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  1. 1. Amy Watkins 20065485Final Major Project
  2. 2. Concept & Initial Ideas*Aesthetic Interaction, Behavior Design*To create an installation that incorporatedinteraction and aesthetics.Merging technology and human experience.
  3. 3. Concept & Initial Ideas• Concept underlies from previous research regarding emotional understanding between computers and humans.• How artificial intelligence can detect and understand human emotion.• Began to research the connection between temperature and emotions.• Neglected this original concept as it was to varied and results were very unpredictable.• It is unreasonable to suggest that we can detect how a person is feeling through factors such as temperature and facial expressions.
  4. 4. First Installation• Temperature = Input.• ‘Traffic Light’ sequence as the output.• Unstable outcome, correspondence to human experience, hazy.• Simple, yet lacking aesthetic quality.
  5. 5. Secondary Concepts• Development using a different input (Temperature to unreliable, inputs such as heart rate containstronger thresholds)• Primarily focusing on Aesthetic quality.• Using several colour LEDs to produce greater colour mix outcomes (as opposed to the original ‘traffic light’ system.
  6. 6. Secondary Concept Design• To create a booth ‘Mood Room’• A private immersive space where the user can become submerged in the aesthetic experience.
  7. 7. Output Design
  8. 8. Design Output• The output compromises of three variables (low, normal and high)• Normal heart rate will indicate a sequence of lights that are green/yellow• High heart rate = red/orange• Low heart rate = blue/purple• These colours are designed to mix with the pattern of the users heart rate (incorporating low moments with dips in BPM)
  9. 9. Flower LEDs
  10. 10. Pulse SensorPulse sensor in action.LED flashes with each heartbeat.
  11. 11. Final Factors• Focused on the aesthetic piece rather than the ‘booth’ concept, due to accessibility.• Could have Increased size for more impact with loss of booth space.• Different outputs besides LEDs (Movement etc.)
  12. 12. Thanks For Listening