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APNIC 55: APNIC Update

  1. 1 APNIC Report at APAN 55 Che-Hoo Cheng Infrastructure & Development Director APNIC 2023-03-17
  2. 2 2 APNIC & APAN Community • Most of NRENs/RENs are APNIC members – A lot of universities too • Re-engage with APAN community since APAN 44 in Dalian in late 2017 – Conduct APNIC training at every APAN meeting since APAN 45 in Singapore in early 2018 • APNIC is a member of AARNet – Join eduroam and offer service to eligible APNIC Academy users – Better connectivity with R&E networks via AARNet (& ARENA-PAC in the future) • APNIC is using the services of SingAREN for M-Root in Singapore • To join eduGAIN through AAF for easy access to APNIC Academy by R&E community • Collaborate with WIDE Project very closely on APIDT/APNIC Foundation related development work including ARENA-PAC & AI3/SOI Asia/APIE Program
  3. 3 3 APNIC Contributions to APAN 55 • APNIC is a Silver Sponsor of APAN 55 • Jamie Gillespie is Chair of Technical Committee and Co-Chair of Security Working Group • Che-Hoo Cheng chaired “ARENA-PAC Updates & Plan” session at Network Engineering Workshop • APNIC Foundation ISIF Asia Grants grantee Tsinghua University organised eight 90-min sessions on topics related to RPKI & MANRS for improved Internet routing security – Dibya Khatiwada conducted a full-day hands-on tutorial on RPKI with good attendance – Jamie Gillespie chaired a panel on “RPKI - Use Cases & Experience Sharing” with good attendance
  4. 4 APNIC Academy – Free to the Public
  5. 5 APNIC Academy – Key Features Online Courses Webinar courses Self-paced courses Virtual Labs Technical Assistance Book an Expert
  6. 6 eduroam What is eduroam? How to access Complete one of the self-paced online courses More info International secure Wi-Fi network access Available in more than 100 economies
  7. 7 ISIF Asia calling for grant applications: Closes April 30 •Inclusion: Initiatives that help ensure everyone has meaningful access to the Internet, online applications and services •Infrastructure: Initiatives to increase Internet speed, reduce maintenance and operational costs, and improve reliability and/or security •Knowledge: Initiatives that develop technical capacity and/or research around Internet network operations for technical and non-technical audiences •The Ian Peter Grants for Internet and the Environment can be across any of the program areas and support innovative solutions to the environmental impact of the Internet. ISIF Asia Grants Applications close 30 April
  8. 8 IPv6 grants are open for applications IPv6 Deployment Grants are targeted to support concrete IPv6 deployment plans from network operators in the Asia Pacific region at different stages of development. ISIF Asia Grants Applications open year-round
  9. 9 9 Other Key Messages for APAN Community • Historical IPv4 Address Holders to continue to use the resources & to enjoy APNIC services by joining APNIC as Members • More partnership with universities, RENs and others via APAN community – Along with APNIC Foundation – And APIDT/ARENA-PAC
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