to jobs - Brainstorm favorite subjects and assign one subject to each group (4-5 students in each group) -Provide research books and websites*to write the names of jobs/draw images for each subject VA View
  34. 34. • 4: Resumes, Budgeting (2) - Connecting school subjects, interests, character traits, lifestyle to jobs - Co-taught resume lesson with the Technology Specialist to incorporate computer skills
  35. 35. • 5: Holland’s Theory, Interest Inventory, QR “Scanvenger Hunt” (2) - Research incorporating Interest Inventory, Holland’s personality categories, education needed, Bureau of Labor and Statistics, salaries, etc. - Co-taught with media specialist during library time
  36. 36. Holland’s Theory 1. Introduce Holland’s personality categories. 2. Discuss how matching your personality category to a job can lead to greater job satisfaction and longevity in a career.
  37. 37. 3. Complete Interest Inventory. List the top two colors. 4. Discuss characteristics of each category and give job examples. 5. Use data collected to sort students for Career Café. *Adapted from Career Key
  38. 38. Other Interest Inventories • Paws in Jobland (ES)- cfnc.org • VA Career View (ES/MS)- vacareerview.org • Rogue Community College, Oregon http://www.roguecc.edu/counseling/hollandco des/test.asp • Career Ship- mappingyourfuture.org • My Next Move- mynextmove.org • Drive of Your Life- driveofyourlife.org
  39. 39. Drive of Your Life- Indiana Youth Institute Middle & High School Classroom Guidance
  40. 40. 1. Requires student log-in 2. Build a custom car by answering questions about preferences/abilities and get your personality style profile 3. Choose careers for your “drive” that match your personality 4. Drive on a highway and learn about careers at off- ramps. Answer questions to earn money so you can purchase fuel, buy more tires, etc. 5. Includes salary information, school subjects used, education required, and future outlook 6. Could partner with media specialist or technology electives to co-teach
  41. 41. Career Awareness Lessons/Activities • Resume Generators - readwritethink.org Has resume and cover letter generators as well as high school sample resumes. - College Foundation Center- cfnc.org • Virtual College Field Trips www.youvisit.com – Ex. – Yale, Dartmouth, Florida Atlantic, Ohio State, Vanderbilt Book Clubs- •What Color is Your Parachute? For Teens by Carol Christen and Richard N. Bolles •Firestarters by Dale Bradshaw and Kelly Beatty •Testing the Waters by Alice Culbreath
  42. 42. Hollands TheoryHollands Theory ““ScanScanvengervenger” Hunt” Hunt • Welcome Message • Personality categories document with characteristics and sample jobs • Choose famous person with that job • Biography- Wikipedia • School website of university(ies) attended • Video • Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) job info • Ending Message
  43. 43. “Scanvenger” QR Code Info • Apps Used (FREE): QR Code Creator – VeganTofu Apps QR Code Scanner- QR Code City Qrafter – Scanner (FREE); Creator ($2.99) Croak. It • Recorded “Welcome Message” and “Ending Message” for each personality category on Croak.It (30 seconds MAX) SCAN
  44. 44. Creating QR CodesCreating QR Codes • Input website/Croak.It URLs into QR Code Creator app. Click “Create”and email the QR code to yourself. Copy and paste or SAVE and insert it into document. • Document links can be copied and pasted through Dropbox or Google Docs (make public) • You Tube videos WILL NOT play on Ipad/Ipod if your school has strict security settings but you can use videos on news sites (CNN, ABC, etc). • Test all QR codes before you do activity. Make sure you have a strong Wifi connection.
  45. 45. Work Product and Data Collection
  46. 46. ComprehensiveComprehensive Online Career ResourcesOnline Career Resources • Vocational Information Center- http://www.khake.com/page2.html • Career Aisle- http://knowitall.scetv.org/ • http://mycareerhub.weebly.com/
  47. 47. Thank you! Questions/Comments Angela Poovey, M.Ed, NBCT Cleveland Elementary School apoovey@hotmail.com lifeontheflycounselor.blogspot.com