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4) who would be the audience for your media product?

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This question describes my target audience

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4) who would be the audience for your media product?

  1. 1. 4484370141478017094201340485The core buyer for my music magazine ‘UP BEAT’ is young people aged 15 – 22. Both males and females will buy the magazine. The percentage of males to females is 40%:60% so females may be slightly more inclined to buy the magazine. ‘UP BEAT’ is not aimed at a specific ethnicity, this is so everyone can buy the magazine drawing in mass audiences. The target audience for my magazine are people interested in music magazines with a mixed genre taste.<br />-45974031115<br />I conducted some audience research on ‘Find My Tribe’, I found that the top three ‘tribes’ in my area is ‘indie, townies and scene kids’. I was then able to see what kind of things they were interested in, for example alcohol and gadgets. I was then able to apply this knowledge to my magazine when deciding what adverts to include, in this case some form of alcohol or IPod.<br />-6604062230<br />My target audience is young adults 15 – 22, at this age everyone wants to be the first to find out the latest gossip from the music and celebrity world. This is why I aimed ‘UP BEAT’ at the age group. This is because ‘UP BEAT’ offers the most up to date gossip and information about new and current bands. This will attract them to the magazine. My target audience spend most of their time meeting with friends and going out to parties etc… This age group are very conscious of how they look and want to posses all the latest gadgets and materialistic objects. The technology my target audience use are all up to date using things like; laptops/Macs, IPods, IPhones and Blackberrys. This age group normally spend their spare money on going out, alcohol, cinema’s etc... The brands this age group wear are ‘Ice’ ‘Top Shop’ ‘River Island’ ‘Pauls Boutique’ etc... It is important to know all of this about my target audience because it allows me to pick things to advertise in my magazines (things they will like).<br />The target audience for my magazine fall into the socio-economic group of ‘D semi skilled and unskilled workers’ this is because most of my target audience are in education and do not have a full time job. This means I had to price my magazine at a reasonable price in order to attract them. <br />1905038100<br />351917031051500<br />The psychographic profiling my target audience falls into is ‘Aspirer’. This is because at this age everyone wants to be rich like the celebrities in my magazine. The target audience always want the latest gadget that has come out. They also always what to read about the latest information and want all the luxuries in life. I applied this to my magazine by showing ‘exclusive interviews’ with a new band. I also put an ‘exclusive review of the Jingle Bell Ball’. This will attract my audience because it is the only information available about these bands/concerts. I also included free things to attract this ‘Aspirer’ audience. It also helps deciding on the adverts to use in the magazine – in this case I used the music shop ‘HMV’ as it is a music shop where you buy magazines.<br />