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India Quiz - August 2011

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By Anannya Deb, done on 7th Aug 2011

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India Quiz - August 2011

  1. 1. The Indian Summer Quiz August 2011 Anannya Deb
  2. 2. The Quiz Map● Short Theme – 6 questions● Up – 25 questions + 5 bonus questions● Set Theory – 6 questions● Down – 25 questions + 5 bonus questions
  3. 3. Question Spread Science, Nature, Flora and Fauna Media, Literature and Entertainment History, Philosophy and Ideas Food, Living, Lifestyle Art, Craft, Architecture, Folk Arts Scriptures, Religion, Legends, Myths, Folklore Geography, Travel
  4. 4. Short Theme 6 questions – answers to be written down +10 per correct answerPoints for theme indicated in respective slide No negatives; one guess per question
  5. 5. Theme #1 – 30 pointsThe first Indian monarch to beknown as an Emperor retired tothis location, which is namedafter this pond, where heconverted to the prevalentreligion and died through a self-imposed reduction in foodleading to a fast unto death. Itwas his atonement for the manykillings he had done as a Enlarged Picture Next Slidemonarch on the battlefield.Name the place.
  6. 6. 1Shravanabelagola, called the“Vatican of the Digambar Jains”
  7. 7. Theme #2 – 25 PointsThis elaborate temple dance form ispracticed by Dalits and other lowcaste communities. The stories areusually centred around a Dalitprotagonist who is killed or rapedby the upper caste for atransgression. The spirit of theDalit returns as a God and seeksjustice. Brahmins, who wouldotherwise shun the Dalits, get upand worship these dancers dressed Enlarged Picture Next Slideup as Gods. The name derives fromSanskrit for God. Name the danceform.
  8. 8. 2Thaiyyam or Theyyam.Practiced in North Kerala,according to legends, it was anart given to the low castes byParashuram as a means ofmaintaining their self-esteem.
  9. 9. Theme #3 – 20 PointsContemporary of Marco Polo inthe 13th century, Syed UsmanMarwandi migrated from hisbirthplace Tabriz in Iran toSehwan in Sindh. Much to thehorror of the local ulema, hefamously went into a brotheland converted all the prostitutesthere. Listen to Abida Parveenhere and tell me how does hesign his name?
  10. 10. 3Lal Shahbaz Qalandar
  11. 11. Theme #4 – 15 PointsFormed in 1962 at the request of Nehru, the Special Frontier Force,a guerrilla commando unit, was trained by the CIA and IndianIntelligence Bureau and put under the control of IB (and laterRAW). During the 60s when China was testing nuclear weaponsin the Xinjiang province, mountaineers from SFF would climb upNanda Devi and Nanda Kot to install ELINT surveillance devicesfor a joint US-India intelligence operation. In 1971, Indira Gandhirequested the force to intervene in the Bangladesh war . They lateralso served in Bluestar (Golden Temple), Kargill and Siachen.From which community do all the recruits come from?
  12. 12. 4Tibetans either exiled and livingin India or wandering tribeshiding like the Khampas hidingfrom the Chinese in Nepal. Afterthe 1962 war, Nehru decided toarm the Tibetans for a possiblefuture battle against theChinese.
  13. 13. Theme #5 – 10 PointsOriginally working on stone in Vellore, this community was askedto take up another material which made temple idols lighter andtherefore easier to carry during street processions. One of their firstassignments was during the construction of the BrihadeshwaraTemple in Tanjore. For 700 years, this community has beenpracticing this particular art. Name the community and the artform.
  14. 14. 5Sthapathys of Swamimalai whoare the masters of the CholaBronze craft.
  15. 15. Theme #6 – 5 PointsAllen Ginsberg was greatlyinfluenced by them; Bob Dylancalled himself an “American____”. Albert Grossman ofElektra Records who had earlierfound success with Bob Dylan,Peter Paul & Mary and JanisJoplin knew he had anothertopper here when he producedthis compilation. Name the folkmusic tradition which was alsothe name of the album thatGrossman produced.
  16. 16. 6The Bauls of Bengal, consideredpart of the Sufi tradition giventheir syncretism of Islam andHindu concepts along with anatheist tendency to present thecommon man like a boatman asa divine entity
  17. 17. Theme1. Prasannamati Mataji, The Nuns Talefrom Sravanabelagola2. Hari Das, The (Theyyam) Dancer ofKannur3. Lal Peri, The Red Fairy, of Sehwan, Sindh4. Tashi Passang, The Monks Tale, fromMcLeod Ganj5. Srikanda Sthapathy, The Idol Maker, fromSwamimalai, Tamil Nadu6. Kanai Das Baul, The Song of the BlindMinstrel, from Kenduli, West BengalThe other three are The Singer of Epics, TheDaughters of Yellamma and The Lady Twilight
  18. 18. Infinite Bounce – Clockwise25 questions + 5 Bonus questions +10 per question
  19. 19. 1Well start this quiz with aconnection between a currentmeme and an Indian popculture meme. Observe the threeelements and provide theconnection from A + B to C(Audio) Enlarged Picture Next Slide
  20. 20. A B C
  21. 21. 1Harikishen Goswami, born inAbbotabad, 1937 joined the filmindustry in 1957 making hisdebut in the film Fashion (Songis from that film, composed byHemant Kumar). Inspired by hisidol Dilip Kumar, he adoptedthe name of the characterplayed by Dilip Kumar inShabnam (1949). The name ofthe character is Manoj Kumar.An India Quiz begins with MrBharat!
  22. 22. 2At almost 6 million tonnes per annum, India is the largestproducer of Cicer Aeritinum, the domesticated variety of thelegume genus Cicer. Pakistan is next with about 800,000 tonnes perannum. There are two varieties – the Desi, small dark seeds withrough coat mainly grown in India and the ______, large, lightercoloured seeds with a smooth coat largely grown in the areaspanning Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The latter is socalled because people in India thought it originated from a certainlocation in the west. Archaeological evidence points to this legumebeing one of the earliest known cultivated crops on earth. How isCicer Aeritinum locally known in India / normal English?
  23. 23. 2Chickpeas or Bengal Gram orChana – the two varieties areDesi and Kabuli.
  24. 24. 3Cuon Alpinus is the only extant member of the genus Cuon accordingto Wikipedia. In 2004, the IUCN tagged them “Endangered” withabout 2500 of them still around. Majority of them are in the Indiansubcontinent roaming the Central Indian Highlands, the north eastplains, Ladakh and the Terai region. They hunt in packs, the leaderaiming for the preys nose and eyes blinding it in the process whilethe others aim for the flanks tearing it open and devouring theinternal organs. A famous poet wrote their hunting song:For our white and excellent nights – for the nights of swift runningFair ranging far-seeing, good hunting, sure cunning!Name the animal which, among other names, is also called RedDemon (Lal Rakshasa)?
  25. 25. 3The Dhole, aka Asiatic WildDog or the Indian Wild Dog.This species, part of the Canidaefamily, seems to have evolveddifferently from the wolf (genusCanis)
  26. 26. Bonus Question #1(Open to all, please write the answer)This question is dedicated to Grandmaster Rajiv RaiIn Kiplings The Red Dog (from The Second Jungle Book), he describesthe war between the wolves and the dhole. Mowgli, 16 years of age,helps out by trapping the dhole in a gorge full of bee-hivesoverhanging the rushing Wainganga river. The wolves then attackthe dhole who were running away from the bees.1. While the wolves manage to defeat the dhole, two senior wolveslose their lives. One was Wontolla (Outlier). Name the other? (5points)2. The story ends with a poem – this creature of the Jungle surveyingthe battlefield. Which creature? (5 points)
  27. 27. Bonus Question #11. Akela, the Lone Wolf2. Chil the kite “Chil is goodfriends with everybody, but he is acold-blooded kind of creature atheart, because he knows that almosteverybody in the Jungle comes tohim in the long-run” - Chils Song
  28. 28. 4Vandana Trisarana, a Pali chant, is recited by Buddhist monks afterthey adopt the specific practice of Taking Refuge as originated byGautam Buddha. The chant is made up of three lines with the firstword of each of the line changing. What are the three words andwhat are they collectively called?
  29. 29. 4Buddha, Dharma, Sangha – TheThree Jewels that Buddhiststake refuge in.The Vandana Tisarana goes:Buddham saranam gacchamiDhammam saranam gacchamiSangham saranam gacchami
  30. 30. 5This bust of the Buddha whichis Hellenistic in style is a primeexample of a style of art onstone or stucco which developedc 50 BCE during the Parthians. Itflourished during the Kushansbefore being destroyed duringthe invasion of the White Huns c5th century CE. Name thegeographically indicated artstyle? Enlarged Picture Next Slide
  31. 31. 5
  32. 32. 5The Gandhara Art style, part ofthe larger Greco-Buddhistschool of art which gave form tothe Buddha and other motifs &characters from Buddhism.Greco-Buddhist art began withDemetrius I, the Greco-Bactrianking who called himself “saviourking”. The first sculptures of theBuddha in human form werepossibly modeled on DemetriusI
  33. 33. 6An adaptation of a popularshort story, this is the openingscene of a 1957 film. Name thestory / film and who was themusic composer?
  34. 34. 6Kabuliwala directed by TapanSinha. This is the Bengali filmversion with music by Pt RaviShankar.
  35. 35. 7Originally a priest, he came toIndia in 1748 as a chaplain inMadras. After Clive left Madrasand became Governor of Bengal,in 1755 he was appointedGovernor of Madras andcontributed to growing theCompany (and his own personalwealth). There is a range of hillsnear Chennai named after him.More significantly, which is thewater body named after him? Enlarged Picture Next Slide
  36. 36. 7
  37. 37. 7Palk Straits / Bay named afterRobert Palk, Governor ofMadras (1755 - 1763)
  38. 38. 8Called parisal in Tamil Naduand teppa in Kannada, theseprimitive bowl-shaped boatsmade of bamboo are a majortourist attraction on the Kaveririver, especially in a particularpopular tourist spot (where thispicture has been taken). Whatare these boats called inEnglish (there is a Welshversion of this boat) and whichis the tourist spot where youwill definitely see it? Enlarged Picture Next Slide
  39. 39. 8
  40. 40. 8Coracles at Hogenakkal falls.From personal experience, youcan take a good long ridethrough the rocks with a shortdetour trekking through theforest upstream.
  41. 41. 9A bureaucrat nearing the end of his service decides to become avanaprashti and chooses the post of a supervisor of a governmentrest house by the river in a forest in Central India. As he sits inpeace on the river bank, he narrates stories of people he meetsthere. Name the 1993 book and the writer who claimed to be“making India accessible to the Western world” ?
  42. 42. 9A River Sutra by Gita Mehta
  43. 43. 10The lost river of Saraswati is generally believed to have flowedsouth west through Punjab-Haryana-Rajasthan before joining withthe Indus. There is much palaeo-archaeological studies on thisalong with scholarly interpretations of the various texts of thetimes. One text usually referred to is the Rig Veda. According toMichel Danino, one particular hymn (10.75) is a paen namingnineteen rivers in an east-west sweep starting with Ganga in theeast and ending with tributaries of the Indus located inAfghanistan in the west. Name this hymn and between whichtwo rivers is the Saraswati placed?
  44. 44. 10The Nadistuti Sukta placesSaraswati between Yamuna andShutudri (Sutlej).O Ganga, Yamuna, Sarasvati, Shutudri,Parushni (Iravati, Ravi), follow my praise! OAsikni (Chenab) Marudvridha, Vitasta(Jhelum), with the Arjikiya (Beas) and Sushoma(Sohan), listen!First united with the Trishtama in order toflow, with the Susartu and Rasa, and with thisSvetya (you flow), O Sindhu with the Kubha(Kabul R.) to the Gomati (Gomal), with theMehatnu to the Krumu (Kurram), with whomyou rush together on the same chariot.
  45. 45. 11This lady from Goa is one of thefirst female exponents of thisgharana founded by UstadAlladiya Khan. This gharana isconsidered to be the first to befounded in the khayal gayakitradition. Name the lady andthe gharana?
  46. 46. 11Kesarbai Kerkar of the Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana
  47. 47. 12When his first book “An Introduction to the Study of Indian History”was published in 1956, it became mandatory reading for all historystudents and many future historians like Romila Thapar have beeninfluenced by the methods he proposed. In 1967, posthumously,his last paper was published which delved on the methods offieldwork in history. The paper titled “______ __________ of India”asserted that Indian history is more than the physical evidence ofinscriptions, ruins, coins, etc. It lies in the ancient rituals, customs,language, folklore, etc of people who make up the many tribes andethnic groups in the country. Name the historian and the phrase /title of the paper.
  48. 48. 12DD Kosambi and the “LivingPrehistory of India”
  49. 49. 13Ramachandra Guha describes this man from Khonomah village as“one of those remarkable makers of Indian history who is still to find abiographer.” After an American Baptist education and jobs as aninsurance salesman and a Rangoon dockworker, he joined theJapanese Army in the hope that they would defeat the British (andconsequently his tribe and their realm would becomeindependent). On July 19th 1947, he met Gandhi and declared thaton August 15th 1947, along with India and Pakistan, he and hisfellow tribals will declare themselves independent as well. In 1953,this region erupted into a civil war largely unnoticed to the rest ofthe country. Name the person?
  50. 50. 13Angami Zapu Phizo. Leader ofthe Naga National Council,during the election campaign ofthe first General Elections1952 ,Nehru had come to Assamwhere Phizo once againdemanded independence.Nehru said nothing doing.Phizo called for a boycott of theelections and next year launcheda war.
  51. 51. 14The reddish colour of the laterite soil combined with a legendsurrounding Parashuram and his killings give this river its namederived from the Sanskrit for red. It rises in the Zayal Chu rangesin eastern Tibet and flows westwards. It is a popular destinationfor river rafting professionals. Its geographical significance comesdownstream when it merges with another river coming from Tibet.The confluence which flows westwards has its own name but inlocal legends and folk tales, the name of the original river is alsoused. What is the name of this river?
  52. 52. 14The Lohit river. It merges withthe Tsiang to form theBrahmaputra. In Assam, thename Lohit is also used for theBrahmaputra.
  53. 53. 15The first song featuresMohammad Rafi, a regularsinger for the actor on whichthis song is picturised.However, in the next song,another singer does playback.What could be the possiblereason? (Note: this was commonfor about 3 years and there is aclue in the clip itself, if youknow where to find it)
  54. 54. 15Between 1963 and 1966,Mohammad Rafi boycottedsinging with Lata Mangeshkar.One of the lesser petty reasonswas the listing of Lata in theGuiness Book of World Recordsfor the most number of songsrecorded (based on a claimmade by Raju Bharatan).
  55. 55. Bonus Question #2This song ended another Latafeud when this person re-startedcollaborating with her due tofamily pressure?1. What was the familypressure? (5 points)2. Which lyricist had his firsthit with this song? (5 points)
  56. 56. Bonus Question #2Song from Bandini (1962) ,music director – SD Burmanwho for 5 years refused to workwith Lata, unhappy with herarrogant attitude.1. RD Burman, in 1962, wasdoing Chhote Nawab andwanted to record his first songwith Lata. So he put pressure onhis dad to mend fences2. Gulzar is the lyricist
  57. 57. 16Percival Spear, in his “A History of India Vol 2” lists out sevenindividuals as the Great Mughals. On one of them, Spear says thatthis individual is commonly neglected because his reign lastedbarely five years. He acceded to the throne at the age of 63 after thedeath of his father, the previous Emperor, at the age of 88.However, his reign is notable as he, to quote Spear, “made asettlement with the implacable Marathas, tranquilised the Rajputs,decisively defeated the Sikhs in the Punjab and took their last Guru intohis services.” Name this Great Mughal.
  58. 58. 16Qutb ud-din MuhammadMuaazzam aka Shah Alam akaBahadur Shah (I). Third son ofAurangzeb, after him, theEmpire started breaking up.
  59. 59. Bonus Question #3Open to all, please write down the answer.The one in Agra was built by Shah Jahan inside the Agra Fort,north of the Diwan-e-Aam. Shah Jahan also built one inside LahoreFort. Aurangzeb built one inside the Red Fort in Delhi. BahadurShah I built a small one, similar to the design of one inside the RedFort, at Mehrauli, inside the shrine of Qutbuddin Baktiar Kaki.1. What common name do all these above structures have? (5Points)2. Who succeeded Bahadur Shah I as the Mughal emperor?
  60. 60. Bonus Question #31. Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque)2. Abul Fath Muiz-ud-dinMuhammad Jahandar Shah
  61. 61. 17In Lizzie Collinghams Curry – A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors, shesays that this particular dish originated in Persian but perfected inKashmir where the Mughals would go during summers. The nameof the dish in Persian means stewed in hot clarified butter while inKashmiri, however, one part of the name means red. There are twoversions in Kashmir. The Brahmins cook without onions or garlic,instead they use fennel and hing for flavour. The Muslims howeveruse a lot of onions and garlic as well as maval (dried flower of thecockscomb plant). Name the dish.
  62. 62. 17The Rogan Josh.
  63. 63. 18At an elevation of 1000m, this is the highest point in the Dangsforest. The name of the forest is probably a British corruption ofthe Sanskrit Dand Aranyaka (Bamboo Forest). There is nothingmuch in this place but the mere fact that it is elevated makes it, asper the tourist literature, the only hill station in this state. Namethe place about 200km from Mumbai?
  64. 64. 18Saputara, Gujarats hill station
  65. 65. 19According to a 14th century legend, Asait Thakar, a priest, went outto negotiate the release of the daughter of Hemlata Patel who hadbeen kidnapped by some Muslim dacoits. When asked by dacoitsas to his relationship with the girl, Asait claimed that he was herfather. In order to prove it, he ate from the same plate as offered tothe girl. The girl was released but Asaits fellow priestsexcommunicated him for breaking caste rules. So Asait joinedsome gypsies and his descendents are called Tragalas. What folkperforming art style claims this legend as its origin?
  66. 66. 19Bhavai, a folk art from Gujarattypically performed by lowercaste people. All performers areusually male.
  67. 67. 20This 1971 movie based on a 1968play should not be confusedwith another play published in1964 even though theprotagonist is the same. Namethe respective creators / writers.
  68. 68. 20Mohammad bin Tughlaq is theprotagonist – the first one isGirish Karnads 1964 play. Thesecond one is a 1971 Tamil filmbased on a 1968 Tamil play byCho Ramaswamy (who alsodirected the film and acted asTughlaq)
  69. 69. 21Connect this list with the visualMahayana sutras, 224 puMahayana sastras, 192 puSthavira sutras, sastras, 14 puMahasangika, 15 puMahisasaka, 22 puSammitiya, 15 puKasyapiya, 17 puDharmagupta, 42 puSarvastivadin, 67 puTreatises on the sciences of Inference, 36 puEtymological treatises, 13 pu Enlarged Picture Next SlideTotal – 657 puPu is a treatise / text in Sanskrit
  70. 70. 21
  71. 71. 21The 657 Buddhist scripturescopied and taken by HuienTsang during Harshavardhansreign back to China where hetranslated them into Chineseand in the process aligned theChinese buddhist thought withthe original Buddhism aspreached by the Buddha.
  72. 72. 22In Tanjore temple inscriptions, this place is mentioned asTimaittiru, “islands of impurity”, inhabited by cannibals. MarcoPolo writes that the inhabitants of this place are “are without a kingand idolators and no better than wild beasts” He goes to the extent ofsaying “they eat everything that they can catch if not of their own race”.However, Henry Yule in Hobson Jobson says that reports ofcannibalism are unfounded. He traces the name to originate fromthe Malay language. Name the place.
  73. 73. 22Andaman Islands (derived fromthe Malay Agamitae, name of theaborigines)
  74. 74. Bonus Question #4Open to all, write down youranswersThis is a famous photograph of theSentinelese tribe in North SentinelIsland1. When was this photographtaken? (5 points)2. The Sentinelese and the Jarawaare two of the four Negrito tribes ofthe Andamans. Which are theother two? (5 points for bothanswers, no part points)
  75. 75. Bonus Question #41. 2004 Tsunami, the IndianCoast Guard helicopter whichwas checking for survivors cameupon this hostile tribal whostarted firing arrows at thehelicopter2. The Great Andamanese andthe Onge tribes.
  76. 76. 23Give the specific historicalconnect!
  77. 77. 23Scenes from Malayalam filmsKaalapani (1996) and 1921 (1988).1921 is based on the last MoplahRebellion. All Cellular Jailprisoners from Kerala wereessentially part of the MoplahRebellion. Highly exaggeratedclaims are of 20,000 prisoners /rebels deported to Andamans(available records list 21 namesthough it is said the Japs burntdown the jail and with it mostrecords).
  78. 78. 24This is a flower of a species ofdeciduous trees common inIndia called B. ceiba. CalledMullilavu in Tamil and Salmali inSanskrit, it is widely planted inparks and along roads in India.The white fibrous stuff inside itsfruit was used as a substitute toanother commodity of which Enlarged Picture Next SlideIndia is second largest producerin the world. This usage gives itits common name. What?
  79. 79. 24
  80. 80. 24The Cotton Tree (also called SilkCotton Tree). In fact, the entiregenus Bombax is called cottontree.
  81. 81. Bonus Question #5Open to all, write down answers1. The “Cotton” in the Cotton Green railway station comes fromthe 19th century Cotton Exchange building nearby. Where does theword “Green” come from? (5 points)2. A cotton fabric where some threads are bunched together, thetexture of the fabric suggests a sprinkling of sugar on milk. Usedfor every thing from shirts, suits, etc, personal experience says thisfabric is most comfortable for hot and humid weather of Bombay.What? (5 points)
  82. 82. Bonus Question #51. Green comes from “Grain”warehouses in the area2. Seersucker from the Hindi –shir o shakkar (milk and sugar)
  83. 83. 25The fall of the Chouhans in the 12th century saw this community ofcraftsmen called Bhulia migrate to the east. Taking their Baandha,they worked here but demand for it was mostly local.Radhakrishna Meher was responsible for making the craft moreorganised and popular outside of their area. His descendents likeKunja Bihari Meher, Kruthrath Acharya, etc have received PadmaShree awards for their achievement. Indira Gandhi made this craftnationally famous. Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, Barpali and Bapta aresome varieties referring to the villages where they are produced.What is the Geographically Indicated craft name?
  84. 84. 25Sambalpuri Ikkat Sari, the verydifficult tie-and-dye craft fromOrissa / Odisha
  85. 85. Set Theory 6 Questions All writtenPoints explained in each slide
  86. 86. Set Theory 11. Zubeida, 2001, 2. Samar*, 1999 2. Mammo, 1995, 3. ______, 1993,4. Arohan, 1982, 5. _____, 1979, 6. Manthan, 1977, 7. Nishant, 19761. Fill in the two blanks? (5 points – no part points)2. The * attached to Samar indicates it is the odd one out. Whatmakes it the odd one? (5 points)
  87. 87. Set Theory #1Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda, JunoonSeven movies have won theRajat Kamal, Best Hindi FilmSamar, 1999, won the SwarnKamal, Best Film overall
  88. 88. Set Theory #2Methi, Saunf, Kala jeera (Nigella), jeera, ______The blank has two options, Give both. (5 Points each)
  89. 89. Set Theory #2Ajwain (Radhuni) and CelerySeed (Dhania)The Indian Five Spices (PanchPhoron in Bengali)
  90. 90. Set Theory #3Totally 16 of them, the first few are given below_____, ______, Chandragupta I, Samudragupta, Ramagupta,...Give the first two. (5 points each)
  91. 91. Set Theory #3Srigupta (founder of the Guptadynasty), Ghatotkacha are thefirst two (c 4th Century CE)
  92. 92. Set Theory #4First World War – 9 (1914 – 1918), ________ - 1 (1921), SecondWorld War – 19 (1939 – 1945)1. What is this? (5 Points)2. Fill in the blanks (5 Points)
  93. 93. Set Theory #4Indian Victoria Cross RecipientsIshari Singh of the 28th PunjabRegiment was given a VC in the1921 Waziristan Campaign
  94. 94. Set Theory #5This is an ordered set of six.What is this six? (2.5 Points)What do the six represent? (2.5 Points)Name the missing one? (5 Points)Images on the next slide
  95. 95. Set Theory #5?
  96. 96. Set Theory #5The Six Principal Ragasaccording to the Ragamalatreatise, all other raags are wives(Ragini), sons (Ragaputra) ordaughter (Ragaputri).They repesent the six seasonsThe missing one is Malkauns(the wedding season)
  97. 97. Set Theory #6Set of 9Maurya, Mughal, Maratha, Kakatiya, Chola, ____, _____, _____,____2.5 Points for each blank
  98. 98. Set Theory #69 ITC Luxury Collection hotelsWindsor (Bangalore), Gardenia(Bangalore), Sonar Bangla(Kolkata), Grand Central(Mumbai)
  99. 99. Reversing Direction
  100. 100. 26The Salabhanjika artistic form isseen in Hoysala temples ofKarnataka. A similar form calledMadanika is seen in the Chalukyatemples also in Karnataka. Itdepicts a young, well-endowedchaste woman posing under a tree,usually sal or asoka, her touchleading to fertility of the tree. Theremay be a Buddhist reference Larger Visual Next Slidespecifically to a particular eventinvolving a woman under an asokatree. Which woman / incident?
  101. 101. 26
  102. 102. 26Queen Maya giving birth toPrince Siddhartha under theasoka tree in the park inLumbini. This theory has beenpropounded by some GermanBuddhist scholars
  103. 103. 27Connect
  104. 104. 27VishwamitraGayatri Mantra, supposedlycomposed and first recited byVishwamitraVishwamitra and Menaka, twopaintings by Raja Ravi Varma
  105. 105. 28June 23rd 1953, the Manchester Guardian published an editorialabout a growing controversy that triggered from a recent event.There were two issues of which the first one (the more sensitiveone) was which country did a particular individual belong to as hewas born in one and lived in the other. While terming it “anabsurdity”, it nonetheless warned that unless checked, it couldbecome “an ugly quarrel”. It finally recommends that bothcountries should honour the person alike and not indulge injealousy. The editorial made a passing snide remark saying “Weourselves, after all, are not unwilling to proclaim the success of the__________ as a triumph for Britain.” What is the controversy?
  106. 106. 28Whether Tenzing Norgay wasNepali (his country of birth) orIndian (his country ofresidence). Tenzing, who isTibetan by ethnicity, at the ageof 19 emigrated and settled inDarjeeling (the Sherpacommunity there) and lived tillhis death at the age of 71.
  107. 107. 29Girish Chandra Ghosh, the legendary theatre personality ofBengal, in 1905 wrote two historical plays – a single event viewedfrom the eyes of two protagonists. According to Sisir Kumar Das,The History of Indian Literature 1800-1910 (published: SahtyaAkademi), this play was part of a period in Indian drama which sawmany Indian plays based on “historical episodes but the constructionof its story and character-portrayal strongly resemble Shakespeariantragedies like Hamlet and Macbeth.” In Girish Chandra Ghoshs plays,he presents, whom many nationalist historians call, the first Indianfreedom fighter. What were the two plays?
  108. 108. 29Sirajudaullah and Mirkashim.One of the notable performancesof Sirajudaullah was by UtpalDutt in the 50s.
  109. 109. 30Fill in the blanksLa Plata – Franciscana, Pontoporia blainvilleiYangtze – Baiji, Lipotes Vexillifer (till 2006)Amazon – Boto, Inia Geoffrensis_____ - Bhulan , Platanista minor_____ - Susu, Platanista _________
  110. 110. 30Indus and Ganga. Family ofriver dolphins.
  111. 111. 31Vikram Doctor in his “Little Luxuries” series says that there is anobsession for kallumakai which runs in the family (since his motheris from North Kerala). Meaning “fruit of the rocks” in Malayalam,Docs grandma used to go Dharmadam beach near Kannur to pickthem up from the rocks there. She would then pickle them andwhen the kallumakai were over, strips of carrot resembling it incolour would be put in to extract every bit of colour. Another wayof eating it is Arikkadukka, stuffing with rice flour and spices,steaming it and then frying. Doc advises to avoid Goan Hindurestaurants in Mumbai who fry them with a semolina coating.What is kallumakai?
  112. 112. 31Mussels
  113. 113. 32Name the author (referred to as X in the passage below.From Google Books, “Britains Betrayal of India”, Second Edition,Simon Wallenberg Press, 2007While acknowledged as an outstanding work of research and scholarship byhistorians, the book tells a fascinating story. X (the author) chronicles thehistory of the Y community and covers the main periods in the life of thecommunity, outlining their achievements and their illustrious history. Thefirst part is an account of the earliest times of the Y, 1639 to the periodbetween the founding of the main settlements in Madras by the East Indiacompany and their expansion into the South in 1791. The second part coversthe period of conquest from 1791 to the great Indian mutiny and includes thepost mutiny period to the years after Indias independence. In the third partthe author chronicles the post Independence battles that the community facedand life in India after the country became independent.
  114. 114. 32Frank Anthony, an AngloIndian, was Indiasrepresentative at the UN, alsofirst Anglo-Indian MP in the LokSabha during Nehrus time
  115. 115. Bonus Question #6Open to all, answers to bewritten downThis song is from an Englishlanguage film (one of the worstever made) on the AngloIndians living in a particulararea of Calcutta1. Name the film? (5 points)2. Who directed the film as wellas was the music director? (5points)
  116. 116. Bonus Question #61. Bow Barracks Forever (BowBarracks a set of apartmentblocks with about 130 families,80% are Anglo Indian, theremaining are Muslim andpeople of Chinese origin2. Anjan Dutta
  117. 117. 33In 1861, this poet (whosetombstone you can see),published The Ballad ofMeghnads Death (Meghnad BadhKabya). In this poem, influencedby Miltons blank verse, he turnsthe protagonist, Meghnad, into atragic hero dying at the hands ofRam. Name the poet.
  118. 118. 33Micheal Madhusudan Dutt,creator of the Bengali blankverse and Bengali sonnet.
  119. 119. 34In the mid 1660s East India Company had a flourishing trade inthis commodity from India which supplanted the woad plant. Atthe same time, Isaac Newton, having bought two prisms, wasdoing work in optics. What did Newton make of it?
  120. 120. 34Newton published “A TheoryConcerning Light and Colour”where he explained thespectrum of light as it passsthrough a prism. He namedseven colours including indigo,the first use of this dye as aspectral colour. He got to knowabout indigo from the indigoferatinctoria imports of the EastIndia Company
  121. 121. 35These are two Feynmandiagrams – the first one is anannihilation, the second one is ascattering, Together theycontribute to the scatteringinteractions inside electron-positron colliders. In quantumelectrodynamics, what is thename of the process which isused as a luminosity monitor incollision experiments?
  122. 122. 35Bhabha Scattering, named afterHomi Bhabha derived theexpression for calculating theprobabilities of scatteringpositrons by electrons.
  123. 123. Bonus Question #7Open to all, answers to be written down1. With the outbreak of WW2, Bhabha returned to India and joinedIISc under CV Raman. After working for a couple of years, hemoved to Bombay. Which two institutions did start in 1945 and1948? (5 points for both)2. TAPS, MAPS, KAPS, NAPS, RAPS, _____ Generating Station.Fill in the blanks. (5 points)
  124. 124. Bonus Question #71. TIFR and Atomic EnergyResearch Centre (later renamedBhabha ARC after his death)2. Kaiga in Karnataka(Tarapur, Rajasthan, Madras,Narora and Kakrapar)
  125. 125. 36Connect the two audio clips.
  126. 126. 36MaiharFirst is a tune from TheHouseholder composed byUstad Ali Akbar Khan, of theMaihar gharana founded by hisfather Ustad Allauddin Khan.The second is the Maihar Band,the first (and still the onlyaccording to some) Indianclassical music band formed bythe father to develop orphanedchildren in the Maihar state
  127. 127. Bonus Question #8A little contrived to be in this quiz but anyway give book andauthor, founder of the Elmwood Institute. I dedicate this book to Ali Akbar Khan Carlos Castaneda Geoffrey Chew John Coltrane Werner Heisenberg Krishnamurti Lie Hsiu Chi Phiroz Mehta Jerry Shesko Bobby Smith Maria Teuffenbach Alan Watts for helping me find the path and to Jacqueline who has traveled with me on this path most of the time
  128. 128. Bonus Question #8The Tao of Physics by FritjofCapra.
  129. 129. 37This riverine sanctuary is one of the last surviving habitats of theGangetic River Dolphin. It is home to the gharial, the marshcrocodile, eight species of turtles and smooth coated otters. Besidesthese, there are over 330 species of birds, both resident andmigratory including the sarus crane. It is one of the cleanest riversin India as there are very few people living around it, no temples,no effluents flowing into it, etc. Known as Charmanyati in theMahabharata, it was on the banks of this river where the infamousdice game was held leading to the disrobing of Draupadi. She hadthen cursed anyone who drank its waters. This is the given reasonfor its cleanliness. Name the sanctuary / river which is a tributaryof the Yamuna?
  130. 130. 37The National ChambalSanctuary, preserving theperennial Chambal riverineecosystem.
  131. 131. 38The location of this scene is ageologically significant entity inIndia. It is named after a Britishofficer who founded a townhere. Name the geologicalentity.
  132. 132. 38Closepet Granite aroundRamanagram (originally calledClosepet after Sir Brian Closewho founded the town). TheClosepet Granite is one of theoldest granite beds on theearths surface.
  133. 133. 39A scion of the “branch” whichaccording to history came out ofthe “new country”. Along withthe “old country” and the “hillcountry”, they formed the fourmain powers of that time. Namethe quartet?
  134. 134. 39
  135. 135. 39The Pallavas (branch), theCholas (new country), thePandyas (old country) and theCheras (hill country)
  136. 136. 40What are these three and give the missing part?Muga – som tree and suala tree, naturally golden.Eri – castor oil plant, non violent.Pat - ????, white / off white.
  137. 137. 40Three varieties of Assam silk;the Pat silk comes fromsilkworms (Bombyx Mori –silkworms of the mulberry tree)who feed on mulberry trees.Muga comes from the Anthereaassamensis silkworm whoselarvae feed on the som and sualatrees. Assam Muga has thestatus of a Geographic Indicator.
  138. 138. 41Percival Spear says he “reconciled Sunni legalism with religion of thespirit” and laid down the germ for a Muslim state in India. Awebsite called Islam Laws, while calling him a “Great IndianSaint” says, he “elaborated a new set of Sufi doctrines and disciplinesgrounded in following the prophetic example (sunna) and Islamic law(Sharia)”. It agrees with Spear when it says that “selectiveinterpretations of his work have been used to justify the state ofPakistan”. What is known is that he strongly opposed Akbarssyncretism and advocated that kafirs should be insulted andhumiliated. Who is this 16th - 17th century highly influentialfigure?
  139. 139. 41Sheikh Ahmed Naqsbandi ofSirhind, Punjab. Called the TheReviver of the Second Millennium,his biggest follower wasAurangzeb who reversed mostof Akbars liberal policies.
  140. 140. 42Hazrat Shaikh al-Mushaek Jalal-ud-Din aka Shah Jalal, originallyfrom Mecca, was a 14th century Sufi who came to this part of thecountry to provide spiritual support to the Muslim generalSikandar Ghazi, nephew of Firozshah Tughlaq, who was fightingthe local Hindu ruler Govinda of Gaur. His spiritual support andproselytisation efforts led to a significant number of peopleconverting to Islam thus reducing the kings local support. Manycenturies later, this place held a significant referendum. Name theplace and what was the referendum about?
  141. 141. 42Sylhet. In July 1947, with 43%votes, Sylhet voted to be part ofPakistan (only Karimganjdistrict voted to be part ofIndia). In 1971, it was the placewhere the Mukti Bahini begantheir guerrilla operations aidedby India.
  142. 142. 43With respect to a specific eventin 2006, connect the two.
  143. 143. 43
  144. 144. 43In the summer of 2006, RolyBooks brought out the 50thAnniversary edition ofKhuswant Singhs Train ToPakistan in a special editionwhich had over 60 MargaretBourke-White photographs ofthe Partition. Apparently, someof these photographs wereposted at Khan Market during alaunch event but people justwalked past.
  145. 145. 44Mint, Jan 2011, Shamanth Raoquotes Nilanjana Roy:“The actual journey is dusty,unromantic and unremarkable butthe idea is attractive – discoveringIndia, snaking through her spinalcord, and the music of that phrase:__ se __ tak”Connect with the video.
  146. 146. 44Himsagar Express. Om Puri inShyam Benegals Yatra travelsfrom Kanyakumari se Kashmir tak.
  147. 147. 45This name means “loss of beauty”. It refers to the fact that manyanimals lost their distinctive features as they were taken away inthe creation of this person. There is this passage in theMahabharata (Book 3, Vana Parva):“Cast thou away these costly robes and ornaments.” And at thesewords of her lord, the large eyed damsel of thighs tapering as thestem of the plantain tree cast away her handsome and costly robesof fine texture. And casting them away she dressed herself in ragsand barks and deerskins and became her husbands equal in vowsand acts.Name the name / character.
  148. 148. 45Lopamudra, wife of Agastya, sonamed as she was created byAgastya by taking differentfeatures from different animals –eyes of a deer.
  149. 149. Bonus Question #9Open to all, answers to bewritten down1. This place, a capital of adynasty, is named after a personkilled by Agastya. Name theplace. (5 Points)2. Name the UNESCO WorldHeritage Site which is associatedwith the dynasty which ruledfrom the above place? (5 points)
  150. 150. Bonus Question #9
  151. 151. Bonus Question #91. Badami (Vatapi), capital ofthe Chalukyas. Vatapi wasdigested by Agastya.2. Pattadakal, the templecomplex, where the Chalukyankings had their coronation
  152. 152. 46Cervus Elaphus ______ is the only surviving subspecies of CervusElaphus in Asia. Ironically Cervus Elaphus is one of the mostcommon species of its family. In early 20th century, they numbered5000. Post independence, the number came down to 400 (1957) and180 (1967). There was a project initiated by the state governmentalong with IUCN. It was called Project ______. Because of theseefforts by 1988, the population rose to 918. Political trouble in thestate caused a breakdown of conservation efforts. Poaching byinsurgents for meat caused significant reduction in population. In2008, it was estimated at 127 and it rose slightly to 220 (2011). Mostof these animals inhabit this specially demarcated sanctuary whichhas an elevation of 3000+ metres. Name the animal and thesanctuary.
  153. 153. 46Hangul (Kashmir Stag) andDachigam National Park.
  154. 154. 47Vikram Doctor says that this herb originated in the northwest partof India. It was taken to the west by Alexander (though notcompletely proven) where it was given the name from the Greekfor king. The Arabs called it “rihaan” or the fragrant one. The Latingenus is Ocimum and the one in India is called Ocimum Tenuiflorum(earlier known as Ocimum Sanctum) though it is used more formedicinal purposes and not for cooking. Doctor mentions thatthere is a John Keats poem Isabella where the lady preserves thedecapitated head of her lover in a pot of the herbs. Which herb isthis and what does Vikram Doctor call this herb, a reference tosecond generation Indian kids living abroad who become soexotically good looking and glamourous?
  155. 155. 47Basil (Ocimum Basillicum) orTulsi (Holy Basil, OcimumTenuiflorum). Doc calls it thePadma Lakshmi of Indianherbs.
  156. 156. 48This palace, used in Octopussy,was built for the king so that hecould enjoy the monsoon cloudsas well as see Chittorgarh, hisancestral home. Now under themanagement of the ForestDepartment, name thisspecimen of 19th century Rajputarchitecture?
  157. 157. 48Sajjangarh ak.a The MonsoonPalace, in the Aravalli Hillsoverlooking Udaipur.
  158. 158. 49This is an ACKreproduction of a cavepainting from Ajantacaves. It shows themigration of a group ofpeople from Bengal led bytheir king Vijaya across theseas. The name of the placewhere they settled and the Larger Picture Next Slideethnic peoples there gettheir name from this groupof people. Name the placeand the people.
  159. 159. 49
  160. 160. 49Sri Lanka, Sinhala. The Sinhasfrom Bengal migrated south tothis island which they namedafter themselves. This theory hasbeen proposed by a number ofhistorians including RomilaThapar.
  161. 161. Bonus Question #10Open to all, answers to be written down.Another question from Amar Chitra Katha. This particular title “Xto the Rescue – Adapted from the Rig Veda” #319, Oct 1 1984, has thisshort intro:Judging by the number of hymns in the Rig Veda, X seem to be next inimportance to Indra, Agni and Soma.Most of these hymns are either an appeal for their help or panegyrics forthe help rendered to men in distress.X are extremely fond of honey and even carry it wherever they go,distributing it to bees and mortals.Who is X? (10 points)
  162. 162. Bonus Question #10The Ashwin twins.
  163. 163. 50We come back to DD Kosambi for the last question. In an essay,“The Bourgeoisie Comes of Age in India”, published in Science andSociety, 1946, he reviews and discusses a recent publication:“The long-awaited publication of Xs book on India: past and present, hasin many ways justified the great hopes raised by the authorsdistinguishing record in the struggle for Indias freedom and by his activeshare in his struggle against war.”On a few historical facts that seemed to be taken mostly fromBritish records, DD Kosambi isnt angry with X saying “This may becondoned because Indian political prisoners hardly have referencelibraries at their disposal.” Who is X and which book is this?
  164. 164. DhanyavaadAnd the winner eej...
  165. 165. 50Jawaharlal Nehrus TheDiscovery of India, written injail (during the Quit Indiamovement) and published in1946