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Anita articles

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Anita articles

  1. 1. Anita AmarteifioTask 1Who wrote the story?(No by line)The date that the story appeared. The date the story appeared on 12th April 2011The main points of the story. Agnes Sina-Inakoju was shot in the neck while waiting for her food with friends. Two boys from London field’sgang came to Hoxton because they’re rivalswith Hoxton boys. Then Dunkley and Smoured cycled up to the Hoxton Chicken and Pizza Shop where Dunkley pulled out his sub-machine gun and fired through the shop window, whereas another friend ducked down when she spotted the gunmen outside but Agnes was shot in the neck as she looked up to see them.Agnes Sina- Inakoju was a very beautiful, friendly, brilliant and intelligent young girl with lots of potential.Task 2Names of people mentioned and their job roles. Agnes Sina-Inakoju- Leon Dunkley Mohammed Smoured Peter Beaumont - Judge Simon Denison AbiolaInakoju Dwayne wisdom John Crossley –Chief InspectorNames of location mentioned. Hackney Hoxton street London fieldsNames of organisation or companies mentioned in the story. Jack Petchy Oxford University Haggerston SchoolAny dates mentioned in the story. In April 2010
  2. 2. Anita Amarteifio Task-3 Oxford University PERSON Agnes Sina- ORGANSATION Inakoju Jack Petchy’s speak out Haggerston challenge School ORGANSATION ORGANSATIONSummary-This spider gram shows Agnes Sina-Inakoju attended toHaggerston School, Agnes was in the Hackney regional finals of JackPetcheys Speak Out Challenge. Her aims were to attend college and aftercollege go to Oxford University. This shows that its all one sided and notagainst her.