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Sugarmate app demo @ #ddata18 - DIABETESMINE UNIVERSITY

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A demo of the Sugarmate app at DIABETESMINE UNIVERSITY – our new innovation program that encompasses our annual Innovation Summit and D-Data ExChange forums, held Nov.1-2 at UCSF Mission Bay.

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Sugarmate app demo @ #ddata18 - DIABETESMINE UNIVERSITY

  1. 1. sugarmate DiabetesMine™ Innovation Summit Fall 2018
  2. 2. About Me š Founder and creator of Sugarmate š Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1993 š Focused career on building great software š MIT BS/MEng in Computer Science š Microsoft (Xbox Live, MSN Music, Mobile Search) š Founder of GoTime Josh Juster
  3. 3. The Idea Challenge: Put your CGM readings on an Apple Watch AND have them update reliably Summer 2016 + = ☚ iCloud calendar
  4. 4. Sugarmate Today š Dexcom + Apple Watch: More connected to your sugar levels than ever before š Sugarmate combines real-time CGM data and software to help improve the lives of Type 1s and their loved ones
  5. 5. Sugarmate Values Peace of Mind Access to Information Ease of Use
  6. 6. Access to Information Real-time statistics motivate users to stay in range Over 20 tiles available for your iPhone, iPad, Mac + web browser
  7. 7. Access to Information š Familiar interface on all devices š Instantly syncs data across all platforms š Apple Health integration š Currently available on: iPhone • iPad • Mac App • Responsive Web app • Alexa Skill • Apple Watch • Siri • CarPlay (via Siri) • Apple Health • Android (web app) • Excel • SMS • Voice Calls
  8. 8. Ease of Use š Powerful but not intimidating š Fast setup š Highly customizable š Voice dictation “Alexa, what’s my sugar? ”Siri, add insulin… 3 units of Humalog”
  9. 9. Peace of Mind Sometimes Push Notifications aren’t enough… š They can be too late š Easy to drown them out š Don’t always wake up to them
  10. 10. Peace of Mind Sugarmate helps users in scenarios where traditional push notifications might fail while sleeping when out or alone before you notice
  11. 11. Future Plans š Integrate with other hardware š Insulin pumps and smart pens š Expand to more platforms š Google Home, IFTTT, Windows 10, and more š Build faster š Hope to grow the team, and potentially raise funding