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Chapter 3 food & bev

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Chapter 3 food & bev

  2. 2. FOOD SERVICE: - To provide fully prepared foods for immediate consumption - To provide food and beverage to people whose not in their homes. - The F&B Dept. within hotel consist of various units and huge quantity of staff in order to cater the needs of customers inside or outside the hotel. 2 Categories of Food Service Establishment: 1. Commercial 2. Non – Commercial
  3. 3. Duties of Food Beverage Director Key Accountabilities • He manages the departments Galley, Restaurant, Bars, Provision and Controlling effectively, enforce company standards, maintain food cost, improve and maintain sales and provability implement and eliminate complaints. • In charge of all aspects of the food and beverage operations onboard, including revenues, food costs, budgets, inventories, sanitation onboard and discipline in his department. • He co-ordinates the different departments.
  4. 4. Kitchen : Classical Brigade : George Auguste Esccofier
  5. 5. Chef de Cusine - executive chef, in charge of the entire kitchen (basically the general) Sous Chef - the under-chef, second in command. Supervises and coordinates the various station chefs (chef de parties) Chefs de Partie - “station chefs” specialize in method. A chef de partie usually has several demi-chefs (assistant station chefs) and commis (attendants) working under them. Demi-Chef - assistant station chef. Does most of the actual preperation of the food in the specific station they are assigned, as supervised by the station chef (chef do partie). In charge of the staion if the station chef is absent. Commis - attendants assigned to a particular station and given the grunt work, or lower-skill work. Usually in training to become an demi-chef. Apprentice - lowest man on the totem pole and given the heavy lifting work while studying the culinary arts and in training to become a commis and then move up from there.
  6. 6. Station Chef Saucier - sauces Poissonier - fish and shellfish dishes Friturier - fry chef prepares all fried items (basically deep frying) Grillardin - grilled and broiled foods Rotisseur - roasted and braised foods Potager - stocks and soups, assistant to the saucier. Legumier _ vegetable dishes Entremeteir - preparing vegetable dishes, soups, and stocks Garde Manger - cold foods including salads, cold meats, pates, terrines, sausages, hors d'oeurves, decorative carving garnishes Boucher - meat butchery, and poultry and fish treatment. Charcutier - prepares pork products such as pâté, pâté en croûte, rillettes, hams,sausages, or any cured meats. Patissier - pastry chef Confiseur - makes petits fours and candies Glacier - makes cold or frozen desserts (today this would be someone who makes ice cream and other frozen desserts, and perhaps also makes ice sculptures. Decorateur - decorates cakes or other items Boulanger - baker, makes breads, rolls, and cakes
  7. 7. Related Food & Bev.in a Hotel • Kitchens • Restaurants • Catering (internal and external) • Banquet (Internal and external) • Room Service (In-room dining) • Mini bars • Lounge bars • Stewarding • Staff canteen
  8. 8. Food Service varies from: 1. Menu items 2. Food Quality - Ingredients used - Professional skill - Time and effort extended on food preparation
  9. 9. 3. Menu Prices 4. Types of Service a. Table Service b. Counter Service c. Room Service d. Self Service e. Take-out or delivery service 5. Ambiance
  10. 10. Types of Food Service Establishment
  11. 11. Fast Food
  12. 12. Table Service
  13. 13. Ethnic Restaurant
  14. 14. Specialty Restaurant
  15. 15. Fine Dining
  16. 16. Limited Menu
  17. 17. Chain Restaurant
  18. 18. Theme Restaurant
  19. 19. Family Restaurant
  20. 20. Cafeteria
  21. 21. Buffet
  22. 22. Catering
  23. 23. Institutional Food Service
  24. 24. Airline Catering
  25. 25. Coffee Shop
  26. 26. Take Out
  27. 27. Stand Food Service
  28. 28. Top Restaurant
  29. 29. Types of Food Service 1. American – food portioned and plated in the kitchen carried by service to diners
  30. 30. 2. Russian Food Service – food arranged in serving platters in the kitchen, then carried to a serving stand near the table
  31. 31. 3. French Service – most expensive & elegant, uses GUERGION(a trolley) food is transported from kitchen to dining room
  32. 32. Other Types of Food Service 4. English service – “host”, the main entree is placed in front of the host, who carves and plates it in the table. 5. Cafeteria service – prepared foods displayed so customers can view the array of offerings prior to selection 6. Buffet service – Trays are used. Customers take plates and proceed to a long table 7. Take Out / Delivery Service – food being consumed off premise 8. Room Service – food is moved to and served in the room
  33. 33. Beverage Service
  34. 34. Reasons in Patronizing Beverage Establishment • Dining • Entertainment • Socializing • Business • Meeting new people • Getting away from home • Killing time • Relaxing • Drinking
  35. 35. Styles of Beverage Service 1. Front Bar – drink are served to customer seated at thebar by a bartender
  36. 36. 2. Service Bar – provides serve with the equipment to take drink orders and serve drinks 3. Special purpose bar – customers act as servers, placing drink orders with bartenders.
  37. 37. Kinds of Bar  Lobby bar  Restaurant bar  Service bar  Catering and Banquet bar  Pool bar  Sport bar  Night clubs  Mini Bars
  38. 38. Responsibilities of Bar Manager -Supervising the ordering of wine -Preparing wine list - Overseeing staff -Maintaining cost control -Assist guest with wine selection
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