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weapon authentication

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weapon authentication

  1. 1. Department of Electrical & Electronics EngineeringTopic:- MICROCONTROLLER BASED WEAPON AUTHENTICATION Guided by:- Smt. Rashmi Pawar Presented by:- Amruta Dixit University NO:- 2BL08EE004
  2. 2. 1) Abstract2) Introduction3) General working principle4) Existing authentication tech5) Drawbacks6) Conclusion7) Bibliography
  3. 3.  Today our world is facing one of the big threats of terrorism. A very recent attack on our country which can never be forgettable is 26/11 attack on Mumbai. Terrorists armed with deadly weapons such as AK- 47, grenades etc attacked the mob killing hundreds. These terrorists were using weapons from falling into wrong hands & strengthen our defense system, many engineers & technologists have come up with an idea to authenticate weapons by providing acess of the weapon to valid user.
  4. 4.  Terrorists used weapons which are smuggled illegally. Hence stopping weapons from falling into the wrong hands is a major problem for law & enforcement agencies. To protect these weapons new technique is evolved i.e. weapon authentication. Weapon is a tool used to destroy the enemy or used for self defense. Authentication gives the meaning of authorization. Weapon Authentication is summarized as a technique used for authorization of weapon.
  5. 5.  Terrorists& underworld criminals use stolen weapons which are smuggled & used illegally. People who own guns for their personal use may face problems as Kids at home unknowingly may make childish use of guns. Many times during fight criminals may steal Policeman’s gun & use them illegally. These problems ask us to think about developing safety & security mechanism for fire arms so that only authorized users can use the weapon.
  6. 6.  Here the authentication can be done using RFID tag & reader. Licensed user will be provided with a tag with specific user ID. When weapon is set to validation RFID reader reads RFID tag. RFID reader sends the read data to microcontroller chip where authorization of user is checked. If a person is authorized the microcontroller unlocks the gun by instructing magnetic locks.
  7. 7.  Here authorization of user can be checked by using finger print scanner. Finger print of user is scanned by finger print scanner. Scanner sends the data to microcontroller chip where authorization of user is checked. If a person is authorized the microcontroller unlocks the gun by instructing magnetic locks.
  8. 8. a) The O’dwyer’s VLE smart gun Electronically fired gun & launcher design. Multiple barrels with multiple rounds stacked in each barrel. It allows user to select b/w different types of round. No mechanical parts involved. Validates the exact finger print of the user.
  9. 9.  It is a new computer chip promises to keep police guns away from firing if they fall into wrong hands. It uses RFID technology. This tiny chip is implanted b/w the shoulder & elbow area of user’s hand. Chip needs no battery or power source.
  10. 10.  Reloading mechanism is tedious for VLE guns. Scanning device could malfunction. Veri chip may get lost or may get smashed during fight. The system can be hacked & reprogrammed. Weapon usage cannot be traced.
  11. 11.  In today’s world technology has advanced to great extent. Many concept which were impractical to hear have now become reality. In this modern world developing smart weapons would be a hope for better future. In future illegal training of weapons may come to an end. Developing smart weapons will also help armies & federal bodies in fighting crimes in better ways.
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