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Introduction to turnitin

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Turnitin is a plagiarism-prevention service and feedback tool which can be extremely useful in formative assessment to help students learn how to avoid plagiarism and improve their writing. This hands-on session will explore its features and the integration with the Assignment tool in Sulis from a pedagogically and research-informed perspective.

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Introduction to turnitin

  1. 1. Introduction to Turnitin Angelica Risquez, PhD Centre for Teaching and Learning University of Limerick, Ireland [W] www.ul.ie/ctl 1 2/28/2018
  2. 2. Overview • Understanding plagiarism • Case scenarios and teaching advice • Policies and… • Turnitin – Originality report – Grademark – Peermark 2
  3. 3. What is plagiarism? • …
  4. 4. Plagiarism is: ‘copying someone else’s work (whether or not in the public domain) and passing it off as one’s own, or inappropriately resubmitting one’s own already graded work and passing it off as original.’ Teaching and Learning Committee guidelines for Academic staff on dealing with plagiarism http://www3.ul.ie/ctl/sites/default/files/Plagiarism%20guid elines%20for%20academic%20staff.pdf 4
  5. 5. Possible Scenario A lecturer (or student who has access to it) receives an originality report showing a match for the following passage: Today, according to authors of The Death of “e” and the Birth of the Real New Economy doing business electronically is the only way to stay alive and competitive. It is a necessity to get involved in the digital economy. Therefore, “e” is disappearing from our vocabulary because conducting business electronically is a normal, every-day activity. Though a Google search, you find that the text is found verbatim in an on-line article, entitled The Death of “e” and the Birth of the Real New Economy. Is this plagiarism or a false positive? Why? 5
  6. 6. Why do students plagiarise? … The real problem is that it is paradoxical. After all, we learn by copying. (…) It can feel as if you are being told to ‘sound like us, write like us, learn to think like us, but whatever you do, don’t copy us.’ (…) it’s about learning to believe in your own ideas; it’s about not being so besotted with one way of saying something or looking at something that it deprives you of your own voice; it’s about finding the confidence and the motivation to get real value out of your education, not just engaging in a blind pursuit to get letters after your name. By Prof. Sarah Moore, UL Student Academic Handbook
  7. 7. What do students think? • … 7
  8. 8. What do students think? • ‘copying and pasting without citation is wrong’ • ‘I never/rarely copy and paste without citation’ 8 …% …% (when presented with a verbatim plagiarism example) • ‘this piece of writing is in breach of academic guidelines’ … % • ‘a reference is needed’ … % Risquez, O’Dwyer, Ledwith (2013); Risquez, O’Dwyer, Ledwith (2011); O’Dwyer, Risquez, Ledwith (2010)
  9. 9. So what? • This suggests that students’ understanding and awareness of academic breaches would benefit from experiential learning • Higher education institutions should not merely rely on providing statements and definitions of academic misconduct. 9
  10. 10. UL resources • http://www2.ul.ie/pdf/201553623.pdf (Appendix 5: Plagiarism at College by Prof Sarah Moore) • http://www.ul.ie/~library/GLIS/html/index.htm (Library online tutorials on Harvard referencing style, Refworks, researching with the internet, etc). Other resources • http://www.turnitin.com/static/support.html • http://www.plagiarismadvice.org/ • The Turnitin blog Available supports 10
  11. 11. Writing Centre Resources  Free One-to-One Peer Tutoring  Writers’ Groups  Writers’ Space  Workshops and Seminars  Online Resources Free resources for all students and staff
  12. 12. 12 How can Turnitin help?
  13. 13. Turnitin www.turnitin.com13
  14. 14. • Paper assignment is the base assignment for all other assignments types. Used to obtain an Originality Report • PeerMark assignment: allows students to review their peers' papers based on scale and free response questions selected by the instructor. • Revision Assignment allows students to submit multiple drafts without overwriting the previous drafts/submissions • Reflection Assignment is designed as a learning journal where students write about what they learned from the writing process as well as offer feedback on the assignment they worked on. Types of “Assignments” 14
  15. 15. It determines the congruence of text to sources in: • Publicly accessible Internet sources • Every document already submitted to Turnitin* • Assignments from within the class Originality Check * Lecturers can opt out from Turnitin storing papers. Only the lecturer can access the submitted paper. 15
  16. 16. • Allows for citation verification and quickly provides documentation of alleged plagiarism • Detects rewording • Both lecturer and students can upload • It allows for peer to peer plagiarism detection • It dos not search subscription databases (e.g. Library databases, newspapers, etc) unless those materials also appear in assignments previously sent to Turnitin. • It does not differentiate between quoted materials and original writing! PROS Originality Check CONS 16
  17. 17. A greyed-out report icon indicates that the report has not yet been generated. Please wait a few moments and click your browser’s refresh button (large reports may take up to 24hh to process) 17 Originality Report (1) An originality report can be generated through the Assignments tool in Sulis or through a Turnitin account. Once it is ready…
  18. 18. 18 Originality report (2)
  19. 19. 19 Originality report (3) 2.54 min
  20. 20. 20 Grademark You can add comments within the body of the paper, point out grammar and punctuation mistakes, evaluate the paper against your own rubrics or predefined ones, etc. And training videos in http://turnitin.com/en_us/training/instructor-training Including a very useful interactive tutorial
  21. 21. 21 Peermark Allows students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates. Instructors can choose whether the reviews are anonymous or attributed, decide if students should be excluded from reviews, pair students, and assign students specific papers to review. 1.33 min
  22. 22. Sulis-Turnitin integration • When your students submit their work in the Assignment tool in Sulis, a Turnitin originality report can be also created. You can use the Grademark features too. • To do this, just activate the Turnitin feature when you are creating your Sulis assignment. Note: you will be able to see the originality report in Turnitin too, but it is a read only view. If you wish to change the dates for your students to see feedback using the Grademark features in Turnitin, you will need to edit these in Sulis. 22
  23. 23. 23 http://www.turnitin.com/en_us/what-we-offer/feedback-studio
  24. 24. • Use it proactively • Notify and explain to your students • Clear plagiarism policy: definition, avoidance, guidelines and disciplinary process. • Train and support students (e.g. trial submission) • Involve students (e.g. submit themselves) • Be creative! (e.g. using originality report in tutorials, peer review and online grading features, allowing multiple drafts of an assignment…) Teaching advice 24
  25. 25. Questions? Advanced guides, videos, case students and more in http://turnitin.com/en_us/training/instructor-training Teaching support and advice from CTL Technical support available from Turnitin support directly, (https://www.turnitin.com/help/helpdesk.asp or email tiisupport@turnitin.com). The Self Service Help Centre may be helpful also, Turnitin Self-Service Help Center for quick answers to your questions. 25