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Presentation colegiul economic suceava

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Presentation colegiul economic suceava

  1. 1. Romania a country of wonderful places with palaces, castles, monuments of art
  2. 2. RomaniaRomania Romania has its unique culture, which is the product of its geography and of its distinct historical evolution. One of the most representative places from Romania is the Danube Delta, well known for its fauna and flora and for the fact that it’s the second largest river delta in Europe, after theVolga Delta, and it’s the best preserved on the continent.
  3. 3. sturgeon on the Danube near the Iron Gates
  4. 4. Swan from Danube Delta
  5. 5. Gura Portitei in the Danube Delta, a wonderful place in Romania
  6. 6. Another place worth visiting is MaramuresAnother place worth visiting is Maramures for its beautiful rural scenery, local smallfor its beautiful rural scenery, local small woodwork and craftwork industry as well as forwoodwork and craftwork industry as well as for its churches and original rural architecture. Deepits churches and original rural architecture. Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, in the heart ofin the Carpathian Mountains, in the heart of rural Romania in Transylvania, commonlyrural Romania in Transylvania, commonly known as "Dracula's Castle”, the Bran Castle, isknown as "Dracula's Castle”, the Bran Castle, is situated.situated.
  7. 7. Bran Castle
  8. 8. Peles Castle, Sinaia
  9. 9. Transylvania
  10. 10. You can also admire famous sculptures such as Gate ofYou can also admire famous sculptures such as Gate of the Kiss, The endless column and Table of Silence, madethe Kiss, The endless column and Table of Silence, made by our internationally renowned Romanian sculptor,by our internationally renowned Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brancusi.Constantin Brancusi.
  11. 11. Palace of the Parliament
  12. 12. Romania, our sweet country..
  13. 13. Bucovina a piece of paradise
  14. 14. Magical Landscapes
  15. 15. Winter in Bucovina
  16. 16. Monasteries
  18. 18. Easter In Bucovina
  19. 19. Traditional Food
  20. 20. Healthy food, healthy people
  21. 21. Suceava city, best known for its touristic achievements, lies on the European Road E85, 433 km away from Bucharest (a distance which is usually covered by plane in only an hour).   Mentioned in documents for the first time in 1388, during Petru I Musat’s reign, Suceava was for a long time the capital of Moldavia, reaching prosperity during Stefan the Great’s reign.
  22. 22. Economic High School ,,Dimitrie Cantemir’’ Suceava, Romania The place where…around 1600 students and over 100 teachers are meeting to build up the future, to follow their bliss. How do they do this? Working together, with passion and generosity
  23. 23. Over 1600 students learn in 2 shifts in our 22 classrooms
  24. 24. Unique Moments
  25. 25. There are five profiles such as: economic, administration, tourism, gastronomy and hair styling.
  26. 26. We have new laboratories and last generation equipment
  27. 27. In I.T. laboratory
  28. 28. The training firm in vocational training and technical services profile • Knowledge of business and common sense combined with appropriate experience, care and attention to detail are the elements that we are trying to promote through various activities such as theoretical classes and technological laboratory and practical training in the specialty modules.
  29. 29. "Training-firm" modern learning concept which guarantees success in career ! S ynergy of Interdisciplinary Motivation of the team work A dvantage of the competition Responsibility for the result Testing of skills
  30. 30. A lot of olimpic students who brought the High School ,,Dimitrie Cantemir’’ a lot of diploms and medals from school competitions
  31. 31. We have the opportunity to have specialized practice with companies, banking institutions, insurance firms or public alimentation laboratories
  32. 32. Hmm…Our students have prepared something delicious !
  33. 33. The virtual company The students simulate the company`s real activity!
  34. 34. We took part in national and international fairs and we always ended up in the top 3
  35. 35. Over 100 teachers undergo attractive lessons , using modern techniques focused on students
  36. 36. The most enjoyed lessons are the ones that take place in the out doors, in special places in our courtyard and the school`s garden
  37. 37. The trips are a good opportunity to discover each other beyond the walls of the school
  38. 38. The students take part in enviroment protection projects
  39. 39. Often it`s talked about how to eat healthy food
  40. 40. Every year students who are in the 12th grades organize ,,Freshman
  41. 41. At the end of the 12th grade ,students will say goodbye to high school, the teachers, through a well organized prom.
  42. 42. We are glad that We have the opportunity to meet you through this project.
  43. 43. Romania, I love you!