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  1. 1. An Introduction to The Wiz Care consultancy services
  2. 2. Introduction Wizcare consultant. It’s a sister concern of JOUDAH INFO-LINGO TECH PVT.LTD. Wizcare offer you total recruitment solutions for employees as well as non employees. We have expertise in IT,ITES,and non IT recruitment. Our services starts with building up good relation with clint and working on focused and well defined job profile. Clint satisfaction with optim resources. We offer quality servises at compitataive prices. Our company looks forward to buildind succesful working relationship. Our team has an outstanding background in many fields. Introduction
  3. 3. Mission1 “We committed to growing our business through embracing the technology, developing strong relationship and by pacing the emphases on providing high level of client satisfaction . Our mission is to ensure that we provide the right resources at right time to maximise our client We don’t want to be biggest but we do want to be the best.” Mission
  4. 4. Vision To be a best -in-class organization delivering staffing and recruitments solutions- based services; the foundation of our business will consist of satisfied customers and empowered employees – exceeding expectations and adding demonstrated value at every step Delivery of services beyond the expectation of client'' Vision 2
  5. 5. Objectives An innovative player in the market. Utilizing all resources for satisfaction of client. Managing good client relations for future growth. ✓ 1 2 3 ✓ ✓ 3
  6. 6. Our Services Staffing Recruiting Training ConsultingHR solutions
  7. 7. Recruiting Attraction - The driving force for any organization is its human resource. Therefore it becomes vitally important to attract the best. An efficient recruiter decides on different appropriate methods / sources to attract the best, this forms the key stepping stone towards successful recruitment. He/she has the ability to CONVERT Job Descriptions to exciting career Opportunity. Assessment - The optimal adherence to quality takes place in this stage of the assessment process. The recruiter takes a deep dive into the skills, experience and & potential of the profile through different assessment tools techniques. The recruiter strives to achieve the best fit between the requirement and the available talent pool. Acceptance - The Recruiter plays a twin Balancing role of a negotiator and an advocate, at this stage he tries to negotiate the compensation on part of the client and advocates on the skill sets and experience on part of the profile. His success lies in creating a win- win situation between the both. The Recruiter at all stages of the process keeps the candidate in full confidence of the opportunity this eliminates any probable chance of non acceptance.
  8. 8. Staffing
  9. 9. Training Consulting Training Training is often needed to do achieve the needs listed below. These needs can be long-term or short-term. •Introduce a new process or equipment. •Improve efficiency. •Decrease supervision needed. •Improve the opportunity for internal promotion. •Decrease the chance of accidents Employees should know the benefits of training for them to take it seriously. Here are some objectives of training: •Increase skills. •Increase knowledge. •Change attitude, raise awareness.
  10. 10. Our ClientsOurExperience Other Clients serviced are in the next slide….
  11. 11. Resources on “Contract”OurExperience
  12. 12. Resources on “Contract”OurExperience
  13. 13. Thank You! For More Information, Please Contact: Mr. Mohammed Ansar Khateeb Ansar.wizcare@jilt.co.in Ansar.jilt@gmail.com Email - wizcare@jilt.co.in Office-040-65146277 Mobile -- +919642712902

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