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9 User Interface Design Principles that Mobile Developers Must Follow !

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Are you keen on the performance of your mobile app? Then you have to give special attention on the user interface design. For better design, You have to follow certain principles. This presentation takes you to the 9 user interface design principles.

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9 User Interface Design Principles that Mobile Developers Must Follow !

  1. 1. 9 User Interface Design Principles that Mobile App Developers Must Follow
  2. 2. UI should reflect the brand story The ultimate aim to launch the mobile app is to reach out to the mobile users and expand the horizon of the brand. A well designed app that offers an unmatched user experience is a must for this purpose. The user interface of the app must be a manifestation of the brand, and the users must connect to it. Every brand has a story and that must be showcased through the app design. 1
  3. 3. Identify the Primary Users Before you start to code the app, you need to be sure about the audience that you intend to target. The user interface design should also be in sync with it and must be able to solve the problem without making things very complex. For instance, a user while shopping online wants the products to be displayed in high resolution and a simple checkout process that memorizes the payment methods and other details. The user interface should be designed accordingly. 2
  4. 4. UI flows should be optimized The flow from one screen to another should be optimized to ensure that there is no waiting time as it annoys the users and make them look for the alternatives. Optimization of the UI flows and other elements of the app make the app faster and more usable. You can enhance both the perceived performance and the actual elements in the app. As designers cannot control the network speed or processing speed of the device; additional screens may be used to keep the user busy while the app fetches the desired information. Elements that can be optimized to make the app faster are images, videos, maps, and other content. 3
  5. 5. Strike a balance between UI and performance When the performance of the app which include loading time, content display, navigation etc., is not considered while UI design, it is seriously impacted when code is written for the app. Hence, a balance must be maintained between the interface and the performance of the app. It can be achieved by taking into account all the performance factors and creating the design around them. 4
  6. 6. Keep your design platform specific Every mobile platform is distinct in appearance and has some design peculiarities that define it. When you are designing an app, you cannot use the same design layout for all the mobile operating systems for instance, Android, iOS, and Windows. Even if you are launching your app across all the platforms, simply porting the code from one platform to another will not suffice. The look and feel of the app should be completely modified to honor the different platforms. Using similar layouts and design elements can also lead to performance issues. 5
  7. 7. Make the most of mobile capabilities Smartphones are laced with a plethora of amazing features that must be made most of. The apps can leverage these features that enhance the usability of the app. One of these features is high resolution HD screen and the apps can make the most of it by using the high definition images so that the users are mesmerized by the appearance. There are several such features that can be instrumental in augmenting the beauty of the app. 6
  8. 8. Choose the graphical metaphor with care Graphic metaphors refers to the common icons that are used in place of the text. For example, icons of power button, red button for recording and various others are used to save space and enhance the look and feel of the app. While choosing these metaphors, it must be ensured that they must not be obsolete or else the new age users will not be able to recognize the icons leading to confusion. 7
  9. 9. Keep the design clutter free The users do not want to see a lot of options and content in the app as it causes distraction. A lot of care should be exercised while choosing the content and features on every screen of the app. Only the most important, relevant and necessary functionalities should be added to the screens so that the users are served with the options that they require. 8
  10. 10. UX should be layered The user experience must be layered. It implies that while the app must excite the new users with its design and performance, it must also have different features that unfold while the users interact more with the app. It keeps the interest of the users intact as they discover more functionality upon deeper involvement with the app. 9
  11. 11. Conclusion It is quite evident that the user interface design of a mobile app holds much importance as it is directly responsible for the performance of the app and thus, also impacts its success.
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