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Linked in and slideshare synergy

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LinkedIn acquires Slideshare

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Linked in and slideshare synergy

  1. 1. LinkedIn and Slideshare: What to expect Next…..LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD), the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with 161 millionmembers worldwide, agreed to acquire Slideshare, a leading professional content sharing community.The transaction is valued at approximately $118.75 million, subject to adjustment, in a combination ofapproximately 45 percent cash and approximately 55 percent stock. Over the past few years, Slideshareand LinkedIn have been working closely together to help professionals be more effective and productivethrough the content they create and share on LinkedIn.The acquisition of Slideshare is well fit with the LinkedIn’s business synergy as Slideshare had nearly 29million unique visitors, ranking it among the most heavily trafficked sites for professional content.Slideshare helps professionals discover people through content, and content through people. Thesepresentations also enable professionals to discover new connections and gain the insights they need tobecome more productive and successful in their careers, aligning perfectly with LinkedIn’s mission andhelping us deliver even more value for LinkedIn user. The company is publicly held and has a diversifiedbusiness model with revenues coming from hiring solutions, marketing solutions and premiumsubscriptions.About LinkedInFounded in 2003, LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive andsuccessful. With 161 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500company, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. The company has adiversified business model with revenues coming from member subscriptions, marketing solutions andhiring solutions. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, LinkedIn has offices across the globe.A brief about Revenue Model for LinkedInThe company reported the solid performance for the first quarter ended March 31, 2012, Revenue forthe first quarter was $188.5 million, an increase of 101% compared to $93.9 million in the first quarterof 2011. The company has its expected revenue range to $880 million to $900 million. It has basicallythree area of exposure i.e. Hiring Solutions, Marketing Solutions and Premium Subscriptions.Brief About LinkedIn Revenue Model Hiring 54% Revenue from Hiring Solutions products totaled $102.6 million, an Solutions increase of 121% compared to the first quarter of 2011. Hiring Solutions revenue represented 54% of total revenue in the first quarter of 2012, compared to 49% in the first quarter of 2011. Marketing 26% Revenue from Marketing Solutions products totaled $48.0 million, Solutions an increase of 73% compared to the first quarter of 2011. Marketing Solutions revenue represented 26% of total revenue in the first quarter of 2012, compared to 30% in the first quarter of 2011. Premium 20% Revenue from Premium Subscriptions products totaled $37.9Subscriptions million, an increase of 91% compared to the first quarter of 2011.
  2. 2. Premium Subscriptions represented 20% of total revenue in the first quarter of 2012, compared to 21% of revenue in the first quarter of 2011.About SlideshareFounded in 2006, Slideshare is a leading professional content sharing community. Professionals canupload content for free, discover people through content, and content through people. Slidesharebrings presentations, documents and videos to life on the web for professionals to discover and share.Premium social content marketing subscriptions enable professionals and brands to gain social mediaengagement and generate sales leads. The company is based in San Francisco, Calif., and is backed byinvestors including Jonathan Abrams, Mark Cuban, Dave McClure, and Venrock. It has also partnershipwith Twitter, Google Hangouts and FreeConference.com.Its revenue model includes premium subscription with Slideshare PRO option, advertising andmarketing, through branding and lead generation (The services are called AdShare and LeadShare. UsingLeadShare, companies can get upload their various marketing material, and Slideshare will getsomewhere between $1 to $22 for each lead generated. Using AdShare, a user can promote theirpresentations throughout the site.) Slideshares biggest competitors include Scribd.com, Issuu andDocstoc.Value Creation for LinkedIn and its Users New way to explore connection (discover people through content, and content through people) and user interactivity (LinkedIn) Through the integration with Slideshare, the user can put some more stuff such as Project Reports, Presentations, books etc. It can also add the value of the profile of the user. (LinkedIn Users) Increase the number of monthly unique visitors which can impact directly to the advertising and marketing revenue. (LinkedIn) In addition to ad sales, LinkedIn can also explore the opportunity in lead generation business model of Slideshare. Key Facts: LinkedIn SlideshareMembers 161 Million 60 MillionMonthly Unique Visitors 107 Million 29 MillionDisclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within thenext 72 hours. This is my independent article.Source:http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/230860/Slideshare_deepens_ties_with_linkedin.html
  3. 3. http://www.siliconbeat.com/2009/10/06/the-rise-of-Slideshare-and-how-corporate-presentations-became-entertainment/http://press.linkedin.com/node/1191http://press.linkedin.com/node/1192