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Proven Strategies to Improve Google Ranking

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Would you like to think about the insider facts of Google AI Rankbrain SEO? In the coming time of man-made brainpower, Google AI Rankbrain SEO will assume a noteworthy job in web index ranking.Let's find out about some beyond any doubt shot mysteries of Google AI Rankbrain SEO.

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Proven Strategies to Improve Google Ranking

  1. 1. Proven Strategies to Improve Google Ranking Would you like to think about the insider facts of Google AI Rankbrain SEO? In the coming time of man- made brainpower, Google AI Rankbrain SEO will assume a noteworthy job in web index ranking. Let’s find out about some beyond any doubt shot mysteries of Google AI Rankbrain SEO. Have you at any point imagined that why here and there your catchphrase which is on seventh position goes to the third position and after some time it moves to rank 6? This is constrained by AI calculation known as Google Rankbrain. Today, I will uncover here certain mysteries about Google SERP setup by AI calculation known as Rankbrain. Rankbrain is a machine learning algorithm designed by Google engineers. According to their study and research, Google engineers found that Rankbrain gives more accurate and relevant results to users. That’s why Rankbrain will be used for Google SERP setup. I think this is enough to tell you something about Rankbrain. Most significant is that how you can optimize your website pages for Google Rankbrain. Here, I am going to share 9 methodologies to improve your Google positioning through Google AI Rankbrain SEO.
  2. 2. #1 Mobile friendly Page #2 Improve Page Speed #3 Control Bounce Rate #4 Improve Dwell Time #5 Improve CTR #6 Add-on LSI keywords with the long content #7 Work on readability of the page #8 Add internal links & High authority outbound links #9 Implement Structured Data Without taking your much time, let’s elaborate these above points. #1 Mobile Friendly Page Make your website mobile friendly. You have read so many times this point. But, I want to add some more things to it. Making mobile-friendly pages include the mobile version pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages Optimized Images Avoid Popups Make text, video, and slides readable, clear & errorless. #2 Improve Page Speed This is the most important point because many websites compromise with this. Many websites use heavy large images, popups, ads, sounds, and slider to make their website more eye appealing. But the
  3. 3. fact is that if your website doesn’t open within 10 seconds you will lose more than 50% audience. You can check your website pages speed and traffic lose on Google Test My Site. How can you improve the page speed? Optimize images Avoid Popups Avoid heavy ads Leverage browser caching Enable Gzip Compression Etc… A good web developer can help you in this. #3 Control Bounce Rate Let me first explain you about bounce rate. Bounce rate is a percentage of users who visited your single page without interacting with your other landing pages within a defined time period. Most of the user who visited your website interacts with the single page. You need to make them interact with your other pages also. How can you do this? How to control bounce rate? These tips will help you to control bounce rate: Add more internal links Use related post links in mid & end of the post Add offer, giveaway, contest, etc... Links with an optimized small banner Use easy navigation Ideal Bounce Rate For Blogs: 70% to 85% For E-commerce websites: 20% to 30%
  4. 4. #4 Improve Dwell Time What is dwell time? Dwell time tells how long user stays on your landing page. Dwell time is important. Google AI Rankbrain collects data on dwell time of every website. How to improve dwell time? Follow these tips to improve your dwell time: Use internal links Add related post links Add video and podcast Add a long content on the page of more than 1000 words. #5 Improve CTR CTR is click through rate. Google AI Rankbrain collects the data on CTR of the particular search result. How can you improve the CTR of your results? Follow these tips Does Meta tag optimization-increase the relevancy of result to query Use copywriting techniques Follow the limit of Meta tags #6 Add-on LSI Keywords LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. You can read more about LSI here in my post. You can research for LSI keywords using Google Autosuggestion Google Related Searches at the end of SERP UbberSuggest Search Console queries report #7 Improve Readability What does it mean? Readability is indirectly linked with the dwell time of the page. If the user is not able to read your lines properly then it will definitely move to another result.
  5. 5. You can use Yoast SEO plugin to check your page readability if your website developed on WordPress. # 8 Add Related Authoritative Internal & External Links You should give internal as well as external links on your page. Make sure to follow Google Penguin algorithm rules. Give links to your related high authority external pages. Read my post on safe & secure link building techniques here #9 Use Structured Data Structured data helps Google bots to collect all data from your website pages easily. Structured data improves your CTR. How? Have you seen rating stars with results? Have you seen product price as the result? Have you seen navigational arrow in the result? Have you seen knowledge graph any organization & personality? These all due to structured data. How to use structured data? Use schema markups in you page coding. You can learn more about Schema coding here. If you want to check that your website support structured data or not? You can use this Google tool. Google AI Rankbrain is the very complex algorithm. There are more points which Google AI Rankbrain consider while giving ranking to any page in SERP. But, what I have mentioned above are major points which are supported by industry experts. I hope you liked this post. I hope this post will help your website to be Google AI Rankbrain SEO friendly. Sharing is caring. Please share with your friend who has a website and suffering from online competition and poor ranking. Article Source: https://www.anandkjha.com/google-ai-rankbrain-seo-9-proven-strategies-to-improve- google-ranking/