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Goals Setting

  1. 1. Goals  setting settin Smart Goals setting Smart Goals setting
  2. 2. Management Series
  3. 3. No one can cheat you out of  ultimate success but yourself. ultimate success but yourself "   Ralph Waldo Emerson 
  4. 4. We are intelligent  beings and as  beings and as intelligent beings  we need to have  SMART goals. SMART goals.
  5. 5. The acronym S.M.A.R.T. outlines the  The acronym S M A R T outlines the set of criteria that your goal must  follow in order for it to be a well‐ focused and achievable goal. g
  6. 6. S.M.A.R.T Specific:  Attainable:  Att i bl Relevant:  R l t Time‐ Do you know  Measurable: Is your goal  Is your goal  Sensitive: exactly what you  Are you able to  within your  relevant  What is the  want to  assess your  assess your g reach given  y towards your  deadline for  accomplish with  progress? your current  purpose in  completing  all the details? situation? life? your goal?
  7. 7. Create Goals
  8. 8. There is no place in your  life for vague goals
  9. 9. Create Specific  Goals Specific goal is one that is  clearly defined in such a  way that anyone could  way that anyone could come by and understand  what you intend to  accomplish li h
  10. 10. Create Specific  Goals Bad Thought:  "I want to write a book."
  11. 11. Create Specific  Goals Good Thought:  "I want to write a book on time I want to write a book on time  management that is at least 200  pages in length and have it done by  December 16th. I'll commit myself  y to writing at least 2 pages every  workday until I reach completion."
  12. 12. Create  Measurable Goals Measurable Goals Always set goals that are  measurable in some way.
  13. 13. Create  Measurable Goals Measurable Goals You need to establish a  measuring stick for assessing  the progress towards your goals  the progress towards your goals because if you can't measure it,  you can't manage it.
  14. 14. Create  Measurable Goals Measurable Goals Bad Thought:  "I want to be rich."
  15. 15. Create  Measurable Goals Measurable Goals Good Thought:  "I want to generate $100 000 I want to generate $100,000  in passive income within 5  years from this date.”
  16. 16. Create  Attainable Goals Attainable Goals Having high goals that stretch  you is important, but you  need to also need to create  need to also need to create goals that are realistic for  your situation and skill level.
  17. 17. Create  Attainable Goals Attainable Goals You will want to find that  right mix of goal that is  right mix of goal that is challenging, but not extreme.
  18. 18. Create  Attainable Goals Attainable Goals Bad Thought:  "I want to become a I want to become a  millionaire in 2 months."
  19. 19. Create  Attainable Goals Attainable Goals Good Thought:  "I want to become a millionaire  within 10 years by starting my own  ithi 10 b t ti personal development company  and doing seminars all over the  world and by creating a line of  world and by creating a line of passive income products.”
  20. 20. Create  Relevant Goals Relevant Goals All of us should create a  mission statement for  ourselves which is basically  ourselves which is basically our purpose in life and all of  our goals should spawn from  that mission statement.
  21. 21. Create  Relevant Goals Relevant Goals Bad Thought:  y , "Within one year, I want to  become a warlord and have  many loyal soldiers who will  y commit acts of terrorism on my  behalf.”
  22. 22. Create  Relevant Goals Relevant Goals Good Thought:  "By the end of the year I By the end of the year, I  want to build a philanthropic  foundation that helps feed  the homeless.”
  23. 23. Create  Time‐Sensitive Goals Time‐Sensitive Goals Every goal that you create  must be time‐sensitive in  nature.
  24. 24. Create  Time‐Sensitive Goals Time‐Sensitive Goals Bad Thought:  "I am going to do my  homework."
  25. 25. Create  Time‐Sensitive Goals Time‐Sensitive Goals Good Thought:  g g "I am going to finish my y homework by 8pm tonight and  I'll achieve this deadline by  spending one hour on each  p g subject.”
  26. 26. By spending some time towards making sure  y p g g that your goals fit the SMART criteria,  you will ensure your success.