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Mihaela anton

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Mihaela anton

  1. 1. MIHAELA ANTONCountry: Romania
  2. 2. Profession:Secondary School Teacher ofESL
  3. 3. Motivation: 1. As a mother, I would like to learnhow to make my house safer andhealthier for my six year old son. 2. I am school counsellor for a classof 34 students (aged 16 – 18) and it ismy responsibility to discuss withstudents on topics like: healthylifestyle, voluntary work, careeradvice, family, society.
  4. 4. Previous experience on thisissueThe only prior knowledge I have on thistopic is due the information I read inorder to approach the topic at myclasses (my students and I discussedon topics like: pollution, healthy living,house cleaning products, living in aclean environment – indoors andoutdoors).
  5. 5. My expectations: to learn how to make my house asafer one for my family; to discover new things related toCzech culture, but also related to thecultures of the other countriesrepresented at this workshop; to meet new people and maybe makesome friends.