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Amadeus PPT

A PPT on Amadeus with it;s features by Anuj Awasthi.

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Amadeus PPT

  2. 2. Amadeus is an I.T. solution company that provides solutions to Travel & Tourism” industry the company provides customer, business solutions in:  Distribution and Content,  Sales and e-commerce,  Business Management, and  Services and Consulting (Amadeus.com, 2005).  Nearly 75,000 travel agencies and more than 11,000 airline sales offices use the Amadeus system to run their business , with its primary audience based in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The company books flights on nearly 500 airlines, and makes reservations at hotel chains, car rental agencies, cruises, tours and ferry operators.
  3. 3.  Throughout the 1990's, Amadeus continued to set the standard for the travel industry by developing innovative and user-friendly products  All its products and services were specially designed to facilitate the making of travel arrangements for both leisure and corporate travel.  Booking solutions specific to car, hotel, and flight bookings  Solutions for business travel management for corporations  A travel booking website complete with all kinds of destination information for the traveler.
  4. 4.  Amadeus is a computer reservations system owned by the Amadeus IT Group with headquarter in Madrid, Spain.  The central database is located at Erding, Germany. The development center is located at Sophia Ant polis, (France)  In addition to airlines, the CRS is also used to book train travel, cruises, car rental, ferry reservations, and hotel rooms.  Amadeus is a member of IATA, SITA, and its IATA airline designator code is 1A.
  5. 5.  Founded in – 1987.  Founders- Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia and SAS.  First office- South America in (1993).  First office in Asia-Pacific – 1994.  It has more than 75 local and regional offices all over world.  In 1995 “Merged with System one” a CRS of Continental Airlines  The year 2000 Amadeus collaborate with leading national airlines and specialist companies.
  6. 6. Amadeus has several commands which makes it’s working, here are some basic commands of Amadeus.
  7. 7.  Amadeus provides six (6) work areas in which a travel agent may sign-in to. These work areas are known as  Agent Assembly Areas (AAA’s). The work areas could be considered as six separate connections to Amadeus where you can create or modify reservations. The six work areas are each given an identifier A through F.  The command to display the status of the work areas is: JD
  8. 8.  JI*1234AB/AS Sign into all six work areas A, B, C, D, E, F.  JD - Display your work area status.  JMB- Move from current work area to work area B.  JO- Sign out of current work area only  JOA- Sign out of specific work area A (Jump Out)  JO* -Sign out of all work areas A/B/C/D/E/F  JXC- Move to work area C with existing Sign in by default
  9. 9.  The Amadeus system  Sign in- requires each user to JI<Agent Sign / Duty sign-in and identify Code>Password themselves so that the EXP- JI1234AB/AS users sign-in code  can be recorded in  Sign out reservations. The sign-in JO command is often referred to as "Jump In" due to the command  identifier JI.  There are two duty codes used in the JI command, Agent Sell (travel agents only) (AS) and Supervisor
  10. 10.  The Amadeus Information System (AIS) is a central source of reference information, which is maintained by Amadeus and service providers. The information stored in AIS is referenced using a structure consisting of 3levels: Category, Subject & Page.  The command identifier for AIS is GG and is often referred to as "Go Get".
  11. 11.  COMMAND FORMAT-  GGAIS - Display AIS Main GG<Category><Topic><Sub Menu. -topic>  GGAIRBA- Display airline information specifically for British Airways  GGHTLUI Display hotel information specifically for Utell.  GN7- Display update summary panel for today and the last 7 days.  GGCARZDLON Display information for Budget Car Rental in London  GGRAIIN Indian Railways Pages
  12. 12.  The process used to convert a  Command is ‘DAN’ full name of an item into a DANBHUBANESWR code is referred to as encoding -Display City Name Bhubaneshwar Encode the  Decoding is the city name. reverse process  The Amadeus system provides two variations to the same command to display a location. The first by entering a name of location and the second by entering a city/airport code.
  13. 13.  The Amadeus system provides different types of airline availability displays. The availability type determines the order in which flights are displayed. Code is (A )  CODES A-Availability by Arrival(Displays flights in arrival time order, including flights that arrive up to two hours prior to time specified D-Availability by Departure(Flight availability is displayed in departure time order and starts. with flights departing up to one hour before the specified time. N-Neutral Availability(Displays flights departing one hour before the time specified in your entry. Non-stop flights are displayed in order of departure time  Command Format A<Type Code><Date><Origin><Destination><Optional Entries....>  Command Example AN30AUGMNLBKK
  14. 14.  Display availability  AN29AUGLONBOM/A for nominated date, BA/CB city pair, airline preference BA and class preference B
  15. 15.  The Amadeus Schedule display allows you to display flights for airline carriers, as well as those who do not provide reservations access to their flights in Amadeus. Code is (SN)  There are two differences between an availability and a schedule display: 1. By default Amadeus displays all participating airlines flights scheduled for the requested city pair, even when they are closed for sales. 2. In order to display flights for airlines that have no sales agreement with Amadeus, the option /AYY is mandatory. The flights are displayed without a posting level after the class code.  Command Format S<Type Code><Date><Origin><Destination>  Command Example SN10DECDELDXB SN31AUGCCUDAC/AYY
  16. 16.  The Schedule display change entries are used as follow-up entries after you have entered an initial availability entry. The identifier for schedule change commands is SC  Command Examples SCSYD Change departure city SC//PAR Change destination city SC09FEB Change date SC1500 Change Time
  17. 17.  The Amadeus Timetable displays flights operating during a specified one-week period.  To display flights of airlines that do not have a sales agreement with Amadeus, add the airline preference option /AYY to the end of your command  Code is TN  Command Format TN<Date><Origin><Destination>  Command Example TN10SEPWASNYC TN01SEPDACCCU/AYY
  18. 18.  The Flight Information stored and displayed in Amadeus provides the most up-to-date information about the operation of a particular flight both before and after departure. The flight information available in Amadeus is provided by airlines.  Command Format DO<Flight No>/<Optional Date>/<Optional City Pair  Command Example DOLH760/08FEB/FRADEL
  19. 19.  The systems provide two main command methods of selling an air segment.  Short Sell This method requires the user to first display an Amadeus availability display before selling, using line numbers from the availability display as a reference.  Long Sell This method requires that the user provide the flight number, departure date, origin point, destination point and number of seats required into the command entry.  The command identifier for sell is SS.  Short Sell Command Format SS<No of Seats><Class><Availability Line No> (SS1Y1)
  20. 20.  Long Sell Command Format SS<Carrier><Flight No><Class><Date><Origin><Destination><No of Seats>  Command Example SSNZ102Y12OCTSYDAKL2
  21. 21.  The Open Segment command is used if a client wishes to purchase a journey but does not wish to reserve a specific flight or date  The command identifier for Open Segments is SO and is often referred to as "Sell Open".  Command Format SO<Carrier Code><Class><Origin><Destination>  Command Examples SOAZYBOMROM (Create Open Segment for carrier AZ and class Y between BOM and ROM)  SOAZY05NOVROMBOM (Create Open Segment for carrier AZ in Y class and between ROM and BOM for specified date.
  22. 22.  A Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a reservations record stored in Amadeus containing details for a particular passenger or group of passengers.  A completed PNR must contained the following mandatory elements. Name Element (NM) Itinerary Element (SS) Telephone Element (AP) Ticketing Arrangement Element (TK) Received From Element (RF)
  23. 23.  The itinerary component of the PNR may consist of Air, Hotel or Car segments, or a combination thereof.  Name Element Command Format NM<Number of Names With the Same Surname><Surname>/<First Name or Initial><Title>  Command Examples NM1BIRLA/K K MR Add single name element for 1 passenger surname BIRLA, initial K K and title MR.
  24. 24. Command Examples  NM1BIRLA/K K MR Add single name element for 1 passenger surname BIRLA, initial K K and title MR  NM2KHANNA/JATINMR/RADHAMRS Add two passenger names, same surname.  NM1SHARMA/AJAYMR1GUPTA/RAKESHMRAdd two passenger names, different surnames.
  25. 25.  The Telephone (Contact) element Indicator Explanation is used to store the contact telephone information for the H Passengers passengers on the PNR. Home / Hotel Contact  Telephone contacts entered into B Passengers the PNR do not generate to the Business airlines and therefore are entered Contact for the travel agent’s information A Travel Agency only. Contact  Command Format M Mobile Contact AP<Text of TelephoneNumber>- <Contact Indicator>  EXP- APDEL91113351155-B (Business contact in Delhi)
  26. 26.  The Ticketing Arrangement CODES EXPLANATIONS element (TK) is used to indicate what the current ticketing arrangement status is of the DO<Date> Ticketing is PNR. Domestic (Time  Command Format Limit).Itinerary TK<Ticketing ArrangementCode> where all flights are within the same country.  Command Examples IN<Date> Ticketing is TKTL11SEP/0800 International (Time Limit). Add ticketing time limit date Itinerary where all and time . flights are not within the same country
  27. 27.  Received from element  Received From element is used to store the name of the person who creates or modifies a PNR. After the PNR has been stored using the End Transaction command, the RF element is transferred to the PNR History.  Command Format RF<Text> Command Example RFMRKHANNA Add received from element, Mr Khanna is the person requesting the creation or modification of a PNR.  End Transaction The End Transaction is the last mandatory entry for creating a new PNR or modifying a retrieved PNR.When you make this entry, the system checks the PNR to ensure that all the mandatory elements are present and correct, and that there are no inconsistencies.  ET End transaction and exit current PNR.
  28. 28.  The Ignore (IG) command is IG Ignore PNR, discard all used to ignore and discard additions or modifications. any additions or modifications to a new or existing PNR. IR Ignore and Retrieve PNR. You cannot use it with a newly created PNR.
  29. 29.  The Amadeus system provides special command options that allows you to create PNR's for Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR). Unaccompanied Minors require special handling by the Passenger Services staff at the airline.  Unaccompanied Minors must be reserved on their own PNR and therefore other passenger types are not permitted.  Short sell SS1Y1/UM8 Book a seat for an 8-year old child  Long Sell SSAF1055Y20APRZRHCDG UM1/8
  30. 30.  You can convert from one Convert 2400 FQC2400/USD currency to another, from INR (local NUC's to local currency, and currency assumed) to from local currency to NUC’s USD using BSR using the FQC command  Code Explanation S Bankers Selling Rate (BSR) C IATA Clearing House Convert FQC560USD/D 562USD to EM/A Rate (ICH) DEM using all A All of the above rates rates
  31. 31.  Amadeus' new generation solution also enables Travel Agents to increase efficiency.  One can have everything at an individual place.  Revenue Management  Data Management  Sales & Reservation  Amadeus' new generation solution enables you to keep up-to-date with the latest information.  Improve your profitability  Manage the investment risks  Amadeus Link Hotel is a multi-GDS distribution services company which directly links the hotels
  32. 32. NAME CREATED BY USED BY Sabre American Airlines Vietnam Airlines JetBlue Airways Frontier Galileo United Airlines Sabena , Alitalia British Airways Worldspan Delta Hotwire, Hotels, Priceline,Orbits‘ BookIt.com Abacus Abacus international Online travel agencies,
  33. 33. NAME CREATED BY YSED BY KIU Kiu Company Over 12 individual airlines SHARES(Not working) Continental Airlines American Express Patheo Finnair,KLM American Express
  34. 34.  Amadeus software is playing an important part in travel industry it is used by huge number of people, as being a backbone to travel industry Amadeus would be playing a part in the growth of industry or the people those are using it. it can be estimated that it is used by 9052 travel agencies over all India It has extended to 172 cities of India.
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A PPT on Amadeus with it;s features by Anuj Awasthi.


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