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Angelo Di Meglio: 5 Perennials that Make Your Landscape Pop

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Angelo Di Meglio shares a few perennials that can add a whole new dimension of color and character to your landscape.

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Angelo Di Meglio: 5 Perennials that Make Your Landscape Pop

  1. 1. 5 Perennials That Will Make Your Landscape Pop
  2. 2. Perennials, unlike annuals and biennials, are plants that live for over two years.
  3. 3. This longevity can give any garden consistency that shorter lived plants cannot.
  4. 4. #5: Peruvian Lily These colorful beauties can grow up to three feet in height
  5. 5. Albanian Spurge This shrub blooms near the end of winter, and is drought-resistant
  6. 6. Scarlet Avens Historically, it’s been used as a remedy for many ailments. It’s bright red color adds a special pop to any landscape.
  7. 7. Moonshine Yarrow This flower blooms very rapidly, and releases a sweet scent
  8. 8. Harping Johnny These colorful cultivars grown in a dense head atop a thick stem.