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Observation lab

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Observation lab

  1. 1. The assignment forA Crash Course on Creativity Instructor: Tina Seelig Student: Ana Frade October 17, 2012 - December 07, 2012
  2. 2. Paying attentionKey Concepts The importance of active observation Seeing opportunities and solutions Observation lab
  3. 3.    If I have ever made any valuable  discoveries, it has been owing more to  patient attention, than to any other  talent.  Isaac Newton
  4. 4. Walking through ValenciaValencia is the third largest cityin Spain after Madrid andBarcelona.Valencia is a shoppers paradise.The most important area isaround Colon Street. You couldfind all the well known fashionchains and the Corte Ingles inthis area.
  5. 5. Observing some stores in Colon streetMy first stop: StradivariusThe door is open as an invitation to enter.First I noticed, the music soundsextremely loud. That makes me feel dizzy.The store is crowed with merchandise.Customes touch the products all the time,they dont appear to be on a mission butbrowsing. Salespersons give themfreedom, they dont follow them.People dont buy things or stay here aslong I though.
  6. 6. Next stop: claires Claires logo is purple. Inside, everything is purple too. Had I seen it before? Im not sure. They divided the store into two different spaces using several shades of purple color. There are white floor tiles and walls painted lila at the beginning of the store, and at the end, lila floor tiles and soft lila color in the walls. I would never have noticed it if I hadnt this task! Personnel approach customers with a friendly smile, offering its special prices. I dont like these kinds of accessories and jewelry they sell but I dont care to stay here long browsing around. Shop is quiet. Nice pop music.
  7. 7. The next one has an interrogative sign: GUESSThe store has a distinctive very nicesmell. The ceiling is high. Not noise, justa soft music at a very low level. Imcomfortable here inmediately.Personnel walk silently around the store,they are visible but dont bother you.There is almost 1:1 sales person tocustomer ratio.The products are arranged by function,practically everything is at eye level andeasy to see and find, the shop is wellbrightly lit.I never spent so much time here before. Today I could appreciate very well how the environment influences the perceived value of the merchandise.
  8. 8. Antoher jewerly on my way: Bijou Brigitte. The door is open. Nobody noticed I entered, there is only one person in the store staying at the cash desk. Serve yourself. You can touch everything you see but you hardly see all. I have shopped here many times and never understood as products were distributed. Now I can figure more exactly the pattern in products arragement. The most popular items are earrings and necklaces. Earrings are distributed on the central table the way you see it first. Necklaces are along the back wall distribuited by colors. Hair accessories are on the low level, close to the floor. Men buy imitation jewelry too!
  9. 9. The pearl of the crown: In Spain they say: Does it exist? It may be found in "El Corte Inglés”. So, I visited it. Security is the most remarkable here: Security Guards and Security Bars are everywhere. It takes a second before a sale person iniciate contact with you. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. They have a uniform. They match the stores image. Most customers are with someone else, its common to find family groups. A high percentage of them buy something. I discovered some interesting prices here.
  10. 10. Some color in my observationBright, but horrible lighting. However, its anice place because of clothing, which isgreat . Its placed carefully throughout thestore.The store isnt crowed with merchandise.You can see practically all products at eyelevel.The staff is friendly, they help you if ask forwithout suffocating you.Its nice to browsing around the shop just touching the clothes.What I discover this time? They sellphones! Earphones, cups, gadgets,mobile phone. I hadnt noticed that before.
  11. 11. A Little Culture to Luxury end After years of practice, I can walk into this bookstore, Librería Serrano, and find everything I want with closed eyes. Is it different a different place for me today? Not sure. But, for the first time, I look carefully at the walls, floor, even at the salespersons faces. This an amazing place for book browsing & dreaming! Power of Observation comes from books, I said my self, and I bought a book, considering this part of the task finished.
  12. 12. So happy I am impressed by how much I have developed my observational skills making this exercise.After visiting two or three stores it was easy to remember details I was looking for withoutlooking at the list.Paying close attention to many details help me to improve my long-term memory and to be moreaware at the same time. Im very happy with my new way of observation.I want to be an active observer forever.