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2016 Kuching Experience Itinerary

A draft itinerary

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2016 Kuching Experience Itinerary

  1. 1. Monday After arrival Kuching International Airport we will first go to get some lunch at a local restaurant. When fed we will go for the Semenggoh orang-utan tour with children from the children’s home. We’ll then head to our hotel and check in. After dinner we will take the children 10 pin bowling before getting into bed with a long day ahead.
  2. 2. Tuesday After breakfast at the hotel we go to play games with the students. You’re creativity will be required here. After this we will check out of the hotel and leave central Kuching for a 4 hour drive towards tomorrow’s longhouse. We will stop off at Serian to see the local wet market where rare jungle produce brought in from the deep jungle is sold. Finally, we need to take a short boat trip to get to the resort at which we we will be staying the night before eating dinner and getting some rest.
  3. 3. Wednesday After breakfast we will head upstream for 45 minutes to get to the Iban longhouse where we spend most of the day immersing ourselves in their culture. What goes up must come down and a bit more canoe work will get us back to our hotel. We’ll then make our way back to Kuching, returning to the first hotel and our friends from the children’s home.
  4. 4. Thursday An early start on Thursday will mean we can get painting as soon as possible. We’ll join the children in painting their environment and share a packed lunch during a long day of hard work. After returning to the hotel there’ll still be time to get changed and go out for some food and a movie with the children. Our final night will then be upon us and it will time to say goodbye to the children we have been working with.
  5. 5. Friday There will be time in the morning to go on the Sarawak cultural village tour. Our final act in Kuching will be to grab some lunch before heading off to the airport and returning home ot KL.