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Jubilee Square Commercial Shop 12% Assured Returns Aerocity,AirPort Road Mohali @9216886888

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At Jubilee Square, we assure you of your business getting not only unmatched attention & visibility but also customer traffic all the year long. And with the two best universities set up in the close proximity, you are bound to witness the customer attention & your business grow like never before.
We understand how important is investing. After all, it's about your hard earned money. At Jubilee Square, we bring to you the opportunity to invest in our commercial project which is not only at the prominent location in the city but also offers 100% Ground Coverage.
A project where every SCO gets unmatchable customer attention & visibility. With all this in one project, your investment is meant to reap the best returns..
Mohali is all set to welcome its second world-class university after Ashoka. Amity University would offer degree courses in science & technology.
Jubilee is founded on the belief that buildings are more than just physical structures, they are life spaces to nurture, stimulate and inspire the human mind, thus improving the living quality and environment for the community. It is with this radical thinking that Jubilee Group specializes in conceiving building concepts that are people-oriented, maximizing the purposeful development and utilization of land and space thoughtfully.
Whether residential or commercial, at Jubilee we aim to create modern structures for people to work, play and live in. We add value to our clients and their investments, and ensure sustainable material and intellectual growth for all stakeholders.
With our vast experience and expertise as a strong foundation of our businesses, we further strive to improve our products and services by putting much emphasis on strong Teamwork, Transparent and Open Management methods, investing and adding value in Human Capital, and focusing on Customer Satisfaction. We gear all our resources to our constant efforts to deliver the best possible quality to our customers in terms of design and concept, materials, workmanship, and finished product.
Book Now Call For Booking :
Apex Realty Solutions, India : 09216926999, 09216925999.
For Further detail call @ 92168-86888
Email : info@apexrealtyindia.in, Visit us at: http://www.apexrealtyindia.in

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Jubilee Square Commercial Shop 12% Assured Returns Aerocity,AirPort Road Mohali @9216886888

  1. 1. Call:+91-92168-86888