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5 Indonesia's Social Media Predictions in 2013

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What will happen in Indonesia's social media world? This is my version of the future prediction.


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5 Indonesia's Social Media Predictions in 2013

  2. 2. Online Branded EntertainmentBrands look for other opportunity in social media, adapting what’s Samsung sponsored new single for Raisa,successful in traditional media. Music and video are few examples that with design materials in her music videobrands will transform from offline to online. Music and video are created by taken from the brand’s contest.already famous creative individuals, who also happen to be known by many in Twitter or Facebook. Brands facilitate the process by crowdsourcing part Joko Anwar already directs 3 short videosof the creative idea to their fans and followers. Brands also fund the in 2012, for Acer, Sun Life Financial, andproduction cost in return for product placement inside the music and video. CloseUp. All movies are published online.
  3. 3. Getting Insights from Big DataLots of Indonesia’s brands have participate in social media conversation for the past year. Thousands of tweetshappening in just Jakarta every day, making it one of busiest Twitter cities. Talks about brands are happening everyseconds, sometimes without brands realizing it. Some tweets are valid, containing information about brands’sentiments, while others become noise that make information become harder to understand. This big data should befiltered, put into some context, so brands could understand new insights that could be used for future’s programs. Thisis no easy task since brands and their agencies are still focus on the data (mentioned tweets, impressions, total likes, etc.)and have little experience in learning insights from the captured data.
  4. 4. Mobile Social MediaMost people access social media using mobile, either by downloading apps Levi’s Indonesia creates various QR codeor by browsing the mobile site. Several local mobile operators now give free design for many different jeans style inaccess when users access Twitter and Facebook’s mobile site. Since user their store. This QR code will take users toexperience on mobile is different than PC, brands will have to create different gallery in Levi’s microsite. Usersdifferent design for each medium. Mobile interfaces should be streamlined can see how each jeans style worn byand designed for fast loading. Features such as geo location, near field regular people who contribute theircommunication (NFC) could enrich brand experience in mobile. Mobile photo in the microsite.should become brands’ first point of contact to customer.
  5. 5. Customer Care Goes SocialAside of using social media for marketing and public relation purpose, Telecommunication providers, XL Axiatabrands also use the channel for customer service. They provide questions and Indosat create specific customer careand answers about products and services. They serve as consumers’ first account in Twitter to immediately respondpoint of contact in social media whenever problem arise. Consumers tend to to consumers’ problem online.complain about brands in social media because it’s easy. Brands’ customer care should immediately respond to the problem, before it’s turned to a First Media, a cable television and internetsnowball effect. company, integrates its hotline withTwitter customer service.
  6. 6. Content is the Most Valuable AssetBrands’ social media accounts live with contents. In Facebook, brands are Pocari Sweat’s Twitter account representedchallenged to create creative contents, in visual and wording. Compelling by a character named Pocariman whocontents would be easily spotted, and most importantly, liked, shared, and tweet brand’s message in a casual way.commented by users. Contents should still represent brands’ characteristic while also keeping audiences excited. Pseudonym accounts in Twitter are Kurang Asem candy contents in Facebookusually smart in creating such contents, making their tweets favorited and are funny and witty, so users like to shareretweeted hundreds of time. them.