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Customer centric agile adr2015

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The first principle of Agile manifesto says "Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” But, Is our highest priority to delight our customer, or to delight our sponsor. Do we understand who the real customer is and behave accordingly?

I’ve often seen Agile teams producing software aimed to delight: another departments within their organization, an external organization hiring their development services, their management or even their Product Owners. But, are those the ones to be delighted by the product in development?

I believe that software is awesome when it helps creating awesome experiences to the people the organization is serving. To create those delighting experiences is very important to understand who your real customer is and empathize with him.

This session is aimed to create that awareness and to introduce some practical tools that can help creating a "Customer Centric” Agile implementation and culture in organizations. I will start the session by explaining what is customer centricity and how it can become the competitive advantage of your business and a powerful reason for adopting Agile. I'll continue with simple tips, and practical examples, which attendees can incorporate into your Agile implementation to empower customer delighting. Such as including “moments of truth” in “Personas” and going from "User Stories" to "Customer Stories" The listener will get from this session easy-to-apply tools to equip their Agile implementation an extra focus on their real customer to maximize customer satisfaction and create an important foundation for the buy-in of Agile by the business.

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Customer centric agile adr2015

  1. 1. Customer centric Agile Angel  Diaz-­‐Maroto   @adiazmaroto   www.agilar.org   @adiazmaroto  
  2. 2. @adiazmaroto   What’s Agile?
  3. 3. @adiazmaroto  
  4. 4. The Agile organization and continuously improve it!! @adiazmaroto  
  5. 5. @adiazmaroto   Agile is NOT a software development approach, is a BUSINESS approach
  6. 6. @adiazmaroto   Sure, but … we are already doing that. Sure, but … we can’t do that here.
  7. 7. @adiazmaroto   What’s customer centricity?
  8. 8. 8   The customer centric approach, is a business development strategy based on putting your customer first and at the core of your business.
  9. 9. 9   Therefore, creating a unique experience for the customer from the awareness stage, through the purchasing process and finally through the post-purchase process.
  10. 10. @adiazmaroto   Do you know who your customer is? Question!
  11. 11. @adiazmaroto   The person who got the budget to build the product?
  12. 12. @adiazmaroto   NO! Business is just part of the team! But I liked being the customer. The customer is always right
  13. 13. @adiazmaroto   The person who you have to create a delightful experience for.
  14. 14. @adiazmaroto   Your customer!