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Choosing an Alternative Accommodation: A Simple Guide for Home Insurance Claimants

Get some tips in choosing an alternative accommodation during the course of making your home insurance claims from Stay Innercity.

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Choosing an Alternative Accommodation: A Simple Guide for Home Insurance Claimants

  1. 1. Choosing Alternative Accommodation: A Simple Guide for Home Insurance Claimants Brought to You By:
  2. 2. Your home is your safe haven. It is a place where you and your family feel secure. However, natural disasters or unforeseen events can render your house uninhabitable. The most damaging are storms and bushfires. During such catastrophes, you’ll be very thankful that you have a home and content insurance policy which enables you to file a claim for compensation for your property. While it is quite obvious that processing your home insurance claim is the first and foremost move that you’ll take if your home becomes uninhabitable, there is also another important thing to prioritise – and that is finding a temporary place for you to stay.
  3. 3. Check Your Insurance Policy’s Fine Print Usually, the amount of alternative accommodation cover provided for your home is limited to the ‘reasonable cost’ of rental properties comparable to the property under coverage or a percentage of the total value insured. It is important that you know the details of your home insurance policy to be aware of what are covered, the period of covered and how much cost will be compensated.
  4. 4. Research for Rental Prices Online Go over the internet and check for property rental prices online. This will help you know at what price range ‘reasonably-priced’ accommodation similar to your home will be at. It will also provide you with an idea on what to expect for your temporary home.
  5. 5. Find a Property that Suits You Best While there are many home insurance claimants who prefer living temporarily at hotels or other similar accommodation options, these are not the ideal place to live, especially for families. They lack the facilities that a ‘true home’ offers. Thus, it is best to look for the alternative accommodation where you can live comfortably similar to your own home. Well, self contained homes such as the ones we offer in Bayside Melbourne are your best pick.
  6. 6. Look for the Ideal Location Even if your home is rendered uninhabitable, this doesn’t mean that the lives of your family have to stop. Of course, you will need to continue working if you have a day job. If you have children and they are still studying, they have to continue going to school too. Thus, it would also be important to pick an alternative accommodation that is conveniently located and with easy access to public transportation if needed.
  7. 7. If you are searching for alternative accommodation in Melbourne during the course of your home insurance claims, then Stay Innercity can help you. We offer self contained accommodation in great locations in Albert Park, Middle Park, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne. For more information about alternative accommodation, visit our website at http://www.stayinnercity.com.au/.