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India’s all time world cup cricket team

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India has won the Cricket World Cup in 1983 & 2011 and have been Runners in 2003. We created an all time team looking at the players' record & contribution between 1983 & 2011.

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India’s all time world cup cricket team

  1. 1. India’s all time World Cup Cricket team Compiled by Amlesh & Aahan Ranjan - Feb’15Pictures: BCCI & ESPN websites
  2. 2. Compiled by Amlesh & Aahan Ranjan - Feb’15
  3. 3. • Kapil Dev: Captain - India won under him despite not being a leading ODI nation; Best All-Rounder • MS Dhoni: Vice Captain – India lifted the cup again under him; Brilliant Batsman & wicket keeper • Sachin Tendulkar: The greatest can walk into any all-time team in any format even at global level • Saurav Ganguly: Captained India to it’s 2nd final, Great Left handed Batsman & impactful Bowler • Virender Sehwag: The most explosive batsman who turned around situations and won matches • Virat Kohli: A complete batsman & performer in all situations in every format at all kind of pitches • Mohinder Amarnath: With his dependable batting and impactful bowling, he helped lift the 83 cup • Yuvraj Siingh: The finest all-round performer secured us the 2nd cup in 2011 through grit & character • Zaheer Khan: One of the most accurate and successful fast bowler and a contributing batsman • Madan Lal: A Lion hearted cricketer who partnered Kapil to perfection to win us the first cup in 83 • Anil Kumble: A difficult to read spinner created lot of pressure and contributed so very well • Roger Binny: An outstanding All-rounder contributed handsomely in our lifting the first cup in 83 • Rahul Dravid: Impeccable technique, scored well even in shorter format, can keep wickets too • Suresh Raina: Scores runs even without scoring through his outstanding fielding efforts; a team man • Javagal Shrinath: A genuine fast bowler who spearheaded the attack consistently and effectively • Harbhajan Singh: Ability to get on top of batsmen along with infectious energy, a winner glue for team India’s all time World Cup Cricket team The Rationale A passionate cricketer myself, I worked along with my son, Aahan, 14 to compile and propose the all-time World cup cricket team for India. Three events, our wins in 1983 & 2011 and runner up in 2003 were significant achievements which along with players’ record & contributions guided our selections. Giving below the rationale. Yet another world cup just around the corner, we are sure, we will do well again. Bests to team India, Amlesh Compiled by Amlesh & Aahan Ranjan - Feb’15