Future Kids Future Customers v2

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7. May 2012

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Future Kids Future Customers v2

  1. Future  Kids.  Future  Customers   “When  it  comes  to  the  future,  there  are  three  kinds  of  people:  those  who   let  it  happen,  those  who  make  it  happen,  and  those  who  wonder   what  happened.”   -­‐-­‐  John  M.  Richardson,  Jr.       The  rate  of  change  that  both  customers  and  businesses  have  to  deal  with   today,  is  nothing  short  of  phenomenal.  Now  imagine  the  world  that  the   children  of  today  and  your  customers  of  tomorrow  are  going  to  grow  up   in…         Delving  into  the  Net  Genera>on  and  the  Next  Net  Genera>on,  this   keynote  is  a  trip  into  the  future,  through  the  eyes  of  the  children  that  will   grow  up  in  it.  Part  inspiring,  part  scary  -­‐  Future  Kids  Future  Customers  is   an  in-­‐depth  examina>on  of  how  our  culture  will  become  affected  by  the   technology  around  us  and  the  social  and  market  changes  it  is  causing.  It   will  make  you  re-­‐look  at  your  business  model,  re-­‐examine  your  customer   service  strategy,  re-­‐invent  your  products  and  re-­‐convene  your  strategy   team.       The  future  waits  for  no  one.  BeFer  to  be  prepared.  
  2. Future  Kids.  Future  Customers.  |  @andyhadfield  
  3. Starring…  
  4. and…  
  5. Kids  like  Jack  &  Kate  are  growing  up  in   a  very  strange  world.  
  6. All  these  social  and  cultural  changes   must  have  impact…  
  7. For  the  first  >me  in  history,  children   will  be  the  authority  on  something   important.     -­‐  Ray  Kurzweil  
  8. Future  Kids.  Future  Customers.  |  @andyhadfield   1    The  Published  World   2    Informa>on  Overload   3    Filter  This   4    Redefini>on  of  Knowledge   4    The  Privacy  #fail   5    Life.  The  Game.   6    My  Mainstream  
  9. The  Published     World  
  10. What  is  driving  this  behaviour?  
  11. 1        9        90   Create   Share   Consume   Original   Content  
  12. +        +        90   Create   Share   Consume  
  13.   +++                Auto            Everyone Create   Share   Consume  
  14. Lessons     *  Surprise,  surprise  –  you’re  in  it!   *  Put  your  ear  to  the  ground   *  Talk  WITH,  not  AT  your  customers   *  Don’t  Be  Evil   *  CRM  =  important.     *  Big  data  =  more  important  
  15. •  Maybe  space  for  a  mindbullet  here?   Something  on  CRM/  data/  insurance  industry   (suggested  by  neil)  
  16. InformaLon   Overload  
  17. Can  you  imagine  registering  a  child   with  Home  Affairs  in  the  future?    
  18. Please  enter:   Name,  Surname   IPv6  address       Required  Domain  (affiliate  income)   Desired  Screen  Name  
  19. Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116!  
  20. (We’re  sorry,  that  name  is  unavailable,   please  choose  again  or  click  here  to  make   an  offer)  
  21. Back  to  contactability…  
  22. Isn’t  it  funny  that  we  complain  about     email  overload.  Yet  we  keep  adding   communica>on  channels!  
  23. What  will  happen  to     communicaLon  skillsets?  
  24. Teach  social  skills,  not  computer  skills   Teach  language  skills,  not  typing  skills  
  25. Save  English!   Fight  SMS  Grammar!   jst  wot  wiL  d  eng  lngwij  L%k   lIk  n  d  futR  f  DIS  iz  how  we   TLK  2day?  
  26. Whatever  happens,  we’re  going  to  see   the  death  of  the  telephone  number…  
  27. The  Google  of  the  future  will  contain  so   many  more  inputs:  social,  gene>c,  bio,   loca>on,  purchase  history…  
  28. Suddenly  your  “name”  becomes   important  again.  
  29. The  journey  of  self.   Myself   Online  self   Oneself  
  30. The  baFle  of  self  will  con>nue  between   the  plugged  in  and  the  plugged  out…  
  31. Lessons     *  What  is  your  iden>ty?   *  How  contactable  are  you?   *  Do  your  contact  points  represent  a   meaningful  brand  experience?  
  32. Filter   This  
  33. In  the  good  ol’  days,  newspaper  editors   performed  this  duty.  They  s>ll  do,  just  in  a   different  way…  
  34. Oh.  And  that  thing  called  TwiWer.  
  35. Follow  /  Unfollow     Like  /  Unlike  
  36. The  future  is  going  to  be  noisy.  
  37. Think  of  the  voLng  mechanisms  that  are   being  built  into  the  fabric  of  our  world…  
  38. •  Picture  of  emporer  and  collaseum     •  Thumb  up  thumb  down  
  39. There  is  a  side  of  the  “filter”  argument   that  bears  talking  about…     Who  filters  the  filters?  
  40. Lessons     *  Who  are  your  influencers  /  filters?   *  What  are  you  doing  to  engage  them?   *  What  are  you  doing  to  cut  through  the   immense  pile  of  future  cluFer?    
  41. RedefiniLon  of   Knowledge  
  42. Today.  
  43. 69%  of  2  to  5  year  olds  can  operate  a   computer  mouse.       17%  can  >e  their  own  shoelaces.  
  44. Tomorrow?  
  45. This  is  all  happening  because  we’re  being     wired  for  distracLon.     HTML,  SEO,  YOUTUBE  =  big  shiX.  
  46. “I  store  my  knowledge  in  my  friends.”   -­‐  Dr  Karen  Stephenson  
  47. We’re  seeing  less  need  for  knowledge.   And  more  need  for  skills  to  unearth   exis>ng  knowledge.  
  48. Does  this  mean  weak  minds     and  weak  memories?  Or  knowledge   empowered  humans!?  
  49. It’s  because  our  kids  are  no  longer     MulL-­‐tasking.  They’re  Quantum-­‐tasking  
  50. Lessons     *  Don’t  have  genera>onal  blinkers!   *  Realise  HR  is  changing.   *  You  can’t  find/hire/market/sell  to  this   genera>on  un>l  you  understand  them.    
  51. The  Privacy     #fail  
  52. Because  back  in  2012…  
  53. Because  back  in  2012…  
  54. It’s  gepng  scary  out  there.    
  55. 4chan  
  56. In  2009,  TIME  magazine  had  an  interes>ng   experience  with  “Most  InfluenLal  Person   of  the  Year”  
  57. Really  scary.       Not  only  are  we  giving  away  our  private   data  and  having  our  public  data  messed   with,  but  we  actually  aren’t  aware  of  the   privacy  damage  we’re  doing.  
  58. For  instance,  we  no  longer  value  our   loca>on  as  private.  What  example  are  we   sepng?  
  59. Checking  in  takes  15  seconds  in  2010.   Too  Long!  Auto  check  in  qw!  
  60. Scariest.       We  (the  parents  of  Future  Kids)  are  already   recording  our  lives,  step  by  step,  on  an   Internet  that  never  forgets.  
  61. Let’s  not  forget  data  privacy…  
  62. Up  to  100  million  accounts  compromised…  
  63. Something  else  gives  me  <pause>     What  happens  to  this  web  presence  when   you  die?  
  64. There  are  more  than  5  million  accounts  on   Facebook  that  are  inac>ve  due  to  death.   Chris  Mohney,  BlackBook  Media,  Oct  2010  
  65. Sprinkling  the  digital  ashes.  How  are   we  going  to  explain  this?  
  66. And  how  else  might  our  digital  assets   be  used  in  the  future?  
  67. Lessons     *  What  you  say.   *  What  you  do.   *  Opt  in  /  Opt  out  doesn’t  maFer.   *  Business  is  reliant  on  trust  
  68. Life.   The  Game  
  69. Status  is  important  to  humans.  
  70. $5000  burger…  
  71. Remember  this  word:  GamificaLon     (The  use  of  game  mechanics  for  non-­‐game  applicaLons).  
  72. What  will  a  game  layer  on  top  of  the   world  look  like?  
  73. Game  layers  will  affect  everything.  
  74. No  grades  or  report  cards  at  school   anymore.  
  75. AWendance  and  performance  earns  XP.   You’ll  level  up  through  school.  
  76. No  job  >tles.  Job  badges.   Salaries  will  become  more  transparent.   Because  you’ll  know  how  to  get  there.  
  77. We’ll  be  tricked  into  the  next  level  of   commercialisaLon.       Because  it’ll  be  fun.  
  78. Lessons     *  Rethink  internal/external  incen>visa>on     *  Buying  your  product  =  the  first  date!   *  The  power  of  instant   *  Life  is  boring.  Be  more  fun.  
  79. My   Mainstream  
  80. Long  tail   Fragmented  content   Lower  barrier  to  entry  
  81. The  future  will  change  our     definiLon  of  heroes.  
  82. My  Mainstream  doesn’t  always     include  Your  Media.  
  83. PROBLEM:   The  lower  the  barrier,     the  more  people  play  
  84. The  future?       A  1000  different  products  for     1000  different  people?  
  85. 3D  prin>ng.     I  produce  My  Mainstream.  Now  everyone   has  a  unique  product!  
  86. “It’s  like  baking  a  cake,”  Atala  said…  
  87. What  happens  when  the  line  between   producLon  and  consumpLon  becomes   straight?    
  88. Lessons     *  Love  the  long  tail!   *  Re-­‐examine  supply  chains   *  Let  the  people  hack!  
  89. <  deep  breath  >  
  90. Oh   Crap     So  what  now?  
  91. Influencers        Genera>on        Noise         Incen>visa>on        ConversaLon         3D  Prin>ng  Transparency         Opt  in        Opt  Out        Trust         Privacy        HR        Relevance        Long  Tail   Moral  Rehab        Broadcast        CRM         EmoLonal  data  
  92. The  world  is  gepng  fast.   Be  flexible.  
  93. Take  yourself  a  lijle  less  seriously.   Take  your  customers  very  seriously.  
  94. …  and  remember  that  your  world  is  not   their  world.  Your  business  model  is  not   theirs.    
  95. The  illiterate  of  the  21st  Century  will  not  be   those  who  cannot  read  and  write,  but   those  who  cannot  learn,  unlearn  and   relearn.       -­‐  Alvin  Toffler  
  96. Don’t  be  scared  to  re-­‐invent  yourself.   Con>nually.  Because  otherwise  someone   will  do  it  for  you…  
  97. Thank  you…   @andyhadfield  
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  99. Crowdsourced  answers  to  the  quesLon:  What  will  kids  in   the  2020s  have  to  put  up  with  from  a  digital  point  of  view?   •  Digitally  Savvy  parents   •  AlwaysOn  personal  recording  .  Curriculum  focusing  on  integra>ng  rather  than  learning  facts.  Social  profile   segmenta>on.   •  people  around  them  not  being  able  to  keep  up  with  new  tech?  Every>me  something  new  comes  out,    groups  of   people  fall  behind.   •  the  speed  and  volume  of  informa>on  that  they  will  need  to  digest  and  siq  the  trash  from   •  same  as  today  -­‐  parents  taking  their  "life"  away  when  confisca>ng  their  "phone"  as  a  way  to  discipline  them   •  parents  who  don't  understand,  ins>tu>ons  (schools,  gov,  etc)  who  s>ll  haven't  caught  up  and  aren't  mee>ng   needs.   •  they  will  need  to  deal  with  losing  followers.   •  more  noise,  increased  awareness  of  privacy,  connec>vity  everywhere,  any>me   •  its  going  to  be  all  about  filtering   •  criminally  high  line  rental  costs  from  Telkom.  Credit  card  debt  from  apps  bought  on  the  iphone  20.   •  Pro:  Their  parents  can't  hide  that  they  were  animals  when  young.  Con:  Weak  memories,  because  they'll  never   memorise  anything.   •  They'll  have  to  deal  with  the  nostalgia  of  older  genera>ons  wan>ng  to  hang  on  to  their  'tradi>onal'  forms  of   media  &  comms   •  Microsoq  Windows  13   •  Crowdsourcing  credits:  @pevideoguy,  @MikeTaberner,  @singe,  @stanlouw,  @geniusboywonder,   @Craigrodney,  @idale,  @Louis_JvR,  @hiltontarrant,  @TimmyPrice,  @patrickkayton,  @StevenBosch,   @adriandenoon,  @mozami,  @RianVDM,  @EvanDigital,  @GarronStevenson,  @ShaunKrog,  @antonyadelaar,   @shaunoakes,  @juliawillcox,  @Cynicalgrinch,  @wesleylynch,    Brandon  TancoW,  Sam  Lourenco,  Frank  Deroche