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School magazine

  1. Photos taken for a front cover/contents page
  2. Long shot This is a long shot of someone looking at the leadership wall. This would look good as a smaller image rather then the main image as this is not as bold or interesting as you cant see the full view of the person.
  3. Long shot-contents page This long shot image would be on my contents page as I think it would be more interesting and would relate more to a contents page the a front image.
  4. Medium close up This is a medium close up of the old weatherhead building on the school wall. This would look good on the magazine front cover or contents page as it shows the school in a artists view.
  5. Two shot This is a two shot for a front cover main image of a sixth former and school pupil helping in main reception this shows them enjoying school that's why it would look good on the school magazine.
  6. Close up This is a close up of a sixth former this would look good on the contents page.
  7. Extreme long shot This is an extreme long shot for a contents main image. This looks good as it shows the surrounding and the school building in the back ground. I would use this as the
  8. Point of view shot This is a point of view shot that will be being used on my front cover or on my contents page.
  9. Medium long shot. This is a medium close up of two sixth formers playing basket ball. This would be good for the magazine front cover as it uses humour .
  10. Very long shot This is a very long shot of a group of pe students playing football. This would most probably feature in the contents page in the sports section.
  11. Mid shot This is a long shot of four of two of the members from the school football team and two of the members of the basket ball team. This would look good as the front cover of the school magazine as it is a mid shot so the photo is clear and shows two different teams in weatherhead.
  12. Long shot This is a long shot of the weatherhead pe department football coach and teacher. This would go on my contents page also as a small image as it shows the teacher looking natural having fun teaching which would look good in the school magazine.
  13. Close up This is an image of a close up of the member of the schools football team. This would look good on the front cover so it allows the pupils to see who the captain is.
  14. Over the shoulder shot This is an over the shoulder shot of a school sixth former walking down the corridor her body language is strong so this would most probably be on the contents page as a small image.