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The amira food group

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amira foods in delhi,amira foods brown basmati rice

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The amira food group

  1. 1. THE AMIRA GROUP54,Prakriti Marg, M.G. Road , New Delhi – 110030. INDIAT: +91 11 46057560 F: +91 11 460 57570 E: theamiragroup@theamiragroup.comw:www.theamiragroup.comFROM THE DESK OF CHAIRMANEvents & Experiential - Modern Age Sales Pitch : Building Brand Loyalty through Creative ConsumerEngagementExperiential selling offers an interactive brand experience to drive consumer engagement and immersethem into the values of brand both in and away from point of purchase.Whats important is to keep in mind to be ableto deliver a creative strategy that is data led and driven byinsight.The whole idea of using social cultural events as a platform is to showcase our brands, engagecustomers - consumers directly and make a high intensity impact.Our sales pitches are programmed in a manner that hits the target customer emotionally and blendsinto their buying character. Its important to understand that the customer should never be underestimated or taken for a ride. At Amira we ensure that we use the correct ratio of sales programmedesign, consumer socio culture, select - train our front line sales promoters and ensure logistics of theprogramme are well net worked. The launch of the campaign during high density cultural season is togenerate maximum eye ball and create brand awareness. This is what we call as the POWER of FOODConnect.