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Redefine Omni-Channel Retailing - Harness the Power of APIs

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Redefine Omni-Channel Retailing - Harness the Power of APIs

  1. 1. Redefine  Omni-­‐Channel  Retailing    Harness  the  Power  of  APIs   Balaji TT Saggezza @ttb @saggezza Ed Anuff Apigee @edanuff @apigee
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  6. 6. Agenda  •  Apps     New  mobile  &  social  commerce  paradigm  –     what  it  means  for  retailers  and  customers  in  2013?      •  APIs     Leveraging  APIs  to  make  retailers’     omni-­‐channel  vision  reality  •  Data     AnalyHcs  and  data  as  currency      •  Live  DemonstraHon  
  7. 7. The  Omni-­‐Channel  Retailer  The  Omni-­‐Channel  Retailer  improves  the  experience  &    buying  process  for  customers.  Single Channel Retailer Multi-Channel Retailer Cross-Channel Retailer Omni-Channel RetailerBulk of revenue from Different channels in Some cross channel Unified experience…one channel… silos… capabilities… •  Flexibility and•  Traditional brick and •  Silo business units •  Single brand access seamless shopping mortar retailer across all channels •  Stock availability •  Full product offering•  Pure play online •  Separate supply across all channels retailer •  High level customer chains and systems service •  Single view for the customer across all •  Product variety channels •  Differentiated services •  Single organization servicing all channels  
  8. 8. Architecture  =  Experience  +  APIs  +  Data   Mobile   Apps  &   Social   Widgets   Experience  layer   mul/ple  apps,  touch  points     Data   •  Engaging       Open   •  EmoPonal   API   •  Entertaining   •  ExciPng   Omni-­‐data  layer   Abstrac/on  layer   Analy/cs   Innova/on  &  leverage       •  Analysis   •  Access  (API)   •  360  customer   •  App  Services   •  360  product   •  Mediate/Virtualize   •  POI  analyPcs   •  Specialize  
  9. 9. Mobile   Apps  &   Social   Widgets   Experience  Data   Open   apps  are  channels   API  
  10. 10. New  Mobile  &  Social  Commerce  
  11. 11. Mobile   Apps  &   Social   Widgets   APIs  Data   Open   apps  are  built  from  services   API  
  12. 12. Why  APIs?  Powering  Flexibility   Need  to  power  different  types  of  apps  (websites,  mobile,   widgets  .  .  .)    Extending  Data   Need  to  move  interacHon  data  (customers,  carts,  content)     out  of  legacy  systems  of  record  and  to  the  edge  to  power   applicaHons  at  scale  Embracing  The  Cloud   Need  to  deploy  across  data  centers,  in  public  &  private  cloud  
  13. 13. Omni-­‐channel  -­‐  Powered  by  APIs   Complete  Retail  2.0  Suite  Consumer accesses apps >> Apps use technology services inside of Open API >> Open API accesses retail store products >> Consumer buys products from retailer Social Networking Demographic Targeting Retailer Social Networking Inventory Filtering Open API Barcode Scanning Location Services Social Networking Augmented RealityLook Envision Match Give Description Description Description Description Browse and share a look’ Visualization of product Find and share an Guided inventory comprised of multiple allowing a customer to alternative to a brand-name filtering based on a retailer products, see a product in action in product based on a specific giver’s needs, a represented as collection. their specific environment item’s brand or style via recipients wants and/or Collections can be user or (clothing, home goods, barcode, description, an event type. Goal retailer defined. Goal Goal Goal accessories). location, retailer and/or Target key customer demographics, sell cost. multiple products as a solution, brand Allows a consumer to ‘test-drive’ a Educate customer of retailer Expedite customer’s product selection product without physically having to alternatives to competitor’s products. awareness through user networks and process and increase the desired interact with it. Drive customer awareness of retailer’s social channels. dollar amount spent on a gift. additional product offerings.  
  14. 14. Mobile   Apps  &   Social   Widgets  Data   Data  &  AnalyPcs   Open   API  
  15. 15. Integrate  –  Touch  Point  AnalyPcs   Shops at Location Price Customer 4 JCP Preference Lives In Checkins BrandsPurchases Payment Has 873 Friends 9 Friends Channel Needs Likes JCP who like JCP Likes Fitness Centers Time Preference
  16. 16. DemonstraPon  Live  Demo  –  Look  ApplicaHon   Create Collections Customize Collections Themed assortments of products organized by Personalize with a cover picture, a name, and add categories. any combination of Kohl’s products.  
  17. 17. DemonstraPon  Live  Demo  –  Envision  ApplicaHon    
  18. 18. QuesPons?  
  19. 19. THANK  YOU    Subscribe to Apigee webcasts at:youtube.com/apigee Apigee @apigee