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This is what has to change for Travel Retail to survive - Manuel Heidler, AOE

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Creating a truly seamless customer experience for shopping. Using real life examples of global airports including Auckland, Heathrow and Fraport you will learn about innovative use cases for multi venue retailers such as airports, train stations, airlines, booking portal, creating a seamless shopping experience for customers and enhancing revenues through digitalisation.

Speaker: Manuel Heidler, Director Aviation Products at AOE.

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This is what has to change for Travel Retail to survive - Manuel Heidler, AOE

  1. 1. THIS IS WHAT HAS TO CHANGE FOR TRAVEL RETAIL TO SURVIVE Manuel Heidler Director Aviation Products @ AOE
  2. 2. Yesterdays Airport Passengers
  3. 3. Todays Passengers
  4. 4. The disruption has begun - A look at Travel Retail
  5. 5. The 63 billion USD global Travel Retail Market is beginning to be disrupted AMERICAS 17.1% MS ___________ $10.9bn ↓7.5% SOURCE: TFWA Asia Pacific growth driven by Down-Town Duty Free +17.7% vs. Airports +1.5% - Global Airport Shopping +0.4% - Airlines -6.6% - Ferries -2.7% - Other Shops & Sales +7.3% EUROPE 29.7% MS ___________ $18.8bn ↓7.9% AFRICA 1.2% MS __________ $0.8bn ↓2.7% MIDDLE EAST 8.9% MS __________ $5.6bn ↓2.4% ASIA PACIFIC 43.1% MS __________ $27.4bn ↑10.4% Market Share 56.2% vs. 57.3% ↓ Market Share 3.9% vs. 4.3% ↓ Market Share 3.2% vs. 3.3% ↓ Market Share 36.8% vs. 35.1% ↑ 2015 - 2016
  6. 6. Moments of decision of Duty Free purchase At home before Leaving for the airport At destination before leaving for the airport On the way to the airport At the Airport In the Duty Free Shop After looking around After Getting Advice from Sales Staff (only 2% in high spender category) Importance of making in- store experience unique! After buying another category Ensuring full digital engagement prior to travel is essential to capture 65% of purchases 35% 6% 14% 10% 26% 7% 2% SOURCE: m1nd-set Research
  7. 7. Planned vs Impulse Purchase 71% 29% Planned in advance what they wanted to shop Bought on impulse 83% 79% 75% 44% 42% 40% Shopping behavior has changed radically SOURCE: m1nd-set Research
  8. 8. The new Quaternity of Travel Retail INTEGRATED ADVERTISING Via Wifi, Smart-Panels and InfoTerminals offer unique abilities PARTICIPATION in the international e-commerce growth CUSTOMER INFORMATION Airports/Airlines know much more about passengers than most retailers do CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE Attractive digital offers and services form a unique customer experience DIGITAL DEVICES create new transaction and communication channels DIGITALIZATION of the travel journey creates new touchpoints
  9. 9. Why E-Commerce at an airport has a competitive edge RETURNSPRODUCT Immediate Product Availability Low Cost of Returns Low Traffic Acquisition Cost TRAFFIC
  10. 10. Todays and tomorrows passengers expect more!
  11. 11. The Quarternity as a true digital marketplace at airports
  12. 12. Use Case: Realtime & Multi Channel
  13. 13. Use Case: Personalization Michael Madden (59), British - Travels Business - Lives in London - buys his wife Chanel - wears mainly Ralph Lauren - has 10,000 loyalty points - Drinks Double Espresso Raj Mahindra (49), Indian - Travels Business - Lives in Bangalore - Always uses Uber Black - Loves BOSE Gadgets - Buys Hugo Boss hsirts - No Loyalty member - Drinks Chai Latte Pen Liyun (38), Chinese - Travels First Class - Lives in Beijing - Buys 1 handbag each trip - Ususally orders to lounge - has 250,000 loyalty points - Drinks Earl Grey
  14. 14. Use Case: Planning in Advance
  15. 15. Use Case: Integration of Down-Town/ High Street Shopping
  16. 16. Use Case: Product Selection
  17. 17. The future of Unobtrusive E-
  18. 18. Passenger Experience Non-Aviation RevenuesOn-Premise Fulfillment Mobile ShoppingE-Commerce Marketplace VIP ServicesPersonalized Offers Fast track Loyalty Lounge AccessParking The OM3 Suite The World’s Leading Airport Revenue Digitalization Platform
  19. 19. THIS IS WHAT HAS TO CHANGE FOR TRAVEL RETAIL TO SURVIVE Manuel Heidler Director Aviation Products @ AOE More questions? manuel.heidler@aoe.com