IoT platforms and developers - IoT Shifts conference

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19. Oct 2015

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IoT platforms and developers - IoT Shifts conference

  1. © 2015 VisionMobile IoT Developers and Platforms Michael Vakulenko © 2015 IoT Shifts Conference Barcelona October 2015
  2. VisionMobile|theanalystsofthedevelopereconomy media presence trusted by mainstream media clients Our research is trusted by 2 We help companies understand developers and create winning ecosystems
  3. © 2015 VisionMobile Reports & data subscriptions Our research helps companies understand developers on the largest scale possible Join our syndicated research surveys to understand the “who”, “what”, and “why” of developer attitudes and experiences, across 20,000+ developers. 3 VisionMobile|whatwedo Primary developer research August 2015 August 2015 Developer Megatrends H1 2015 © 2015 VisionMobile1 DEVELOPER MEGATRENDS H1 2015 © 2015 May 2015 Access developer trends through 12 reports a year Slice & dice millions of developer data points If you could talk to 20,000+ developers what would you ask them? Access all our research data via 15+ interactive charts and 7+ filters
  4. © 2015 VisionMobile Alessonfrommobile Units shipped (millions) iPhone AndroidSource: VisionMobile 4 Focus on developers Focus on features
  5. © 2015 VisionMobile Moderncompetitivebattlesarewonbyattractingdevelopers Salesforce 1.4M registered devs in 2013 took #1 spot from Oracle in CRM Apple iOS | Google Android took #1 spot from Nokia and Blackberry in (smart)phones Under Armour fashion brand uses developers to engage communities of athletes Microsoft Windows dominant OS in the 90s and 00s because of superior developer strategy 5
  6. © 2015 VisionMobile FutureIoTwinnerswillbedecidedbydevelopers Units shipped (millions) Source: VisionMobile 6 IoT is in 2009 in mobile years Focus on developers Focus on features
  7. © 2015 VisionMobile Developersareconquering…thewrist Apple Watch Android Wear Pebble Source: Apple, Pebble, Android Wear Center, VisionMobile estimates (Q1 2015)7
  8. © 2015 VisionMobile Developers areconquering…thehome There are a lot of things that we’re not going to be able to build. We want to work with developers who bring other great ideas in the mix. […] The iPhone was great - it had 5 apps on it when it shipped. Now it has a million apps on it. The opportunity in the home is going to be pretty close.Tony Fadell ex-Apple, CEO Nest (edited for clarity) a small selection of Smart Home platforms and APIs 8
  9. © 2015 VisionMobile Developersareconquering…thecar Aftermarket solutions for any car, 250+ OBD apps in Google Play, growing support from big players API available by invite only 40 new vehicle models in 2015 API publicly available (Nov 2014) Apps can be published on Google Play (Mar 2015) First models in 2015 9
  10. © 2015 VisionMobile Developersareconquering…thesky There are a lot of industrial use cases that DJI can’t build the software for, but developers can come and create software for industrial companies. Developers are already using our SDK to build apps to help control drones for agriculture, construction, and mining.Michael Perry DJI “Android for drones” Raised $75M to build an industrial UAV developer platform (May 2015) An operating system for commercial drones 10
  11. 7,000+ IoT developers 140+ countries 70+ IoT platforms 4 IoT reports VisionMobileIoTdeveloperresearch
  12. © 2015 VisionMobile There are 4.5 M IoT developers today 17% CAGR for the period IoT Report Series: IoT Developer Population 2015-2020 | All Rights Reserved | © 2015 VisionMobile 12 4.5M
  13. IoT Report Series: IoT Developer Population 2015-2020 | All Rights Reserved | © 2015 VisionMobile Internet of Things Mobile apps Cloud 37% 14% 5% 20% 4% 4% 17% IoT developers are part of a diverse ecosystem % of developers involved in IoT, mobile apps or cloud development | n=11,191 13
  14. Smart Home is the most popular vertical among developers % of IoT developers IoT Report Series: IoT Developer Landscape 2015 | All Rights Reserved | © 2015 VisionMobile 32% 35% 34% 14
  15. © 2015 VisionMobile Developerecosystemsemergeacrossallverticals 15 HomeKit WatchKit HealthKit Google Fit Smart Home Wearables Health & Wellness Connected Car IoT Report Series: IoT Developer Landscape 2015 | All Rights Reserved | © 2015 VisionMobile
  16. © 2015 VisionMobile16 Understand developers to see the future of IoT
  17. Track developer trends Slice and dice data your way with VisionMobile’s Databoard service talk to us work with us If you could speak to 20,000 app developers, what would you ask them? Michael Vakulenko Strategy Director @mvakulenko