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Total Quality Management                                                                       • TQM is a philosophy that ...
Total Quality Management                                         Essentials of TQM Focus       • The key aspects of TQM ma...
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Total quality management (tqm)

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Total quality management (tqm)

  1. 1. Total Quality Management • TQM is a philosophy that involves everyone in an organization in a continual effort Total Quality Management – to improve quality and – achieve customer satisfaction. (TQM) • TQM can be defined as – managing the entire organization so that Presented By: Anupam Kumar – it excels in all dimensions of products and services Reader, – that are important to the customers. School of Management Sciences, Varanasi. • TQM is Email: anupamkr@gmail.com – a process approach, and – a management strategy. © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 1 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 2 Process Approach TQM Process • A process approach views the organization as – An interconnected set of functions – Organized to achieve – A specific goal. • The process approach of TQM promotes that: – Each of the succeeding functions – be related to the preceding function – in terms of client/customer relationship. © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 3 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 4 Roadmap to TQM Roadmap to TQM • Primary responsibility of product quality rests with • Every employee is responsible for achieving good the top management. product quality. • Quality should be • Quality cannot be inspected into a product – Customer focused and – It should be made right the first time. – Evaluated using customer based standards. • Quality must be monitored to identify problems • The production process and work methods must be quickly and the problems must be corrected designed consciously to achieve quality immediately. conformance. • The organization must strive for continuous improvement. © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 5 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 6© Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 1
  2. 2. Total Quality Management Essentials of TQM Focus • The key aspects of TQM may be enumerated • Customer satisfaction • Employee involvement – Both for internal & external – Total employee buy-ins is as: customers and at all levels. essential. – Top management commitment and support • Leadership • Quality costs – TQM stresses on the – It is the actual cost less the no – Focus on both external and internal customers leaderships commitment. failure cost of the product. – Employee involvement and empowerment • Quality policy • Supplier selection & – Continuous improvements – TQM promotes policy frame- development work for the organization. – Development of TQM – Partnership with suppliers • Organizational structure philosophy among supply – Establishing performance measures for processes. chain vendors – TQM proposes change in the organizational structure to • Recognition and reward promote quality aspirations. – Rewards on achievement of © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 7 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar targets. 8 Basic Principles of TQM • Strive for quality in all aspects • The customer is the creation of quality • Improve the process or systems by which the products are produced • Quality improvement is continuous and never ending activity • Worker involvement is essential • Ground decisions and actions on knowledge • Encourage teamwork and cooperation. © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 9 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 10 When TQM Fails? • Lack of commitment by Top Management. • Focusing on specific techniques rather than on the system. • Not obtaining employee buy-in and participation. • Program stops with training. • Expecting immediate results – not waiting for the long term payoff. • Forcing methods which are incompatible with the production system and personnel. © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 11© Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar 2