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Mobile apps analytics by Futurice

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Janne Toivola presents different ways to answer the question "How are people really using my apps?"

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Mobile apps analytics by Futurice

  1. 1. Mobile  application  analytics  How  are  people  really  using  my  apps?  Monetizing  Android  Apps  5.5.2012  –  Janne  Toivola  
  2. 2. Futurice  in  brief  »  Demanding  software   TAMPERE   projects   HELSINKI  »  Customers,  end-­‐users  and   developers  extremely   happy.     BERLIN   LONDON   1   15   Founded  in   150   2000  
  3. 3. Mobile   solutions  Digital  business   Enterprise  IT   solutions   solutions  
  4. 4. Setting   Why?   Optimize   Summary   up  Why  should  I   How  do  I  start   What  should  I   What  was  the     care  about   collecting  the   do  about  the   point  in  this?  tracking  my   data?   numbers?  application?  
  5. 5. Why  mobile  application  analytics?  
  6. 6. Users  are  expecting  excellent  UX  for   native  applications.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/seanhobson/3256445524/  
  7. 7. Web/social   App  store   Application   Crash   analytics   analytics   logging  sw  Application  discovery   ✓   ✓  Purchase  metrics   ✓  Installation  metrics  and   ✓   (✓)  performance  Application  usage  analytics   ✓  Advertisement  metrics   ✓  In-­‐app  sales  metrics   (✓)   ✓  Crash  logging   ✓   ✓  
  8. 8. ›  Demographics:  Language,   Geographical  location   ›  Behavior:  App  usage   frequency,  engagement  What  can  you   ›  Technology:  Devices   measure?   ›  Navigation:  Pageviews,   referrer,  events,  user  flow   ›  Conversions:  Conversion   funnels,  e-­‐commerce  (in-­‐app   payments),  ad-­‐consumption  
  9. 9. Case:  Jamie  Oliver  20  minute  meals  
  10. 10. If  I  was  Jamie  Oliver,     I’d  love  to  know…  http://www.flickr.com/photos/lord-­‐jim/5449757155/  
  11. 11. Which  recipes  are  most  popular?    http://www.flickr.com/photos/25609635@N03/7130405135/  
  12. 12. How  long  does  it  take  for  users  to   prepare  “Chilli  corn  chowder”  in  reality?    http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewmalone/7111416061/  
  13. 13. Are  the  video  tutorials  used  at  all?  http://www.flickr.com/photos/littledebbie11/4306302744/  
  14. 14. How  often  is  the  app  used?  http://www.flickr.com/photos/ollesvensson/4432405444/  
  15. 15. In  which  ways  is  the  shopping  cart   feature  used?  http://www.flickr.com/photos/rdvortex/621757607/  
  16. 16. Is  the  app  used  more  in  landscape  or   portrait  mode?  http://www.flickr.com/photos/matte4president/6993047866/  
  17. 17. ›  Goal:  maximize  article   reads  (ad  displays)   ›  Company  released  a  new   version  with  widget  and   Case:     notifications  News  app  for   ›  10%  of  users  use  the  widget   Android   ›  3-­‐4  %  of  article  reads  through   widget  or  notifications   ›  #  of  weekly  sessions  doubled   on  users  that  use  widget/ notifications  (!)  
  18. 18. Setting  up  How  can  I  start  collecting  data?  
  19. 19. …and  many  more.  
  20. 20. ›  SDKs  for  Android  and  iOS  Start  with   ›  Easy  to  setup  and  use   Google   ›  Full  feature  set  for  free  Analytics   ›  Widely  used,  especially  in   web  analytics  
  21. 21. 1.  Setup  a  Google  Analytics   account   2.  Download  the  Google   Analytics  SDK  for  Android  Setting  up   3.  Add  the  SDK  library  to  your   project   4.  Setup  project  permissions   5.  Add  and  setup  tracking   code  
  22. 22. Start  tracking  import  com.google.android.apps.analytics.GoogleAnalyticsTracker;  tracker  =  GoogleAnalyticsTracker.getInstance();  tracker.startNewSession("UA-­‐12345678-­‐9",  30,  this);  tracker.trackPageView(“/recipes");   Option  A:     Track  PageViews  tracker.trackEvent(”ShoppingCart",  ”Add”,  ”Chilli  corn  chowder”);  tracker.stopSession();     Option  B:     Track  Events  
  23. 23. Taking  it  further:  custom  variables  and   ecommerce  tracking  Futurice  5.5.2012   27  
  24. 24. Optimize  What  the  numbers  mean?  How  should  the  app  be  changed?  
  25. 25. First:  Pick  3-­‐5  KPIs  based  on  your   (business)  goals.  
  26. 26. Ideas  on  how  to   enhance  the  design,   Ideas   ideas  for  new  features   Customer  information,  week  points  in  the  design   Design  and   Learn   Build   development  of   changes.   Actionable   Data   Product   insights!   Minimum  viable   product.   Measure   How’s  the  new   version  doing   against  KPIs?   Eric  Ries:  The  Lean  Startup  
  27. 27. Summary  
  28. 28. ›  People  expect  top  UX  for   native  mobile  apps   ›  Analytics  is  at  least  as   important  for  mobile  as  it  is   for  web  Key  takeaways   ›  Focus  on  3-­‐5  KPIs,  use  them   to  validate  your  actions   ›  You’re  looking  for   actionable  insights   ›  Iterate!  Fail  fast!  Have  fun!  
  29. 29. Get  started:    https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/android/   Questions?   Comments?   Janne  Toivola   Senior  Service  Designer   janne.toivola@futurice.com   twitter.com/jannetoivola