Program Management

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14. Nov 2009

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Program Management

  1. Program Management Competencies & capabilities required to manage programs & change effectively Anand Subramaniam
  2. Link Program & Projects to Strategy
  3. Importance of Alignment Doing The Right Things Doing Things Right Exploit What We Did Align Measure Execute Holistic Approach to manage Strategic Initiatives
  4. Programs & Projects link to Org’s Strategy Portfolio Management Strategic Management Program Management` Project Management Change Management Approach New Goals & Objectives Review / Revise Mission Portfolio of Strategic Choices Strategy Implementation Project Selection Projects Inter-nal Exter-nal
  5. Eg. Link Strategies to Potential Projects
  6. Alignment – Strategy, PPM & PMO Direction Enterprise Strategy Project Portfolio Management Project Management Office Project Status Reports, Time Sheets, Expenses, Project Schedules Prioritisation Feedback Governance Review Board Governance Review Board QA / QC Program / Project Manager Feedback Feedback Prioritisation
  7. Project & Program Management
  8. Relationship - Project & Program Project Management (Benefits) Time Cost Scope Program Management (Benefits) Stakeholder Relationships Governance Benefit Management
  9. Project vs. Program Management High-level and evolving Specific, detailed, bounded Plan Mission, cash-flow, ROI Time, budget, specification Success Factors Regarded as inevitable To be avoided Change Loosely defined Clearly defined Timescale Many , many initially undefined Few, clearly defined Deliverables Used to make decisions Accrue during the programme Determined in advance Accrue after completion Benefits Wide-ranging, cross-functional Narrow Scope Business strategy Single objective Focus Program Management Project Management Area
  10. Why Program Management … Why.. Clear responsibilities for preparing for implementing business change Effective management of the Business Case to achieve the vision A management framework that focuses on business change objectives Manage and control cost Co-ordination and control of the complex range of activities Projects prioritised and integrated, providing an effective use of scarce resources Link strategies and projects Better understanding of overall risks Formal process for identifying, managing, realising and measuring benefits
  11. Program Change Management
  12. Program Change & Governance Model Program plan Drivers for change Program objectives Program Management & Governance Plan and priorities Resourcing Change baseline Core Program Governance Checkpoints Case for Change Services effectiveness and quality Client needs and satisfaction Improvement opportunities (IT, process, organisation) Common design principles Savings potential Program Management, Communication and stakeholder engagement Change Management Design Preparation Implementation Diagnostic Service performance Improvement potential Benchmarking Staff inventory Common issues/opportunities Program planning & organisation Change baseline Future services Roles & responsibilities Service delivery model Structure Implementation Plan Blueprint for the future Service portfolio Service delivery model Management & organisation model Staffing profile IT systems map and plan Implementation plan Design principles Process & IT improvement Capability building People Management & Development Work Organisation Benefit realisation LEGEND Capacity Building / Leadership Development Within service area Across service areas Governance milestone
  13. Aligning Change with PMI Process
  14. Organisation Structure
  15. Functional Organisation CEO HR Mng Sales Mng Finance Mng Ops Mng Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Dept Staff Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff
  16. Projectised Organisation CEO Proj Mng - C Proj Mng - B Proj Mng - A Proj Mng - Z Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Dept Staff Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff
  17. Matrix Organisation CEO HR Mng Sales Mng Finance Mng Proj Dept Mng Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Dept Staff Project Staff Project Staff Project Staff Project Mng - B Project Mng - C Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Dept Staff Project Mng - A Project Mng - Z
  18. Relationship – Program, Project & Benefits Consolidated Program Benefits = Organisation Benefits Project A Project B Project C Project D Project Z Project Benefits - A Project Benefits - C Project Benefits - D Project Benefits - Z Project Benefits - B Program Management
  19. Program Process Group
  20. Program Process Groups Initiate Close Execute Plan Monitor & Control
  21. Process Groups Initiate Execute Monitor & Control Close Plan This includes defining and authorising the program and the projects within the program, and generating the benefits statement and benefits realisation plan for the program. This includes using projects and resources in an integrated fashion to execute the plan for the program in order to deliver benefits. This involves M & C the progress of the program and the constituent projects. Includes performance measurements against the planned benefit delivery, identifying variances and implementing corrective actions to deliver expected benefits. This includes accepting products, services, and results from the constituent projects, and benefits delivery from the program, plus bringing the program and the program components (e.g., projects) to a formal closure. This includes developing the program plans to deliver benefits.
  22. Link Program Knowledge Areas & Process Group
  23. Program Life Cycle
  24. Program Life Cycle Pre-program Setup Program Setup Establish Program Management & Technical Infrastructure Deliver Benefits Close the Program
  25. Linking Program Life Cycle & Process Group
  26. Program Life Cycle / Process Group Pre-program Setup (Initiation) Program Setup (Planning) Establish Prog Mngt & Technical Infrastructure (Execution) Deliver Benefits (Monitoring & Controlling) Close the Program (Closure)
  27. Program Management Themes
  28. Program Management Themes Program Benefits Management Program Stakeholder Management Program Governance
  29. Program Governance Framework Program Board Program Manager Project Managers Non-Project Program Work Program Management Office Governs Governs Supports Governs Governs Change Manager Supports Supports
  30. Stakeholder Management Program Stakeholder Management Stakeholder Mapping Stakeholder Engagement Continuous Improvement Continuous Improvement
  31. Stakeholder Management - Framework Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping Identify key stakeholders Define stakeholders concerns & issues Assess their level of commitment and resistance Communication Strategy and Planning Review methods to inform different groups including timing / frequency Use the communication plan and create continuous dialog with all stakeholders Obtain feedback and involvement Engagement Strategies and Techniques Techniques to involve the stakeholders in the design and implementation Continuous Assessment and Follow through Clarification of roles and responsibilities for SRM Validate & evaluate communication processes
  32. Next Steps… Identify staff within your project/programme who hold the essential experience, knowledge and skills critical to success Change management knowledge/skills Project/programme management knowledge/skills Benefits management knowledge/skills