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Grab Conceptual Task

  1. Grab Conceptual Task Anne David
  3. Gender: Female Age: 24 Occupation: Works for a bank Key goals from app: Want to get to get to my destination without having to know the route, extra charges etc. Networking Familiarity with similar apps: Very familiar with similar apps that were available in another country. Pain points: Worry about my unfamiliarity with directions, communication and payment options Context of use (scenario): Unsure of how to get to destination, in a hurry PERSONA Rose “I’ve been in Singapore for sometime now and I love exploring this city. I just haven’t managed to get my head around all the acronyms yet - ERP? PIE?" A survey, usability testing of current app or google analytics could be used to understand demographics and user pain points better.
  4. Gender: Male Age: 30 Occupation: Self employed Key goals from app: Want a clear simple app that lets me book a ride in the fastest and easiest way possible Best value for money Familiarity with similar apps: Very familiar with similar apps Pain points: Don’t like having to look at cluttered screens and having to spend time figuring out how to use the app Context of use (scenario): Need to get home from work/dinner PERSONA Joe “I work hard and I have a big social circle here. I don’t have a lot of time looking for ways to get around the city" A survey, usability testing of current app or google analytics could be used to understand demographics and user pain points better.
  5. Customer Experience Journey
  6. Customer Experience Journey
  7. Multiple drop offs Increase Convenience To truly give the users a feeling of personal convenience. This is particularly useful in a place like Singapore where cars are expensive. It encourages the country’s endeavour to decrease private car ownership. A decrease in private car ownership has it’s own set of advantages. It aids in decreasing cost of living, reducing the toll on environment from privately owned cars and also reallocating space that’s now being used for parking. Source: maybe-we-dont-need-our-own.html?_r=0 IDEAEXTENSIONS
  8. IDEAEXTENSIONS Extra information on driver and rider profiles Increased networking A lot of riders and drivers engage in conversation that lead to building professional networks. If not professional, a lot of them also find common interests to talk about or offer support to each other. Enabling the option of having a simple short description on both profiles could result in building extremely useful contacts for both.
  9. IDEAEXTENSIONS Gamification Increase user engagement, loyalty, revenue Have the option of watching an ad for points that could be accumulated for promos/rewards. Regular ad pop-ups annoy users but this could be nestled as a voluntary option under the current ‘notifications’ tab. Rewarding the user for watching ads or for daily/frequent app usage will encourage users to come back to the app and use it more often. Rather than prompting the user to take 2 rides to get an offer on the 3rd one, the user could be motivated by displaying a progress trackbar with rewards to be achieved at each milestone. This would gamify the whole concept and make it seem exciting and effortless. Rewards/points could include promos on rides or discount on other products and services. Since most Grab users are constantly on the lookout for promos, giving them the opportunity to generate their own promos will increase loyalty.
  10. IDEAEXTENSIONS Aug reality assisted direction pointer Helps in finding the correct vehicle One of the main pain points for every rider is locating the correct car on busy streets. An augmented reality assisted direction pointer, similar to the concept used in Pokémon Go could be implemented to direct the rider to the right car. (Just replace the Pokemon with a Grab car!)
  11. IDEAEXTENSIONS Attachable light clip on all cars Driver spotting, brand recognition All drivers could be provided with a sleek, detachable light that can be placed on top of the car. When a ride is booked, the rider’s mobile could have the option of flashing a particular colour which will be the same as the light on the car. The light could have a unique pulsating effect which is also matching to the rider’s phone display. This could help the user identify the car easily. He/she can just flash the mobile to the driver as well for authentication-this works even from a short distance.
  12. IDEAEXTENSIONS Chat function Better communication Immediately after a ride is booked, a chat function with the driver can be given as an option. The current ‘message to the driver’ is sometimes unread or unclear. Many users also resort to texting when they are having trouble calling them. There could also be a chat function with co-rider if accepted by both users- before getting in the cab.
  13. IDEAEXTENSIONS Hitch forum Increase usage of Grab hitch function A hitch forum with 2 tabs ‘Driver’ and ‘Rider’. Drivers can list routes and seats available under the driver tab while riders can list pickup and drop location. This will help both parties find what they want and confirm their booking in real time. There are many such groups that are currently being created on facebook and other forums to help travelers hitch rides and make flexible plans with each other. It also alleviates the uncertainty of getting a grab hitch ride by just placing a request and waiting for it to be accepted by someone. Many users also create multiple grab hitch requests with small time differences to increase their chances. All this can be very time consuming and frustrating.
  15. WIREFRAMES Created using myBalsamiq (Web version)
  16. WIREFRAMES Created using myBalsamiq (Web version)
  17. WIREFRAMES Created using myBalsamiq (Web version)
  18. NANOUSABILITYTEST A nano usability testing done using Balsamiq mockups (web version) and recorded using Videopad screen recording software Click below to play test video
  19. NANOUSABILITYTEST POST TEST QUESTIONNAIRE Likert Scale + freestyle type questions 1. I am satisfied with the ease of completing this task Strongly agree / Agree / Neutral / Disagree / Strongly Disagree 2. I am satisfied with the amount of time it took to complete this task Strongly agree / Agree / Neutral / Disagree / Strongly Disagree 3. Was there anything that turned out different from what you were expecting? 4. Would you like to suggest something that you think would have made this task easier to do on this app?
  20. NANOUSABILITYTEST RESULTS Since the prototype created was a low fidelity one with very limited functionality, the test results cannot be considered for a useful conclusion. To better the results, a paper prototype could be created for the purpose of testing including other possibilities such as using “POP” app. In order to obtain optimum result, a fully functional prototype using Axure can be created and a System Usabilty Scale (SUS) can be used to measure the usability. Additionally, other metrics such as “time on task”, “errors on task” and other observations need to be logged effectively. Below is an example of a SUS scale I created (Click to enlarge)
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