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Research Papers - Using the Internet & Library

Research Papers, Day Three: Using the Internet & Library for resarch

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Research Papers - Using the Internet & Library

  1. 1. RESEARCH PAPERSJANUARY 15, 2013Texas Write SourcePages 386-450
  2. 2. Using the Internet for Research Use the Web carefully. Look for sites that have .edu or .gov in the address. These endings tell you that the sites are educational or government-run and are generally the most reliable. If you’re not sure whether a site is a good and reliable resource, check with your teacher. Look for links. Sometimes the information you find in a link can be more valuable than what was on the original page. Be patient. It takes time to sort through all those websites and find the ones that are useful. Which of these would give you the best information on the Alamo? www.thealamo.org www.katesalamopictures.com www.pbs.org/thealamo www.texashistory.unt.edu www.historyposters.com
  3. 3. Using the Library for Research Don’t be afraid to go to the local public library for additional information. You can find good sources in books and periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.) If you need additional information about how to navigate the library, see the Texas Write Source book, pages 393 – 398. You may also check with a librarian to help guide your search.
  4. 4. Homework Due Friday, January 18, 2013 Worth 100 points Bring in at least four sources that you think will be helpful with your chosen topic.  These may be books, newspaper articles, magazine articles, or news reports from a website.  We will evaluate them and make sure they are worthy sources.  If the information is from a website, be sure you are able to get back to the same website (write down the web address).  DO NOT bring in anything from Wikipedia as a source.