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Walgreens: Putting an API Around Our Stores

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Walgreens made headlines in 2012 by releasing APIs for mobile developers to enable photo printing from smartphones and quickly followed up with an API for prescription drugs. But what's a traditional business like Walgreens doing with an API? Way beyond increased relevance in an Instagram age, the Walgreens story is one of transformation of an entire business model. Join Tim McCauley and Joe Rago as they share Walgreens' journey through the digital transformation of a century old brick-and-mortar enterprise.

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Walgreens: Putting an API Around Our Stores

  1. 1. Putting an API on Our Stores Tim McCauley & Joe Rago, Walgreens
  2. 2. Overview of Walgreens $71.6B 2012 Revenues ©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved.. 8,116 Stores (as of Aug 2013) #37 on Fortune 500
  3. 3. Mobile Visitor Breakdown
  4. 4. Award Winning Apps
  5. 5. We started by driving customer engagement outside our stores
  6. 6. Avg. Spend per Walgreens Customer Average annual spend, 2011 3.5X 6X 4X
  7. 7. Wake up with your phone, go to sleep with your phone Later peak Earlier peak Source: 2011 Internal Walgreens data normalized for volumes, 2 week daily blend
  8. 8. Then, we started driving customer engagement inside our stores
  9. 9. Web Pickup: Ultimate Convenience
  10. 10. Create innovative experiences Get points for walking and weighing ©2013 Walgreen Co. All rights reserved.. Scan at store Instant redemption!
  11. 11. Now, Joe will tell you how we’re driving customer engagement outside our apps
  12. 12. Walgreens Developer Program
  13. 13. RUN FOR THE HILLS!
  14. 14. Crossroads of a Business
  15. 15. If a Photo is a 1,000 words, then a video is…
  16. 16. QuickPrints Summary • • • • Print to 8000 stores Developers get paid 13x partner growth All major platforms • Get 5 Free 4x4 Prints at our exhibit booth!
  17. 17. Beyond Walgreens: Cardmento / Fanmento • Higher Rev Share + $5K Bonus Prize • In-app promo via WAG + social media posts • Success! Cardmento goes from unknown to top 100 • Cardmento leads into Fanmento * Source: AppAnnie.com (#89 in Photo)
  18. 18. Beyond Walgreens: Hallmark Go Cards Stay in touch on the go. Create real Hallmark folded greeting cards from wherever you are. Now you can even print your cards at Walgreens for pick-up in just an hour!
  19. 19. Beyond Walgreens: Moments Photo Book
  20. 20. Rx API Program Summary • Refill & Transfer Rx • Cross Platform API • Awards: • Healthspek: ‘13 Appy • GenieMD: BlueButton Challenge
  21. 21. Why integrate our Rx API? 1. Increase medication adherence 2. Increase customer engagement 3. Increase awareness of 3rd party apps via co-marketing
  22. 22. Getting the Word Out: Events & PR
  23. 23. In a crowded market, focus on your strengths
  24. 24. Contact Information Tim McCauley tim.mccauley@walgreens.com @mccaut Joe Rago joe.rago@walgreens.com @joerago https://developer.walgreens.com devportal@walgreens.com @WalgreensAPI
  25. 25. Thank you
  26. 26. We would love your feedback! Don’t forget to fill out the session’s survey – found in the session details on the conference app #iloveapis